Month: February 2010

Analysis Of Satellite-operated Tourbillon

The tourbillon device which is designed to compensate for the gravity gravity displacement error. When the watch was designed, the problem of azimuth change was overcome. The emergence of the multi-axis tourbillon tried to achieve rotation with various directions in order to achieve The compensation effect has formed another kind of dynamic operation beauty, and the satellite-type rotating tourbillon device further challenges the beautiful operation of micro-machines.
Although the French literary masterpiece ‘Little Prince’ is written in words, there is always a picture in my heart: the little prince walks along his planet (although it is small enough to only contain a rose in a glass bottle and enough to put it again) (A chair), as the little prince wandered, the planet met the planet, and the little prince also saw species from different planets. Although the book does not seem to mention how the little prince moved on the planet, I feel that this planet is roaming in the universe itself. When other planets are also moving, I do n’t necessarily know when or where they will meet. Fascinated.
The tourbillon’s rotation is a mystery. People have been fascinated by it since ancient times. The balance in the frame swings regularly, and the circular movement of the tourbillon frame is like the dazzle of a ballet dancer’s fixed rotation. How can humans rely on one With both hands, delicate parts are created one by one and let it start to rotate. The precision of the movement is deduced by physical theory. This mechanism brings infinite fun and meaning.
As mentioned above, in the arena where the tourbillon developed into a super tourbillon, the tourbillon evolved from a traditional single-axis fixed type to a form of a flying tourbillon without a fixed bridge, and then the multi-axis tourbillon solved the problem that the orientation could not be completely perfect. Compensation for each other, so the level of the tourbillon’s in-situ rotation is increased to three-dimensional three-dimensional rotation. Although theoretically the mechanical structure changes are created for azimuth calibration, the tourbillon has been transformed from mechanical beauty to visual As a result of the artistic presentation, the beauty of the tourbillon has thus changed from mechanically precise thinking to a mechanism that dynamically breaks imagination.
From single-axis to multi-axis changes, people do n’t seem to be satisfied. The design of satellite-shaped tourbillons has become another visual art challenge. No matter how they turn or move, they still need more precise mechanical gear trains. The rotating effect has become the mystery of the stars in the cosmic galaxy. The tourbillon has developed into a satellite rotation mode, which has opened up another visual achievement.
Bao 玑 Ref. 5347 The two tourbillons circle around the surface while rotating on their own, more like two stars rotating and following each other in the galaxy, and also forming a charming smiling mechanical universe.
Classique grande Complication Ref. 5347
Treasure Double Tourbillon
As the founder of the tourbillon, the watch that created the tourbillon has always attracted attention. The Breguet Tourbillon is famous for its most traditional exquisite original style, and its Ref. 5347 double tourbillon is one of the different ones. The principle of the tourbillon can be clearly understood in the previous article, and in all the variants of the tourbillon, the most important point is that the escapement and balance structure can be compensated as much as possible in different directions. The effect is to minimize the effect of gravity on its displacement error. Therefore, the multi-axis tourbillon attempts to use a three-dimensional method to rotate the escapement and balance wheel structures at various angles in order to achieve the above-mentioned effect.
However, while the tourbillon pursues precision, it also forms a presentation of mechanical art. Therefore, there are various types of tourbillon rotation methods. Among them, the general revolution of satellites has become another tourbillon revolution. Variation of the way. The Breguet Ref. 5347 double tourbillon is opening up the future. Two independently rotating tourbillon devices, that is, each one rotates itself without disturbing each other. The two tourbillons are connected by a differential gear train to balance the travel time on both sides. (It appears from the faceplate that the upper central axis of the tourbillon has a horizontal axis connecting the two with each other), and achieves the most accurate travel time performance after mutual compensation. Theoretically, the structure of the double tourbillon is that when one of the tourbillons travels faster, it uses the speed of the other tourbillon to balance the timing effect between the two through the differential gear train, which is transmitted through the gear train. By the time indication, you can achieve the most accurate travel time performance.
