Uncovering The Mysterious Veil – Into The Pawn Shop (Four)

From the episode: Unconsciously, Xiaobao has been in the store for almost a month. Because of his talents, diligence, and hands and feet, teachers like him very much, so they are happy to teach him. Things, this caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the brothers. One day, my brother said: Xiaobao, go to the [refurbished room] and help me get a glass of the Prince of the Sea (the mirror of the Prince Tudor Ocean Prince). After Xiaobao went in, he discovered a new world: a set of tools, a grinder, gadgets, and accessories. . . Look at Xiaobao stupid. Then suddenly the master’s voice came from behind him: Xiaobao, this is not where you can come now, go out first.

Glass with open bottom cover

Various tools
 Xiaobao had to go. Back at the store, Xiaobao kept thinking about what they were used for, why could n’t he go in, and he couldn’t help it for an afternoon, so he had to ask the master.
Xiaobao: Master, what does the refurbishment room do? I want to know.
Master: Are you interested in learning? It’s very dirty.
Xiaobao: Don’t be afraid, I want to be an all-round master!
Master: OK, I can teach you, but you still can’t. Let me talk to you about the process first.
 Generally, the time limit for writing a pawnshop is three months, but it usually gives guests four months. When the pawnshop’s goods are broken, they must be processed. For example, those yellow and white K gold must be dissolved uniformly; if the diamond jewelry is new, it will be re-plated and sold again; if the style is not good or the style is not popular, it will dissolve the K gold part and change to another look. sell. Therefore, Hong Kong and Macao pawnshops generally sell goods, and gold and diamond are not second-hand, and reprocessing is new.

Editor: For watch fans, how to deal with the two most interested watches? After the watches are broken, they will be handed over to the manager to estimate the latest used prices. It is called [surround goods] in the industry and will be handed over to the master after the completion. The big brother will first check if there is a problem with the watch. Generally it is washing oil, adjusting the speed slowly, three jumps, with a belt and so on. After the initial is no problem, the big brother will be distributed to the apprentice renovation. There are four steps: disassembly, refurbishment, assembly, and timing.

 [Dismantling] Dismantling a watch is a difficult task because it is in the process of dismantling. It is easy to hurt the watch for the first time. Therefore, some high-end watches will be dismantled by the master, and then the parts will be refurbished. The first difficulty is removing the screws. Two watches have a common problem that the screws on the bottom cover are damaged to varying degrees. Experienced refurbishers will grind tools, especially screwdrivers. Different watches use different knives, so the disassembled screws are guaranteed to be invisible. But many masters ignore this. Why are 99% of screws on luxury watches a word? In fact, it is an act of the manufacturer to protect itself, especially the screws of the gold watch, which can be easily seen after opening. Experienced masters will sharpen the screwdriver before opening the bottom cover. To calculate the volume of the screwdriver, close to the recessed place of the screw, and cover the blade with a layer of glue so that no traces are left.

 Editor: The screws on the bottom of the watch are very informative. It is difficult for novices and general masters to perform seamless removal, mainly because the tools are not handy, inappropriate, and not careful enough. The bottom cover screws are often twisted. This has an impact on the second-hand value of a watch, especially the K gold screws, which are very soft. If the technique is not professional, it is difficult to achieve no traces. When removing the bottom cover screws, some masters will also wrap the screwdriver with plastic wrap, etc., so that the metal is not hard to touch, so as not to leave traces. Almost all official brands use flat-head screws on the bottom cover of the watch. This is also the most convenient way to identify fake watches. If the screws on the bottom cover are Phillips screws, it can basically be determined that they are low-fake fake watches. The bottom cover of the big watch is a Phillips screw. It is extremely difficult to see. Some Roger Dolby watches use Phillips screws. Interested watch friends can find out, and which big watch uses Phillips screws. .

Roger Dolby Automatic Chronograph

 The second difficulty is the crown. The installation of the crown is a technical task. If the technology is not in place and there is a problem, it must be handed over to the watch repair master, and in the worst case it will hurt the movement. Many people think that it is necessary to pull the stopper first and then pull it, but the opposite is actually the case. The quartz watch must be unplugged first.

 The third difficulty is the missing parts. It is very easy to lose small parts in the process of dismantling the meter, and people must be required to keep their hands in a hurry. If the apprentice is irritable, the master will not let him learn, and it depends on the apprentice’s hand sweat.

 Editor: Some tablemates said during the party chat that when they first started to dismantle the watch, they concentrated on their breaths and drew their attention, and suddenly they popped out a small part to startle themselves, and then they searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything. Whenever I think of it, I think of the pictures at that time, I feel very happy. The situation of hand sweat also needs to be considered. In watch repair or assembly, it is very common to wear finger cots to prevent hand sweat from contaminating the movement. Some masters do n’t wear finger cots with screwdrivers and tools, and some masters wear finger cots with both hands. Of course, there are also those who do not wear finger cots.

