Month: January 2012

Director Jia Zhangke Return Of Cannes King Hublot Honors Successful Personality

At the 66th Cannes International Film Festival just ended, the film ‘Destiny’ written and directed by Jia Zhangke won the best screenwriter award. The successful Chinese filmmaker once again rocked the European continent with the voice of China. Advocating individuality and witnessing success, the top Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot watches applauded director Jia Zhangke for another successful career in his film career. Together with director Jia Zhangke, he never ceases to challenge himself, pay tribute to tradition, and create the future.

 As one of the most active Asian directors on the international film scene, Jia Zhangke is not sticking to tradition and clinging to stereotypes, and is good at expressing and interpreting the realism of Chinese cinema to the world through a distinctive and innovative film language. “Advancing in a different way”, HUBLOT shares common values ​​with Director Jia Zhangke, and has become the “most successful model of personality” in the world in their respective fields.

 As early as 2010, Director Jia Zhangke has already connected with Hublot. He has a mastery of fashion and aesthetics. He chose Hublot’s classic fusion rose gold watch and appeared together in the bright sunshine of the Cannes Film Festival. Three years passed and Jia Zhangke’s unique film proposition and personality gained more expectations and respect. The return of the King of Cannes in 2013, Jia Zhangke’s new journey is ready to go. This time, witnessing the success of Director Jia Zhangke’s brilliant success is the “Classic Fusion Series Ultra-thin Hollow King Gold” watch independently developed and manufactured by Hublot.

 It not only perfectly integrates the most discerning elements of Hublot’s dynamic design and modern materials. The design concept of completely hollowed out and unique artistic lines will make the watch’s internal structure-whether it is the adjustment part, balance wheel or escapement wheel, more clearly and intuitively displayed under professional eyes. This is also Hublot’s anti-traditional, first attempt to challenge the ‘thin’ limit: a 45mm diameter dial, equipped with Hubble’s own ultra-thin movement, only 2.90 mm thick. At 7 o’clock on the dial, a small seconds dial is set, and its hands continue the design style of the first-generation Hublot watches as a tribute to the history of Hublot watches. Hublot’s patented technology ‘Wang Jin’ adds 5% platinum to the melted gold, making it appear more rosy in gold. The power reserve of up to 90 hours and the excellent waterproof coefficient of normal operation under 50 meters of water allow the watch to accompany Director Jia Zhangke to calmly cope with various occasions.

 Director Jia Zhangke said: ‘You can observe a phenomenon from different angles, which will bring different perspectives and thinking results. For the passage of time, I prefer to treat it with a vigorous attitude; There are many ways. Taking the watch as the medium is the silent but most personal way. It is not only a tool for recording time, but also a symbol of self-assertion. Hublot is full of enthusiasm and vitality that infect others. It fully reflects contemporary ‘uniqueness’, with personality and vision not found in traditional watches. ‘

 Jia Zhangke’s award-winning work ‘The Destiny’ is expected to land on China’s silver screen in October this year. This alternative realistic film with unique artistry and perspective is about to sweep the film industry with its success and personality. HUBLOT Hublot wished Director Jia Zhangke more brilliant achievements in the journey of artistic exploration!

The personality choice of successful people-Hublot classic fusion ultra-thin hollow king gold
Technical Parameters

Serial number 515.OX.0180.LR-18K King Gold, limited to 500 pieces
Case Classic fusion 45mm diameter, 18K King gold, polished satin brushed
Bezel 18K King Gold, vertical satin-brushed titanium, recessed with 6 H-shaped titanium screws
Table mirror Sapphire mirror, anti-reflective treatment on the inside and outside
Lugs black synthetic resin
Crown Polished 18K King Gold with HUBLOT Logo
Case back Brushed satin-finished 18K king gold with anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the inside
Water resistant to 50m or 5 atmospheres
Dial Sapphire dial with rose gold HUBLOT logo, anti-reflective treatment on the inside and outside
Rose gold-plated intarsia scale
Hands Polished Rose Gold Plated
Movement HUB1300 manual winding movement with small seconds at 7:00
Thickness 2.90 mm
Number of parts 123 (number of gems 23)
Vibration frequency (Hz) 3 (21,600 times / hour)
Power reserve about 90 hours
Strap Black alligator leather strap lined with black natural rubber
Buckle Folding clasp with 18K rose gold

