Month: May 2010

Earl Sponsors The 31st Hong Kong Golden Awards Ceremony

The 31st Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was just held on April 15th (Sunday) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre and became a hot topic in the city. Piaget, a renowned Swiss watch and jewellery brand, has promoted creativity and independent thinking, and has spared no effort to support film work. For many years, it has continuously participated in international film and art events. After last year’s strong support for the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong Film Awards and the theme sponsorship of the awards ceremony, Piaget continued this year to support and participate in this annual event of the Hong Kong Film Industry, once again becoming the ’31st Hong Kong Film Theme Awards Sponsorship ‘.
 This event attracted more than 1,500 guests, including Wu Siyuan, Chen Jiashang, Hou Xiaoxian, Li Shaohong, Zhang Tongzu, Yu Dong, Huo Zhenting, Jackie Chan, Hong Jinbao, Huang Baiming, Wen Yan, Xu Ke, Shi Nansheng, Ni Kuang, Fang Haoyuan, Li Xiaoyu, Jiang Wen , Xu Anhua, Ye Dexian, Andy Lau, Li Enlin, Liu Jialing, Liang Chaowei, Wu Junru, Chen Kexin, Guo Yiming, Liu Qingyun, Wang Shishi, Zhen Zidan, Xie Tingfeng, Li Yundi, Er Dongsheng, Shu Qi, Qin Hailu, Gui Lunmei, Huang Qiusheng, Li Yi, Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Zhilin, Gan Guoliang, Chen Xinjian, Cen Jianxun, Hui Yinghong, Zhan Ruiwen, Zeng Jiang, Jiao Yan, Lu Haipeng, Wang Yu, Wang Xinping, Qin Pei, Jiang Wenjie, Jiang Liwen, Pan Yuanliang, Li Lizhen, Qian Jiale, Peng Haoxiang, Yang Mi, Yu Wenle, Yue Wei, Zhuang Wenqiang, Chen Guangrong, Wu Qian Yu, Zheng Shuang, Sheng Jian, Xiao Jingteng, Lian Shiya, Du Yuhang, Chen Jiayu, Tang Ning, Zhou Junwei, Nine Knives, Chai Zhiping, Chen Yanxi, Ke Zhendong and a group of actors, etc. The rankings are in no particular order. The red carpet, and Piaget jewelry and watches distribution of the same sparkling light.
 The theme of this year’s awards ceremony is ‘New Power of Film’, so the hostess of the evening was led by a senior artist, Mr. Zeng Zhiwei, a group of young film nobles, including Angelababy, who was the emcee for the first time, and Zheng Zhongji, a film director and actor. Actor Lin Jiadong and well-known host Zeng Baoyi together inspired a new round of creative performances, brought out the theme and spirit of the ‘heritage’ of Hong Kong films, reflected the fusion of old and new in the development world, and jointly reached the ultimate goal of promoting the spirit of Hong Kong films.
 Piaget, as the theme sponsor of this year’s award ceremony, joins the Hong Kong Film Awards Association in praising those who have worked hard for the film. Piaget also specially prepared many unique watches and jewelry creations for guests to shine at the awards ceremony. Gao Yuanyuan, nominated for best actress, Lian Shiya and Zheng Shuang, nominated for best new actor, Zeng Baoyi and Angelababy as host emcees, awards guests Li Yan, Yang Mi and Wu Junru, and guests Wang Shishi and Guo Yiming, as ‘Best Dress’ The award-winning fashion designer Johanna Ho chose to present Piaget jewelry and watches at the event. Piaget watches are also the best choice for a number of male stars to attend the awards ceremony, including Xiao Jingteng, who won the best new actor with ‘Killer Ouyang Bonsai’, Qin Pei, who was nominated for the best supporting actor, and award-winning guest and famous director Chen Kexin They all wore Piaget watches to the meeting.
 As for the ‘Best Dress Award’ at this awards ceremony, the famous fashion designer He Zhien is invited to serve as a judge and select the best dressed men and women guests. Finally, Shu Qi dressed in a noble mermaid evening dress and Liu Qingyun with a black and white polka dot bow tie and a black evening dress won the award. They both received the precious jewellery from the earl.
 The Earl witnessed the birth of this extraordinary award ceremony, and once again congratulated the winners of each award.