Above is a screenshot of the watchmaker’s assembly movement of each of the top brands

 [Refurbishment] If this part is described in detail, it can be said that one night, let’s talk about it briefly. The sanding equipment produced by the original factory is very expensive, and how we can imitate their effects, this knowledge has been researched and tested by many masters for decades, and has achieved a set of superb refurbished technology. General stainless steel case, strap watch, the appearance of the refurbishment process is composed of brushed and polished. The watch has been worn for a long time and there are scars on the case. Various problems such as scratches, scars, bumps, and tape deformation. Polishing is to polish the case under a sander. Remove the scars, polishing is not abrasion, it has to be light, but also depends on the angle. A bump needs to be rounded from 4 directions. If the intensity is heavy, it will deform. The intensity is light and cannot be worn away.

 Steel has different characteristics. For example, the Rolex 904 steel watch is very polished, and the scars can be worn away. Steel watches such as Tudor Longines can easily appear [sand hole], which means that they cannot be worn back. The original effect. The secret of throwing a steel watch is that it can’t kill one direction, it needs to be polished from multiple angles. The refurbishment standard for large pawn shops is [Reflection Effect]. The watch case is required to be like a mirror under the light. If it looks like a haha ​​mirror, it is unqualified.

 The gold and steel watches are many times more technical than steel watches, because K gold is very soft, hit the left, the gold ran to the right, the hits are recessed, and the mirror effect is still unavailable in the end, and it is extremely Easy to deform and difficult to repair. Many, many second watches have sanding failures.
 If you press the watch in the future, you must pay attention to a few points: gold steel watch, whether the gold-saving part of the strap is concave, whether the bezel is blunt, whether the polishing can look in the mirror. Gold watches are polished a little faster than steel watches. Generally, the scars on the gold case are smoothed out at a glance. The place to pay attention to is to keep the angle at the corners. It cannot be rounded. If there is technology, grinding the gold watch is fast and beautiful.

Sanding cream

 Editor: Refurbishing and polishing a watch is a very advanced skill, far from being as simple as most people think. The quality of a second watch determines its value, and the quality of the refurbishment process plays a very important role. Folk master-class skills can restore the scars of steel watches (really steel watches) to their original state. The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and their skills are amazing. Generally, the refurbishment is to deepen the wound and bone marrow. It hurts the edges and corners, and the value will plummet in the future.

 The processing of the case of the gold watch is generally polished, including domestic after-sales service, but it will not only lose the gold, but also the original line edges and corners. If it is not easy to handle, you are advised to change the case. The cost is almost Most of the price of the new watch. Some foreign high-level after-sales service will use gold wire to fill the wound when repairing the gold watch, and then deal with it. Domestic masters will use classical methods to repair with agate knives (pens). This requires superb skills, and it takes a long time and patience to do it. The effect of the repair is the same as that of the new watch, without losing gold or losing the original line edges. In the folk and pawnshops, such high-level masters inherit these superb skills.
 Agate pen

 The master saw Xiaobao listen very attentively, and was very happy, so she talked a lot. Xiaobao feels that the knowledge in it is very huge, and he is determined to become an all-round second-grandfather.

Master: Don’t look at the master so old. I refurbished the watch a few years ago. I can’t even tell it myself. It’s just new. Great! I just don’t want to move now.
Xiaobao: Master, you do n’t need to do anything for your elderly, just teach it to me.
Master: It depends on your fortune, haha ​​(look up and touch your beard and laugh).
Master: Xiaobao, tomorrow night, you will go to the market to buy food and cook some fish porridge. Let me teach you what to draw tomorrow night.

 There is an unwritten tradition in the old pawnshop. The master is heaven, and the learner is not human.
Older pawnshops, not to mention porridge, help the master cook soup, supper, wash uniforms, run errands. . . Some may spend more time with the master and may help out of the shop in order to learn techniques from the master.

 Wei Liya: A lot of friends asked a while ago, can you write a second watch and diamond in this article? To be honest, writing it will offend many people. However, in the spirit of faithfulness and restoration of orthodox [pawnshop], the next three chapters are all about these topics. What is mentioned in the article is the mainstream approach. A merchant may use different methods to handle the second watch.
But there are a few tips. I will teach you the quality of the second watch in a later article.

 I hope that everyone will leave more comments after reading. Your support, understanding and concern are our creative motivation. Thanks for your support and thanks for watching. To be continued

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Radar Real Liu Ruoying Special Number Limited Edition Watch

To celebrate the global cooperation with the talented brand ambassador Ms. Liu Ruoying, RADO has specially released the RADO True Real Series Liu Ruoying special numbered limited edition watch. The real series of watches created by RADO has an attractive charm at first sight, thus becoming the best interpretation of the cooperation between Rado and Liu Ruoying.
    Swiss Rado True Liu Liuying special numbered limited edition watch is entirely made of high-tech ceramics, and specially selected Miss Liu Ruoying’s favorite white. The dial is contrasted with red, which reflects Miss Liu Ruoying’s determined, aggressive and uncompromising breakthrough attitude. It is also the perfect interpretation of RADO Unlimited Spirit.

