Month: March 2010

Seiko Touring Exhibition In The United States-news Seiko

Seiko will give selected retailers and their customers a rare opportunity to tour the internal operation of their Spring Drive watches during the tour exhibition this fall.
Chitose Masuda, an award-winning female watchmaker, will visit five of the top jewelry stores in the United States. The customers of these jewelers are interested in watchmaking technology and want a limited description. Lesiko Perry, executive vice president of Seiko Corp., said in a media release.

Masuda is one of the few people who can assemble a Seiko Spring Drive watch, which Seiko claims to represent the pinnacle of micromechanics and professional watchmaking.
Masuda will disassemble and assemble the 416 components of this watch on site for visitors to see. Seiko Seiko Group has developed perfect Spring Drive technology over 28 years.
‘The Spring Drive watch exhibition is a great way for Seiko to showcase advanced watchmaking technology and exchange professional dedication.’ Perry said at the press conference.
The exhibition will be launched at the Palm Beach Gardens in Tourneau, Florida at the end of September, followed by the Old NorthEast jewelry store in St. Petersburg, Florida, Arizona Fine Time in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Jackson in Redwood City, California Square Fine jewelry store and World Lux ​​in Seattle.
Source: Couture International Jeweler / National Jeweler