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Omega Seahorse Series Planet Ocean New Material Introduction

Omega Seahorse Series Planet Ocean
Q: Are new watches more expensive?
A: In the 1930s, the high standardization and low cost of the watch industry also prompted ‘steel’ and ‘copper’ to start replacing precious metals (gold and silver) as the raw materials of watch cases. But nowadays titanium and ceramics have been developed into laboratories, and the cost of the brand for developing new materials is still high.
Q: What are the advantages of new material watches?
A: Abrasion resistance is the first problem solved by new material watches. In addition, its lightness makes it more suitable for sports wear. Some people also look at the new material in terms of aesthetics. The tungsten-titanium alloy is smooth and beautiful, and some models already have fashion fans.
Both watchmakers and users attach great importance to the durability of the case and the entire watch. Therefore, various methods that can make it more robust and durable have been applied in design and manufacturing, but they still cannot get rid of their dependence on brass and steel. Until the end of the Second World War, modern high-tech materials gradually provided new solutions for the watchmaking industry. At that time, the most representative was tungsten-titanium alloy, which was dubbed ‘Hard Metal’ as its hardness after diamond.
Rolex is strong and durable because the low-carbon austenitic steel used for watchmaking is completely separated during the high-temperature quenching of the steel from martensite to austenite, thus retaining the martensite. The hard characteristics of the body steel, and uphold the good ductility of austenitic steel. And Rolex’s steel also contains nearly 3% copper, so it can be so strong.
Q: Should I wear a new material watch?
A: First of all, you should analyze your career and preferences. Traditional materials are suitable for daily wear. If you like adventure sports such as climbing and diving, new materials can provide functional guarantee. In addition, the new material is a good social topic & hellip;
Q: Is the new material table worth collecting?
A: At present, most of the watches circulating in the auction market are well-established traditional watches. In this regard, watches made of new materials are difficult to wait for. This is also because the day when the new materials were born was to solve some problems of daily wear. of.

Nina Ricci Launches The Latest N029 Series-news Nina Ricci

N029 design is inspired by the ultimate feminine trend and Parisian style. Based on the coming autumn, it fully displays the charm of autumn.
The rectangular pattern on the rectangular case resembles the geometric rhythm of a stainless steel bracelet and complements it. The rubber texture brings unexpected surprises and vibrant charm. The stainless steel texture has a timeless and elegant style. The preciousness and brilliance of gold are even more comparable. In addition, pink gold and black gold plating are available. Nina Ricci also printed the brand’s latest designs of exquisite flowers, elegant laces or monograms on the dial-black and pure white models are also available, so stay tuned.

Swiss-made quality with Ronda 751 movement.
Source: NinaRicci
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