Month: August 2011

Brand Watch Than Cool Than Inside

Different from general professional watch brands, watches launched by fashion clothing designer brands have a very different temperament. Not only will new models be launched every season, but also the season’s The design theme echoes. For example, the Louis Vuitton Tambour chronograph, which was very popular in autumn and winter last year, is favored by many watchmakers with its stable and elegant shape and high-quality Zenith movement; Chanel J12 is the most eye-catching fashion at the beginning of this year. The watch, with its minimalist black and white tones and neutral style, can also be paired with brilliant diamonds or colored gems. Whether it is worn by men or women, it is quite eye-catching, and it exudes chic elegance in fashion.
  In addition, the most noticeable is Dior Homme chief designer Hedi Slimane, the first cross-border design Chiffre Rouge, the limited sales method, set off a whirlwind, a unique streamlined model and full of modern The asymmetrical shape of the sense is very consistent with the current genderless style. Others, such as Burberry’s multi-color line canvas strap, are full of pop and lively temperament. Tommy Hilfiger also uses sailing as the topic to express his vibrant personality style, which is equally dazzling.
  Louis Vuitton Tambour chronograph
  Tambour is the most fashionable designer brand watch in 2004. The Tambour of Louis Vuitton is equipped with the movement of Zenith, a professional watchmaking brand of the group, which makes this watch both beautiful and practical both inside and outside. Of course, as soon as Tambour is on the shelf, it will be sold out and queued up. Long string.

  Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge
  The famous Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge watch is also produced by men’s designer Hedi Slimane and is equipped with Zenith movements. The silver and black models are limited to 150 pieces each in the world. The asymmetrical appearance highlights Hedi Slimane’s uniqueness. Creative aesthetics.

  Hermes Clipper chronograph
  Clipper’s distinguishing feature at first glance is his bezel like a ship’s porthole. The rubber strap is a combination of independent rubber watch sections and high-grade 316L grade steel combined screws, which is waterproof, hydrophilic, soft and flexible, easy to maintain, and light in weight. The hands, numbers, and dots on the numbers are displayed in white or green fluorescent light, which is easy to recognize underwater.

  Chanel J12 sports watch
  J12 is Chanel’s first unisex sports watch. The hardness of high-tech precision ceramic is comparable to that of diamond, which is not easy to scratch and oxidize. J12 meets the increasingly blurred lifestyles of work and leisure today, and displays precision, taste and fashion. It is undoubtedly a sports watch specially designed for people who are full of adventure and pursue fashion.

  dunhill Carwatch
  Inspired by the Edwardian owner’s watch, although it is traditionally worn, it can easily read the time whether it is holding the steering wheel or riding the bicycle. The high-tech two-piece case is made of stainless steel or ultralight titanium and stage 2 ceramic, and the case lines look like future concept cars. The ‘number plate’ engraved on the case is a special feature of Carwatch. You can also choose the words to be engraved.

  D & G Lounge Collection
  Inspired by classic, elegant, and attractive medieval celebrity Ya Shi style, D & G is designed for elegant and elegant men. Material: stainless steel case, leather strap, three-point quartz.

  Tommy Hilfiger Active Series Windjammer Men’s Watch
  In the spring of 2005, a new stainless steel Windjammer men’s watch was introduced. The design was inspired by sailing. The exaggerated faucet cover took into consideration the durability and practicality, as well as the personality style expressing its vitality. Dazzling.

  agnes b. watch
  The watch cooperated by Seiko and agnes b. Is also a simple solar-powered watch, focusing on the most humanistic and discerning love-watch style sportsman of the season. Equipped with a Seiko solar-powered movement, and has a powerful power reserve of six months. In addition to the environmental protection and convenience of never needing to replace the battery, there is no need to worry about the situation of being unable to charge for a short time.

  Burberry Endurance
  Burberry’s spring and summer men’s clothing successfully matched black, blue, red, yellow, green and other lines with white as the main body, making a perfect harmony and profound interpretation. Presents a refreshing work. Nylon material is used to replace the traditional leather, and the strong British casual style to be expressed this season will definitely attract the attention of many young men.

  Want to be different? Such a special watch must be tuned to you! The creative only uses numbers to show time. There is no hour and minute hands except the second hand, only a cool black surface and two rows of numbers. This is the creative DKNY, the fashion metropolis style from the big apple.
  In the spring of 2005, a new stainless steel Windjammer men’s watch was introduced. The design was inspired by sailing. The exaggerated faucet cover took into consideration the durability and practicality, as well as the personality style expressing its vitality. Dazzling.

Lange’s Dazzling Work, Dazzling And Difficult To Hide The Light

The Lange Grand Lange 1 ‘Luminous’ is equipped with a white gold case with a diameter of nearly 42 mm. The black dial is embossed with luminous hands and time markers, which makes the watch shine at night, which is difficult to hide. Lange 1 has made its grand debut fifteen years ago, and has long become a unique symbol of Lange watches. The watch dial adopts an asymmetrical design and is equipped with a patented large calendar display, which is clear at a glance. It is equipped with a flawless movement inside and has a 3-day power reserve performance with unparalleled accuracy. With its extraordinary strength, Lange 1 has become one of the brand’s best-selling watches, and one of the most award-winning watches in watch history.

Grand Lange 1 “Luminous”
Case: 18K white gold
Diameter: 41.9 mm
Functions: hour and minute display, small seconds with stop-seconds performance, large calendar display, power reserve display
Movement: Lange homemade L901.2 manual winding movement
Kinetic energy: 72-hour power reserve
Dial: solid silver and black dial
Hands: rhodium-plated gold and luminous coated hands
Strap: Hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap with solid gold or platinum Lange pin buckle

 Lange Watch Factory presented the Grand Lange 1, 41.9 mm case to the watch lovers who prefer large watches in 2003. The unique connotation and charm of the original work are equally fascinating. The newly designed Grand Lange 1 ‘Luminous’ model is equipped with a noble white gold case and a black dial made of solid silver for a sharper contrast. The dial coated with Superluminova’s luminous material and rhodium-plated gold decoration complement each other, allowing the wearer to easily read the time even in the dark. This Lange watch, which can maintain high accuracy both day and night, not only allows watch fans to see the strength of the brand, but also once again demonstrates the extraordinary excellence of German Saxon watchmaking technology.

 From a technical point of view, the L901.2 movement inside the watch will never disappoint any watch fan who has high hopes for Lange and ‘Made in Germany’. Classic design combined with many amazing features, including 3/4 plywood made from untreated German silver, screw-fastened gold sleeve, dual barrels for more than 72 hours of power reserve, patented gooseneck spinner The hand-carved balance wheel splint and the exquisite large calendar display are impeccable. The Grand Lange 1 “Luminous” white gold model is paired with a hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap and solid white gold Lange pin buckle, which perfectly presents the contrast between darkness and light.