The Chopard L.U.C Xps 35mm’s First L.U.C Unisex Watch

The L.U.C XPS ultra-thin watch has become a classic as soon as it is launched, and has been praised for its subtle elegant design and excellent technical performance. In 2014, Chopard launched two new unisex works, writing a new chapter for the legendary history of the L.U.C watch series.
 The diameter of the L.U.C XPS ultra-thin flagship model has been reduced to an L.U.C XPS 35mm watch, with a neutral design that is unisex. It is not easy to install an automatic movement with a dual barrel and a power reserve of up to 65 hours into an ultra-thin case with a thickness of only 7.10 mm. Thanks to the subtle structure of the micro-rotor, the watchmakers at Chopard Watch Factory realized this extraordinary pioneering work, successfully sublimated the configuration of the L.U.C 96.12-L movement, and can view the movement of the movement through the open bottom cover.
Aesthetic designs tailored to her and him

 The new L.U.C XPS 35mm watch is light and dynamic, full of vitality and balance. The first model is simple and elegant, with a silver satin sun dial, a polished 18K rose gold case, and a brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap. The second model dazzles with an elegant design: the 18K rose gold bezel is set with diamonds, with a white mother-of-pearl pearl dial, the hour markers are carefully embellished with brilliant-cut diamonds, and a grey frosted canvas strap.

 These models have been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), cherished by Chopard, adding to the many outstanding qualities of the timepiece itself.
Technical specifications
• 18K Rose Gold
• Total diameter 35 mm
• thickness 7.10 mm
• Water resistance 50 meters
• 18K rose gold crown with L.U.C logo 5.00mm
• Polished or diamond bezel
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal
• Open case back
• Automatic winding movement L.U.C 96.12-L
• Total diameter 27.40 mm
• thickness 3.30 mm
• Number of gems 29
• Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour
• Power reserve 65 hours
• Table bridge decoration Geneva ripple
• 2 barrels-Twin® technology
• Swiss Official Astronomical Clock Accreditation (COSC)
Dial and hands:
• Silver satin-finish or white mother-of-pearl dial
• Polished or diamond-plated gold hour markers
• Princess-style gold-plated hour and minute hands
• Triangular gold-plated small seconds
Function and display:
• Central hours and minutes display
• Small seconds at 6 o’clock
Strap and buckle:
• Brown hand-stitched crocodile leather strap with crocodile leather lining or grey matte canvas strap
• 18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle

Models: 121968-5001-18K Rose Gold-Silver Satin Sun Dial
Model: 131968-5001- 18K Rose Gold-White Mother-of-Pearl Pearlescent Dial

Late Autumn, Old Classics Reappear On The Wrist Oris Retro Watches Double Eleven Relive The Beautiful Years

Autumn has become strong, summer heat is no longer, people can’t help but think about opening the closet, what is the most fashionable match this fall? In the 2017 autumn and winter fashion week, major brands have already added footnotes to this year’s autumn and winter fashion trends-after experiencing various eye-catching fancy innovations, retro styles have been put on the runway again. Whether it is complicated printing, old corduroy, or sweet lace, they have been added to their creations by designer brands, perfectly recreating those classic shapes. But all fashionistas know that details often only really show taste. And if you want to perfectly interpret the retro trend, all you need is maybe a watch.

Autumn retro dress (picture from the Internet)

A Tribute to the Dome

Pilots in World War I (pictures from the Internet)

Oris in the early 1910s, an aviation pocket watch made in memory of flying pioneer Louis Blériot

   During the First World War, fierce warfare burned from land to blue sky, and batches of Air Force pilots were flying in the sky with different missions. Not only are they brave and decisive in historical records, but also handsome pilots who have fascinated countless girls. To reproduce the heroic appearance of the pilot of the year, a suitable watch is indispensable. In 1917, Oris introduced the first watch in the history of the brand. It used the advanced aero-driven chronograph at the time, but retained a strong pocket watch flavor in its design. Today, 100 years later, Oris re-launched the 1917 limited edition watch with a large crown to commemorate a century of aviation. The large onion crown, vintage Arabic numerals, snake-eye blue-steel hands, and arched mirror are exactly the same as the original. Even the brand’s LOGO on the aluminum dial was deliberately replaced with classic words from a century ago.
   In order to recreate the original taste, the 1917 limited edition of the large crown uses a 732 automatic mechanical movement. The movement is equipped with a time-adjusting safety button at 2 o’clock. After pressing, the time can be adjusted. This is a very early feature and quite interesting.
   Although it is retro in style, it still has a modern heart. As a modern watch, the Oris Grand Crown 1917 Limited Edition uses strict standard industrial watchmaking technology, which is better than ever. Today’s 1917, no longer flying missions, incarnations become a different landscape on the wrist.