One Breguet Ref. 5347 double tourbillon watch is fixed with the hour hand. Its tourbillon structure still maintains the traditional classic Breguet fixed bridge-like appearance. These two independent tourbillons will also make one revolution every 12 hours along the circumference of the faceplate, so like two tourbillon chasing each other, they circle around the face while rotating themselves, more like two stars Rotating and following each other in the galaxy in the vast vast universe, it seems that the movement of the cosmic stars has been reduced to form a charming micro-mechanical universe.
Calling this type of rotation a ‘satellite’ traveling tourbillon, I think it is more appropriate. The main reason is that the many multi-axis tourbillons mentioned above are most likely to set the frame of the tourbillon’s rotation to a frame with different axes, so that the tourbillon can be rotated at the same fixed point as much as possible in different directions. However, what I call a ‘satellite-type’ tourbillon device is that on the premise that the tourbillon can rotate in situ, the frame is orbited along the circumference of the faceplate in a certain orbit, just like the earth surrounds In general, the sun is the rotation mode of the tourbillon under the fixed axis, such as the rotation of the earth. It revolves around the sun and orbits. This interrelationship is how we explore the ‘satellite’ rotation of the tourbillon.
So the above-mentioned Breguet’s dual tourbillon and the Jaeger-LeCoultre high-complexity astrological tourbillon watch to be said now are just such principles. Since the design of the tourbillon on the axis and the revolution changes are designed to increase the balance of the balance wheel and the escapement, and thus increase the mutual compensation for the effect of gravity on them, theoretically, the multi-axis and spherical The three-dimensional construction method can compensate for each other more than the form of revolution and rotation. However, in many traditional concepts, the tourbillon constructs a three-dimensional form and faces stability considerations. Therefore, the tourbillon is placed on a plane and connected to the movement, which relatively reduces the complexity of the movement of the movement. The power transmission problem will not be too tortuous, and the stability can be relatively improved. In order to increase the azimuth compensation, the satellite-type operation avoids the possible trouble of the three-dimensional structure, and also increases the compensation for azimuth change.
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s highly complex astrological tourbillon consists of a 60-second rotation frame, plus an outer frame that revolves along the circumference of the faceplate. The most special thing is that this revolution frame is based on true solar time (the average sun that is not practical for daily clocks and watches Hours) complete a circle in 24 hours, and the blue horoscope disk at the bottom rotates according to the horoscope of the seasonal month of the northern hemisphere year, so the veritable blue universe turns on the wrist.
Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3 three-speed tourbillon watch
Today, the most interesting part of the tourbillon is that many watchmaking brands and independent watchmakers have succeeded in discovering innovative presentation methods, so the tourbillon has thousands of looks, which was founded by watchmaker Bernhard Lederer. The independent watch brand BLU is one of the most not to be missed.
Three tourbillon frames with different speeds are constructed in three layers in a fully transparent case. The bottom frame rotates around the circumference of the face plate for 12 hours and indicates the hour through a small blue steel cylinder. The second layer of the frame rotates around the circle every hour, and the third layer is the tourbillon frame loaded with the escapement. The design of the MT3 tourbillon of BLU is actually the same as that of other satellite-type tourbillons. The axis of the tourbillon device frame is connected to the fourth wheel in the movement, but it is only connected to the fourth tourbillon frame Because the balance wheel is placed on the top of the frame and the hour hand is put on, the operation of the semi-flying tourbillon has an unobtrusive interest. First of all, this hand is related to the second layer of the tourbillon, because it is transported according to the hour, but the hand itself must indicate the hour correctly. Therefore, when the hour hand is connected to the escapement, a differential gear must be set When the power is transmitted to the escapement, after the rule of the balance wheel, it is transmitted back to the wheel train to indicate the time. This differential gear train has to regulate the tourbillon frame that rotates once every 60 seconds and the upper hand is rotated every 12 hours Two ways in a circle. Sound complicated? Indeed, even this tourbillon does not seem to be particularly different in appearance.
But the interesting thing about BLU’s MT3 tourbillon watch is that this three-speed tourbillon, which looks like an extraterrestrial structure, has a balance wheel with a diameter of 12.7 mm outside the tourbillon frame, at a slightly slower frequency of 2.5Hz. You can watch the tourbillon here more closely like the unique three-layer frame structure of a space base. If Bernhard Lederer is not an alien, how can he come up with such a way to operate the tourbillon?