Buy The Watch With The Most Suitable Price

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
     ‘This is a very liquid market. If there is any price difference, the watch can be transferred to other places as soon as possible,’ said a chief financial officer of a famous watch group. His Swiss company sold more than 25,000 pieces last year Watch. ‘Newspapers may get less synchronized price spreads, but no one will wait until the next day to buy a newspaper in another country.’
     The failure to maintain a consistent price is arguably ‘very damaging to the brand.’ Emmanuel Vuille, chairman of Cooper Fosse, said the company is known for making sophisticated watches, producing about 100 watches a year, the cheapest is 300,000 Swiss francs, which is about $ 320,000 before taxes.
     ‘I know that for consumers, the ideal situation is to see one of our watches in Paris and then go to Dubai or London to see how the price is.’ Mr. Vuille said, ‘but if consumers can really In some places, watches are found to be cheaper, and we will be very big. ‘
Tudor watch
     This is the case. Mainland Chinese customers always look at the prices in Hong Kong before deciding whether to buy or not, or we can also find online shopping, even if it is 1,000 yuan cheaper. Earning money these years is not easy, even for those who can afford luxury goods.
     The watch industry is increasingly dependent on Asian tourists, especially Chinese consumers. James Seuss, chairman of US watch retailer Tourneau, said his company has seen double-digit growth in profits from Japanese, South Korean and Chinese consumers in the past 18 months. He said Chinese consumers ‘usually know what they want to buy.’ There are more and more watch shops using Chinese logos and shop assistants in several major Swiss cities. Retailers say watch collectors are also very content to get the product at the lowest price each time. ‘We rarely talk about stimulating consumption. Instead, we focus more on the buyer’s market. Consumers can get information about price differences from the Internet and frequent travel.’ Retailer Asprey said.

Hublot King Extreme Red Devil Third Generation
This change is not just reflected in savvy Chinese buyers.
     For example, thanks to the relatively weak pound, last year, ‘Asprey sold a large number of watches to Swiss consumers, this is the first time in our history.’ Businessmen find that customers are often willing to accept the situation that some people will Get the same luxury goods at special prices through special channels, such as having a close friendship with the seller. However, ‘if this becomes a well-known fact, the brand will suffer a lot.’ He said.
     As a result, watch companies correct prices more frequently than before. Of course, the price adjustment may also reduce the price, such as in Japan. In the post-earthquake Japan, consumption was sluggish. Without tourists, everyone would not be happy without price reductions. For example, the price of watches in Hong Kong is ready to rise to approach the prices in mainland China. In the past, people always love to buy watches in Hong Kong across the Luohu port. A famous watch can have a difference of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.
‘If one knows from one customer that prices are cheaper elsewhere, no one will feel comfortable.’

Patek Philippe
     For the luxury watch industry, knowing how to deal with price differences in Switzerland may have to calculate many factors such as production costs. Switzerland has a high income level and is a paradise for investors. In the past few years, the Swiss franc can compete with the US dollar and the euro.
     In January, the chairman of Swatch, the world’s largest watch-making group, slammed ‘speculators’, the banks and investment funds that pushed up the Swiss franc. He asked the Swiss National Bank to intervene in the devaluation of the currency and to prevent the loss of Switzerland’s main job opportunities. In this mountainous country, what else can the manufacturing industry find out besides watches? chocolate! But certainly no watch makes money.
     However, watchmakers are very determined. Even with the expertise, brands and market effectiveness of other countries, the strong Swiss franc cannot convince them to move their products out of Switzerland. And, like other exporters, they use many currency hedging tools to make up for and offset price increases in their operations.
     For now, the chairman of some brands confess that their goal is to strengthen the management of prices. They would risk ordinary customers, bring their wives into a store and try to bargain. If you really get a discount, you may need to take action to cancel the agency right of this store.