Deep dive into the deep sea

   Some people say that retroness means monotonous and rigid. Unchanged colors and uninspiring styles, many people set a lot of prejudices for ‘retro’. As everyone knows, classics can also be colorful. Rich and warm red, vivid yellow, quiet and melancholic blue … A variety of colors are blended together and cleverly matched to reproduce the vintage masterpiece.

Bright color accessories are also an important element of retro (pictures from the Internet)
   In the 1960s, pioneers such as Jacques Cousteau (French marine explorer and one of the inventors of scuba), Hans Hass (Austrian biologist, diver), Christian J. Lambertsen (American environmental medicine, diving medical expert), etc. With our efforts, breakthroughs have been made in diving equipment, which has stimulated the rapid development of diving. Reliable underwater timers are equally significant for diving, and Oris has since embarked on a journey to accurately time the underwater world. In 1965, the brand launched a diving watch; 50 years later, in 2015, Oris launched a 65-year replica diving watch, recreating the marine feelings of that era. The streamlined body, slim bezel, trapezoidal calendar window and other design elements make people truly touch the nostalgic texture of the early development of diving watches. What is different from 50 years ago is the more advanced watchmaking technology, which gives the watch a new performance and vitality.

   This replica watch not only inherits the charm of the antique diving watch of the last century, but also adds a new color. The azure blue water, the rippling blue waves and the sea surface shining with silver light, this beauty is concentrated in the square inches of the dial. The new watch has not only a blue dial with a nautical style, but also a green dial and a silver dial. With 4 different style straps, retro style, fun at the wrist.

Oris 65-year replica diving watch: blue dial brushed stainless steel strap and brown suede strap

   Retro beauty needs to be carefully tasted. At the beginning of September, the world’s first Oris brand official Tmall flagship store opened grandly. On the occasion of Double Eleven, we sincerely recommend the above retro series. .
product features
Oris Large Crown 1917 Limited Edition
Product number: 732 7736 4081, table diameter: 40.00mm
Limited edition of 1917

Oris732 automatic mechanical movement
2 o’clock position timing insurance
Stainless steel case and crown, 50 meters waterproof
Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
Slip-on stainless steel back with engraved OWC logo and limited number
Hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova®
Brown leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle
Leather travel bag with spare leather strap
Suggested retail price: about RMB 15,800
Oris 65 Year Diver’s Watch Silver Disc
Product number: 733 7720 4051, table diameter: 42.00mm

Oris733 automatic mechanical movement with 3 o’clock calendar display
Stainless steel case and crown, 100 meters waterproof
Unidirectional rotating diving bezel, aluminum 60-minute graduated ring, 0 scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
Spherical sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
Silver convex dial, scales and hands coated with Super-LumiNova®
Black rubber strap, brown suede strap, or stainless steel strap
Suggested retail price: RMB 14,800 for steel belt, RMB 13,400 for others
Oris 65 Year Diver’s Watch Green Edition
Product number: 733 7720 4057, table diameter: 42.00mm

Oris733 automatic mechanical movement with 3 o’clock calendar display
Stainless steel case and crown, 100 meters waterproof
Unidirectional rotating diving bezel, aluminum 60-minute graduated ring, 0 scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
Spherical sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
Green convex dial, scales and hands coated with Super-LumiNova®
Stainless steel strap, black rubber strap, brown suede strap or black and green NATO fabric strap
Suggested retail price: RMB 14,800 for steel belt, RMB 13,400 for others
Oris 65 Diver’s Edition
Product number: 733 7720 4055, table diameter: 42.00mm

Oris733 automatic mechanical movement
Stainless steel case and crown, 100 meters waterproof
Unidirectional rotating diving bezel, aluminum 60-minute graduated ring, 0 scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
Spherical sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
Dark blue convex dial, scales and hands coated with Super-LumiNova®
Watch with brown rubber-lined suede, black rubber, blue or black NATO and stainless steel
Suggested retail price: RMB 14,500 for steel belt, RMB 13,000 for others

7027, 7037, 7057 Are The Most Worth Buying Breguet?

It is not too late to get to the topic. A while ago, some brothers mentioned what Breguet watches can be bought. It happened that I had a 7057 here last year. Later, I transferred it to a friend from the south, which left a deep impression on me. So today I want to talk about a few cost-effective Breguet, 7027, 7037, 7057.

My previous 7057

First, let me talk about the brand.
   Whether it is the primary market, the secondary market, or auctions and recycling, the brand has a great impact on a watch. So that’s why I rarely recommend niche brands. Because of the same price, after buying a niche brand of watch, because of the brand’s influence and low visibility, it is easy to regret after buying it.
   According to the brand alone, Breguet is one of the most famous watch brands in the world. Because of the tourbillon, shock absorber, winding hairspring, etc. in watches, many functions and structures were invented by Breguet. So many people call Breguet the ‘king of watches’. This is indeed true in history. Breguet is a top-tier brand alongside Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet.

There are three major hot fried watches on the market now.

