Month: July 2011

Rolex China Sea Regatta French Father And Son File For Rolex China Sea Regatta

Less than a month has passed since the 56th anniversary of the Rolex China Sea Race. 30 teams from 8 regions have signed up for the event, including a two-parent paternity. The team that played.
   Philippe Grelon is a senior offshore racer. Since coming to Hong Kong, he has participated in all the classic blue ocean regattas organized by the Hong Kong Yacht Club, including the ‘Rolex China Sea Regatta’ in 2014 and 2016. At that time he played in the IRC2 class with the Anteros 36 Krampus, and successfully competed in the IRC2 class. Won 2nd and 7th in the group stage. In the ‘1993 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Sailing Race’, he also won the 3rd and 10th in the group with the Adams50 CollexOnyx; in the 2014 competition, he joined the famous French team Captain Lionel Péan drove the Beneteau 53f5 Kyote FrenchLine and took second place in the group stage. In December 2006, Philippe sailed the SunOdyssey Type 47 Tuatahi (formerly Johan II) from Taipei to Hong Kong and successfully broke the record set by Dame Ellen MacArthur’s 23m trimaran B & Q with a difference of 1 hour, 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

Osmas and Philippe Grelon Photo Credit: RHKYC / NaomiRebecca

   In this tournament, Philippe will play for the first time with his 23-year-old son Cosmas in a double father and son file. In the last session, NickSouthward and Barry Hayes also participated in the doubles. They drove Nick’s J109 WhiskeyJack in 3rd place in the IRC2 level and ranked 21st overall.

Grand Opening (2016 Rolex China Sea Regatta) Image source: © Rolex / DanielForster

   Cosmas has extensive experience in driving small sailing boats. He studied sailing at Baishawan Yacht Club and Aberdeen Yacht Club. The youth achievements have been impressive. The brilliant achievements include: the 2011 Junior World Championship RS500 class champion and the 2012 Asian Sailing Championship 29er class champion. Cosmas is no stranger to offshore races. He once played the role of ReichelPugh51 PrimitiveCool in the “Rolex Sydney to Hobart Sailing Race 2015” and successfully finished fourth in the field. He is currently the sailing instructor of Shenzhen Wanhang Sail Boat.
   In addition to having rich sailing experience, the two fathers and sons also experienced many thrilling things during the sailing: in the 2013 Hong Kong to Vietnam competition, they successfully helped save 10 crew members on the Sydney GTS43 Walawala 2 of SteveManning At that time, the ship lost its rudder and began to enter the water.
   The father and son will play the Pogo 10.5 Aya. Philippe Cotillon once participated in the ‘2010 Rolex China Sea Regatta’ with the Aya, but unfortunately encountered no wind before the line and was forced to withdraw from the race.
   When asked about Mrs. Grelon’s views on the fight between her father and son, she said: ‘I am very happy. They are all excellent sailors. I wish them all the best.’
   In preparation for the “Rolex China Sea Regatta”, the two fathers and sons will participate in a 200 nautical mile qualifying race and will require first aid and survival training at sea.
   When asked about their division of labor, Philippe said: ‘Cosmas will be responsible for the meals, and I will be responsible for maintenance (if needed). We all need to control the sailing direction, adjust the sails, and eat and sleep on board; expect The autopilot will work normally. ‘

Introduction To The Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition

Limited edition of 250 precious watches are on the market. The extraordinary stainless steel material shows the watchmaking style and is exclusively presented by IWC exclusive stores. The male masculine beauty permeates the watch body, and the ingenuity of cutting-edge watchmaking craftsmanship creates a masterpiece that cannot be missed.
The world’s largest automatic movement and 7-day power reserve system escort, sitting on an incomparable mechanical perpetual calendar: the unique four-digit annual calendar and the moon phase display in the north and south hemispheres are for you to enjoy. Extraordinary functions and unique, simple and practical operating characteristics make the 2010 limited edition large pilot perpetual calendar watch irreproducible king strength.

 Yong Yongjun’s appearance made the limited edition of the 2010 large-scale pilot’s perpetual calendar watch a worthy model of extreme watches; 250 limited edition listings, exclusive congratulations from IWC boutiques. The deep black surface is perfectly set off, and the bright and fashionable orange cold-light hands and scales are the ultimate interpretation of the core qualities of the 2010 limited edition large pilot calendar. The unique design of the flight cockpit and the exquisite and beautiful perpetual calendar display perfectly blend the dazzling charm and create a new era for the watch world. This watch can not only display the time in hour, minute and second format, but also the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres. This feature is the first of its kind in the world’s top watch industry, and is a gift of modern cutting-edge technology. A delicate cockpit outline is displayed on the surface to show the different moon phases observed in the two hemispheres of the south (S) and north (N). The 2010 limited edition large pilot perpetual calendar watch shows that there is a 12-second time difference between the moon phase and the actual moon phase in each lunar cycle, that is, only one day after 577 years.
 This watch’s annual calendar display includes date, week, month, year, decade, century, and moon phase display. All displays are based on a delicate synchronous format, adjusted by Sunday astrology. In addition, all the displays on this watch have been set according to the Gregorian calendar and can be automatically adjusted to change every leap day before 2100 years ago. & quot; Easy operation & quot;-The core elements of the 2010 limited edition large pilot perpetual calendar watch are unmatched. Thanks to the powerful function of synchronous automatic adjustment, the trouble of picking the wrong crown due to confusing time is no longer there. In the long time tunnel, the firm pace has never wavered.

 The beautiful blend of the transparent sapphire case back makes the 51614 movement made by IWC perfect. When worn, the high-efficiency Pellaton Woodpecker large steel wheel two-way winding device will tighten the long-running movement spring within two days. The power reserve display at the dial ‘3 o’clock’ and the date display complement each other, and slowly move from 1 to 7 (days) counterclockwise to indicate the winding consumption. The two jaws alternately drive the ratchet in the direction of system rotation. And through the clear blue sapphire case back, you can observe this exquisite interactive movement. The back case is engraved with ‘PILOT’ ” S CLASSIC LTD. EDITION 2010 ‘and’ ONE OUT OF 250 ‘250, the number of limited editions is precious. Metaphorically. The 2010 Limited Edition Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar watch includes a shock absorption system and 6 bar water pressure design. The outer dimensions of the stainless steel case are also eye-catching: 46.2 mm in diameter and 15.8 mm thick. In addition, the design of the black alligator leather strap incorporates a folding buckle and a stylish rivet element, combined with eye-catching orange expression stitching, and the visual impact is unprecedented.