Month: June 2010

Starlight Shines And Charms Bvlgari 2018 Basel New Exhibition Summary

Every year, there will be a feast in the front hall of the Basel Show, and the Bulgari exhibition hall decorated with the special theme of the year will attract world media people, dealers and Watch lovers. This year Bvlgari has two of the most important themes, one is the Tubogas bracelet and the other is the Octo Finissimo ultra-thin watch. For the first time, Bulgari introduced the Tubogas bracelet design to the brand’s iconic women’s watch series Lvcea, presenting a series of noble and elegant goddess halo. Extraordinary charm. Octo Finissimo set the world’s thinnest record for the fourth time. The high-tech materials and innovative mechanical structure are cleverly combined to play the wonderful rhythm of the watch.
Bvlgari LVCEA TUBOGAS watch

  In 2014, Bvlgari ushered in the 130th anniversary of the founding of the brand. To celebrate this special occasion, the brand launched a number of new watches. Among them, the LVCEA series has a unique elegant design, born for women, the light shines, and has become many women. Dream Watch. This year, Bvlgari added a new option to this series, perfectly combining the well-known Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet with the Lvcea series, interpreting the charm of modern style. This is the first time that the Lvcea series introduces the Tubogas bracelet. The name of the Lvcea series is derived from the Latin ‘light’, which symbolizes life and beauty. The Lvcea series ladies watches are specially designed for the charming charm of modern women, giving women a chic and elegant personality.
Watch real shot: The new Serpenti series watches follow the iconic characteristics of the family, Serpenti series Xuan Cai time watches provide a variety of ways to wear, illusion respecting individual style. The rose gold bracelet also presents an elegant and graceful charm, bringing a colorful upgrade to the spirit snake watch series. The new watch combines white, rose gold, and gold classic colors, which is very individual and exquisite. Double-link bracelet in 18K yellow, white and rose gold linked with Tubogas craftsmanship; 18K rose gold case with brilliant-cut diamond-set bezel. The smooth winding ring strap is as agile and graceful as a serpentine shape.
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Bvlgari Serpenti Time Watch

  This year, Bvlgari launched the new Serpenti series watch, which represents the infinite possibilities of the renewed soul snake transformation. The Serpenti timepieces follow the iconic traits of the family and offer a variety of ways to wear, illusionizing and respecting individual styles. A series of colorful leather straps bring rich choices for daily wear, exaggerated and charming temperament, and the rose gold bracelet also presents elegant and gentle charm, bringing colorful upgrades to the spirit snake watch series.

Bvlgari OCTO FINISSIMO AUTOMATIC automatic sandblasting watch

  At the Baselworld 2018, Bvlgari’s highly regarded Octo Finissimo Automatic ultra-thin automatic winding watch ushered in two new masterpieces, interpreting charming Italian style. The new products are made of rose gold and rhodium-plated steel and sandblasted materials, leading the watch design into a new field. The exquisite matte technology interprets the watch’s color and vitality, shines, and continues the metallic luster unique to the series. Following the launch of titanium watches in 2017, this year’s new products all use sandblasted surface technology, exuding a strong modern style and stunning beauty.
Watch real shot: Finissimo skeleton watch

  The new Octo Finissimo series of skeleton watches, ultra-thin, hollow, two difficult skills in the watch industry meet here, what kind of fun will be born? The new Bulgari Octo Finissimo skeleton watch is made of titanium, the surface is sandblasted, and the matte dark color refines the watch’s extreme masculinity. With a diameter of 40 mm and a total thickness of 5.37 mm, it visually enhances its ultra-thin texture again. And in such an impactful case design, it is equipped with a more powerful hollowed-out movement. Through transparent gemstone glass, you can clearly appreciate every detail of the movement.
Watch real shot: ROMA watch

  Based on the most representative octagonal shell of the OCTO series, Bulgari will be rooted in the artistic atmosphere of Roman style, and this masculine watch will be brought into the OCTO ROMA series. Since its launch, this series has formed an independent style that is significantly different from OCTO. It has more mellow elements than OCTO. In addition to retaining the iconic octagonal design, it has a layer of Italian elegance. This year, in this series, Bulgari launched a blue dial style with a strong modern aesthetic temperament. What kind of spark will be caused by the collision between modern and classic? The new watch uses a stainless steel case. The case is modified and still retains the octagonal case shape, weakening the original strong angular sense, achieving a balance between elegant and rigid, showing a unique personality. With its simple design and superb watchmaking skills, the Octo Roma watches are fascinating at first sight.
Watch real shot: This year’s Bulgari LVCEA series watch has a lot more features than in previous years. In addition to introducing the Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet into the series for the first time, it also for the first time symbolizes the top watchmaking. The hollow-out technique of craftsmanship was introduced into the LVCEA watch, so that women also enjoyed the same right as men to appreciate the ultimate mechanical charm. Moreover, compared to the men’s skeleton, the Bulgari LVCEA series skeleton watch is sexy and can’t be seen at a glance.
Watch real shot: DREAM series watch
Bvlgari OCTO watch
Bvlgari 2018 LVCEA watch
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