   Brothers who are familiar with the current watch market know that there are three hottest brands on the market. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex. Patek Philippe is mainly Nautilus fire, Audemars Piguet is Royal Oak fire, and Rolex is sports fire. It is precisely because the sports watch is popular now, and the sports watch is super hot. Everyone is chasing the sports watch and frying the sports watch. At this time, Breguet’s advantages became prominent. The Breguet brand has a high status, and the market for formal gold watches in the market is generally lower.
There are many, many gold watches on the market. Why do I say Breguet’s 7027, 7037, 7057?
   Because these three watches are different from other small gold watches. Let me briefly talk about the origin of these watches.

Breguet’s pocket watch and 7027, we can compare.

   There are many pocket watches in Breguet’s history. The Breguet 7027, 7037, 7057 watches are designed according to Breguet’s pocket watches. Breguet’s pocket watches in history, such as No. 960 pocket watch, Breguet uses a completely symmetrical movement layout. Brothers who are familiar with watches will know at a glance that this pocket watch puts the mainspring in the middle, The three wheels, the second wheel, the escapement and the balance are arranged symmetrically. The dial is above 12 o’clock, and the movement layout is very beautiful. Breguet took the pocket watch as a prototype. According to the current aesthetics, it introduced 7027, 7037, 7057, which perfectly transplanted the movement of the pocket watch to the watch. Breguet’s method is much more brilliant than the current replica watches (reproduced according to antique watches).
The three watches of the Breguet 7027, 7037, and 7057 look very similar. Let me talk about the differences first.
   Breguet 7027: 37 mm, manually wound. The dial of the 7027 at 12 o’clock is relatively small.
   Breguet 7037: 38 mm, self-winding.
   Breguet 7057: 40 mm, manually wound. The dial of 7057 at 12 o’clock is relatively large.

From top to bottom, 7027, 7037, 7057.

   7027 and 7057 are more similar, both are manual watches, both have power display. The difference is that the size of the 7057 is larger, and the dial at 12 o’clock is also larger, which can be said to be a large version. 7037 is an automatic watch. There is an automatic top at the back, which makes a good difference.
   Some brothers may say that there are no other models in the number 2, 3, and 5. Yes, in addition to 7027, 7037, 7057, Breguet also has 7047 (Tourbillon), 7067 (both places), 7077 (timer), 7097 (large size automatic). Because of the tourbillon, chronograph, and time, these models have more complicated functions, higher public prices, and are more difficult to buy. And 7027, 7037, 7057 are now very expensive models. The quality of the watch itself is high, and the actual price is good, so it is easy to get started.

On the back of the 7027 (top) and on the back of the 7037 (bottom), you can see the 7037 autotor.
What is the difference between 200,000 yuan Bao Bao, PP, VC?

   Let’s take a look at the differences between the 200,000 yuan Breguet 7027, 7037, 7057 and Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin at the same price. The price is about 200,000. Patek Philippe is generally 5296, and higher is 5227; Vacheron Constantin is generally 85180, 87172.

   Let’s compare the price of PP, VC and Breguet watches. If you put these watches together, the difference will be very obvious. Patek Philippe’s 5296, Vacheron Constantin’s 85180, etc. are very conventional, classic small gold watches. Three needles, up to one calendar. And the Breguet’s 7027, 7037, 7057 ‘Pocket Watch Movement Layout’ is obviously very special, and it is ‘different’ from ordinary small gold watches. Each person has one aesthetic, we do not judge good-looking and bad-looking. Personally, I like these watches from Breguet very much, because I think the average small gold watch is too bland.

From top to bottom, there are obvious differences between Patek Philippe 5296, Vacheron Constantin 85180, and Breguet 7057.

   A major feature of Breguet is that although the watch is very classical in appearance, the technical content of the watch movement is very high and the latest technology is used. For example, 7027, 7037, 7057. We can see that Breguet deliberately imitates pocket watches and uses a ‘parachute’ suspension. At the same time, in order to improve the performance of the watch, it uses a very modern card-free fine adjustment balance. For another example, like the Breguet 7727 directly uses a ‘magnetic balance shaft’. There is a magnet on the top and bottom of the balance shaft. The balance of the balance shaft with a magnetic field is very good. So Breguet just looks very classic, and is actually very advanced in technology.
Then, I still talk about the price.
   The current market situation, one is like the aforementioned, sports watches such as Nautilus, Royal Oak, Sports Labor are too hot, completely the price of steel watches over gold watches. The second is that like Patek Philippe, the brand has a lot of added value and is ‘hot-fried’, so the market is higher. In this market environment, Baodi is “out of touch” and has nothing to do with “hot speculation”, so the market is very normal and reasonable.

My previous 7057

   Under the influence of discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, etc., the actual price of Breguet is very advantageous. The actual prices including 7027, 7037, and 7057 have advantages over Patek Philippe 5296 watches. Compared with 7027 and 7057, the market price of 7057 will be higher, because 7057 is a large caliber. 7027 is relatively low (7027 is smaller). Another issue that needs attention is that I also mentioned earlier that different cases of rose gold, gold, and platinum have an impact on the value of the watch afterwards. Because rose gold and gold are colored, their actual value will be higher than that of white gold. Brothers can refer to it when choosing a watch.
   In the end, the reason why I really like the Breguet 7027, 7037, 7057 watches is that for the watch alone, for the same cost, Breguet can get more.

Raymond Weisser Series Adds New Style

In 2010, Swiss watchmaker RAYMOND WEIL celebrated the re-launch of its parsifal series, further highlighting its very different styles and unique design features. After 20 years of successful development, parsifal has reinvented itself this year with three innovative new remodeled watches, each of which is elegant and refined.
   The Parsifal collection is a tribute to Richard Wagner’s opera, which celebrates the noble character of this opera hero in a unique way, by remaining true to its original design and retaining its pure elements And chivalry. Since its launch, parsifal perfectly reflects RAYMOND WEIL’s attachment to tradition, which is an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration. In 2010, the series commemorated its 20th anniversary through a complete transformation. While still fully adhering to its original aesthetic concept, it showed a stronger sense of modernity …
   Three new designs by RAYMOND WEIL highlight the iconic lines of the collection: bezels decorated with round molds, elegant styles, and exquisite straps …
   This is the first two-tone men’s watch with an automatic mechanical movement and a 38-hour power reserve, with a unique curved day window at 12 o’clock. There is also a square date window at 3 o’clock. The rose-gold bezel and hour-markers contrast subtly with the silver case and the glossy steel chain of the strap.
   The other two new watches in this series are 39mm men’s watch and 28mm women’s watch with the same appearance. They are paired into a pair of exquisite watches, which are suitable for both of them. forward. On these two watches, the infinite and mysterious black dial forms a gorgeous background that reflects the rose gold Roman hour markers, and the steel and rose gold materials complement each other to make it more eye-catching.
   You will find that this pair of parsifal watches also embodies the romantic feelings of Wagner’s other opera ‘he Tale of the Swan Knight’. According to legend, once the two swans are married, they will live together for life.

Sturdy Ceramic Recommended Three Radar Watches

Radar is a watch brand of the Swiss Watch Group Swatch Group, born in 1917. It is world-renowned for its sturdy ceramic watches. Today, the Watch House recommends three radar watches for everyone, all made of high-tech ceramics, I hope everyone likes them.

Rado Star Series R32525152

Watch Series: Hao Xing Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 45 mm
Domestic public price: 36200
Details of the watch: 2894-2 self-winding movement with INCABLOC suspension design. This watch has a full power reserve of 40 hours.

Radar Silver Diamond R13723702 watch

Watch Series: Silver Diamond Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Ceramic
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 34.8 mm
Domestic public price: 24400
Watch details: The elegant lines of the Sintra silver diamond case and high-tech ceramic strap form a harmonious picture against the backdrop of sapphire crystal. Only high-tech ceramics, sapphire crystals or titanium alloys are brought into contact with the skin, conveying the Swiss radar’s core values ​​of comfort. The watch has a diameter of 34.8 mm and a date display window at 6 o’clock.

Radar Diamond R14132135 watch

Watch Series: Diamond Pa Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: lines
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 36500
Watch details: Swiss radar DIAMASTER series has its own new face, easy to read large dial, at a glance. The watch uses a 41 mm diameter design, a ceramic case, and a black leather strap. The watch is equipped with an ETA2892-S2 automatic winding movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve.

Summary: Radar watches, people naturally associate unique designs and materials that are not easy to wear. When other brands are still making watches with general materials such as gold, silver or steel, radar has selected advanced materials such as hard metal, sapphire crystal, A series of high-tech materials such as high-tech ceramics, high-tech lanthanum, or high-tech diamonds are used for watch manufacturing. The few watches recommended for you today are those made with ceramic cases. Although you are not afraid of scratches, you must also be careful about bumping and falling.

What Happened To The Yacht? It’s Crazy To Wear A Yacht Watch In Your Hand!

‘Build a yacht watch based on a yacht.’ Does that sound crazy? Athens Watch launched this year a yacht watch specially designed for the owners of modern luxury yachts-the Mega Yacht pilotship watch. According to the layout of the yacht on the dial, there are anchors, propellers, and bells on board, which portray vivid sea navigation charts, and the visual effect is very good.

Mega Yacht pilotship watch
   The Athenian watch, which started out as a nautical clock, has created the world’s most reliable nautical astronomical clock, creating an amazing ‘astronomy trilogy’. If the Athens watch is a brand that truly embraces the sea of ​​stars, it is definitely worthy of it.

Athens Watch Nautical Astronomical Clock

Astronomy Trilogy
From left to right: Galileo Astrolabe, Copernicus Watch, Kepler Watch

   Whether it is the maritime astronomical clock or the ‘astronomical trilogy’ to explore astrology. The Athenian watch is very good at drawing inspiration from nature and interpreting it through watches. The “A luxury yacht” inspired Mega Yacht pilotship watch launched by Athens Watch this year is actually not the brand’s first creative interpretation of the nautical world. In 2016, inspired by the shape of a sailing boat, Athens Watch launched the ‘Grand Deck Tourbillon Watch’, which is limited to 18 pieces.

Grand Deck Tourbillon
   The Grand Deck’s flagship tourbillon watch features a unique self-returning digital time-hopping design, using high-tech nanofiber threads as a rope, pulling the slider to display the minutes, and the hours on two coaxial dials. The tourbillon at 6 o’clock is very eye-catching. This complex and unique high-tech timepiece at the time attracted the attention of the entire top watch industry.
   The Mega Yacht pilotship watch launched this year is not only a continuation of the Grand Deck, but also a breakthrough in the creative design of the Athenian watch. Cross the seven seas without fear of storms. We don’t know what it is like to wear this ‘yacht watch’ on our hands, but we can first taste it.
   Tiny mechanical wonder

   The new Mega Yacht pilotship watch introduces the most distinctive features of modern luxury yachts: the bow, windlass, anchor, propeller and bell of the luxury yacht.

Miniature anchor
   The watch presents the anchor in a plow-head style with modern design elements, which are connected to the chain by anchor rings. The whole device looks a bit like the decoration on the dial. In fact, the anchor chain will follow the winding of the crown to show the current power reserve.

Miniature windlass
   In order to be as vivid as possible, this Mega Yacht pilotship watch is equipped with a miniature windlass at 12 o’clock. Manual winding will drive the relevant wheel train to make the windlass continue to rotate, imitating the slowly rising anchor. Even after turning the crown after the full chain, the windlass will still operate, showing the charming mechanical beauty.

Flying tourbillon
   The flying tourbillon device that guarantees accurate timing is designed into a propeller shape. This ingenious design is not only lively and interesting, but also shows the brand style of the Athenian watch.

   Every detail of the Mega Yacht pilotship watch is inextricably linked to the nautical world. The pointer draws inspiration from the ocean, like a beacon floating on the sea. At 8 o’clock, the watch is equipped with a tide indicator device, which can indicate the tide change of the location selected by the wearer in real time, and at the same time indicate the tide seasonal coefficient. The 3D moon at 9 o’clock is designed to show changes in the moon phases.

   The Athens watch development team used ultra-precise engraving technology to create a 3D miniature moon on this pilot ship watch that is indistinguishable from the actual surface of the moon. The moon phase display consists of two hemispheres: the blue crescent cycle is represented by a blue physical vapor deposition (PVD) surface, and the rhodium-plated surface simulates the side illuminated by the sun.

   The design of the side is also full of ingenuity. By turning the crown, the adjustment mode can be turned on. Through the transparent window on the side of the case, we can see the switching status of different modes. (S: set time / hand; TM: tide and moon phase; W: movement on the movement).
   Powerful movement performance

   Through the back view of the Mega Yacht pilotship watch, we see the whole picture of the movement. 504 parts are running in the watch, the swing frequency is 21,600 times / hour, and the tourbillon device rotates 60 times per hour. The power reserve is obtained by manual winding, up to 80 hours.
   Leading silicon applications

   Many friends who know watches most know that Athens Watch is the earliest brand that widely used ‘silicon’ as a hairspring material. Silicon material not only has the characteristics of high hardness and anti-magnetic, but also can produce various geometric structures according to different needs. Therefore, Athens Watch first developed the anchor escapement fork made of silicon and the two-way escapement system. No gems or lubrication are needed to greatly improve mechanical performance.

   The 3D large open flame enamel dial of the Mega Yacht pilotship watch is like the vast ocean. Overlooking the dial, the platinum bow looks like it is about to burst out of the mist and move forward. This new and bold design idea is not only a tribute to the magnificent maritime history of the Athenian watch, but also a kind of expectation: It is expected that the Athenian watch can break through the waves like a pilot ship and have the courage and determination to advance to a whole new world. With such a moral, it is also very good for the watch players who collect it. This Mega Yacht pilot is limited to 30 pieces.

Mega Yacht pilot ship watch (China flagship store special edition)
   Not only that, the Athenaeum produced a Mega Yacht specially for the flagship store in China. Compared with the ‘regular edition’ limited to 30 pieces, this exclusive Mega Yacht has a tourbillon central axe decoration and tide indicator. In addition, the multiples of the moving reserve are dotted with red, and this is the only one.
   In summary: the surging ocean continues to inspire the boldness and innovation of the Athenian watch. The Mega Yacht pilotship watch is proud of its unique creativity and superb craftsmanship. Are you one of the pilots who gallop across the sea?

Oris Diving Watch Series Explore The Infinite Underwater World With You

Since 1904, Oris has insisted on creating truly perfect mechanical watches with traditional Swiss craftsmanship, which is loved by the younger generation. Three new diving watches launched this year, whether you like extreme sports or elegant and practical, there is always one that meets your needs.

Oris (Oris) Maldives Limited List
 Following the Great Barrier Reef Limited Watch in 2010, Oris launched the Maldives Limited Watch again this year, continuing to contribute to marine conservation. The watch is limited to 2,000 worldwide. For each watch sold, Oris donates 20 Swiss francs to the non-profit environmental group Bluepeace for the protection of the marine ecology of the Maldives.
 The Oris Maldives Limited Watch is exquisitely presented in a watch alloy case, with a unique image of anchovies engraved on the case back to pay tribute to this precious conservation species. The unidirectional rotating dark blue ceramic bezel has a 60-minute scale mark, which can accurately grasp the time regardless of diving or other sports. With the dark orange fluorescent coating of the time and hands, it can be clearly recognized even on the dark sea bottom. The titanium alloy crown protection device is fixed by Oris screws, equipped with spherical cut internal and external anti-refractive sapphire crystal glass, which is water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters. With a rubber strap or stainless steel chain strap, and a simple adjustment buckle, you can adjust the appropriate wearing length according to personal preference.

Aquis Lady’s Diamond Watch
 Oris Aquis Women’s Diver’s Diamond Watches are crafted in perfect proportions and are available in five styles. The white and black dials with ceramic upper rings can be selected with inlay or time-marked wash chain designs. There are also mother-of-pearl dials with stainless steel upper rings, each of which contains a unique feminine style and has its own characteristics.
 The strap adopts a rubber strap that matches the color of the dial. It is equipped with an easy-to-adjust folding buckle. It is equipped with Oris’s representative design-the crown protection device. It is fixed with standard herringbone screws. Up to 300 meters of water depth. Oris Aquis Lady’s Diver’s Diamond Watch combines sporty dynamism and refined fashion appearance, which is best suited for ladies who want to move.

Carlos Coste Limited List-Cenote Series
 The new Carlos Coste Cenote limited watch celebrates the endorsement of the Oris diving series and the world record holder of the Carlos Coste Carlos Coste. It is closed in the Dos Ojos sea cave in Yucatan, southern Mexico without any breathing aids Snorkel 150 meters, setting a new record for free diving.
 Carlos Coste Limited Watch-The Cenote series is equipped with a ceramic upper ring in a titanium alloy case to meet the requirements of extreme sports enthusiasts for adapting the watch to extreme environments. The minute hand uses a luminous design, and the time and triangle signs are painted on the surface with SLN. The triangle indicator at the minute scale 2 represents Carlos’s desire to break through its dynamic snorkeling record of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The design of another triangular indicator located on the scale 7 symbolizes Carlos’s record of static radon in water for up to 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Carlos Coste limited watch-Cenote series back decorated with Carlos Coste logo and limited watch number, limited to 2000 pieces worldwide, water resistance up to 500 meters water depth.

Movado New Basel 2013 Preview

MOVADO, a well-known Swiss watch brand known for its ‘simple modern aesthetics’, held the 2013 Movado New Basel Preview Event at Bailian Shimao International Plaza in Shanghai. Mr. Alex Grinberg, Global Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Movado Group, and Ms. Sun Yan, Movado’s Greater China spokesperson, unveiled the preview. At the event, Sun Yan, wearing a Movado Cerena Serena white ceramic watch, became the focus of media attention. This watch combines innovation and modern aesthetics. It inherits the iconic museum dial and continues the simple and elegant style of Movado. It combines Sun Jing’s delicate and elegant temperament and exudes unique femininity.

 Movado image ambassador Miss Sun Yan wears new Cerena double row diamond watch

 Movado’s image spokesperson Ms. Sun Yan signs autographs on commercials

Alex, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Movado Group
Mr. Grinberg and Movado image spokesperson Ms. Sun Yan toasted the new release

Alex, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Movado Group
Mr. Grinberg took a photo with Ms. Sun Yan, the spokesperson for Movado

 Movado 2013 Basel new product preview event layout

 As the world’s top watchmaker, Movado has a history of more than 130 years. The latest series of watches exudes unique charm, the perfect fusion of history and modernity, which embodies the true essence of Movado’s ‘constant motion’ brand. Exhibited in this preview event are the new collections that appeared in the 2013 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. The most notable is the new TC watch series with a modern flavor launched by Movado, brand new for men and women The watches are all equipped with an ultra-thin case, giving a comfortable wearing experience. Cerena is an elegant ceramic watch specially designed for women launched by Movado in 2012. This year, Cerena launched an all-black model with sparkling diamonds and a white bezel with double rows of diamonds. Watch models; two new Red Label Calendomatic world time watches perfectly show Movado’s innovative and sophisticated design. The 800 series introduced for the first time in the Chinese market is a sports watch with world-time functions. A series of unique style watches, adhering to the artistic beauty and innovation heritage, focusing on the future of watches and clocks, unique and outstanding, can be called a model of modernist design.