Month: May 2012

When He Kissed The Trophy, Everyone Cried

Even if you don’t know tennis, you must have heard the name-Federer. His full name is Roger Federer. The last time he entered everyone’s attention, he won the men’s singles championship again at the Australian Open. This is the sixth Australian Open men’s singles trophy he has won, and it has broken the total number of individual Grand Slams-’20’.

Federer wins sixth Australian Open men’s singles trophy

’20, bow down’, on the evening of January 28, after the Australian Open men’s singles final, Chinese tennis star Li Na sent such a Weibo.
 A few words, two or three, did not mention who it was, but we all know that she was paying tribute to Federer in this way. You know, he is already 37 years old. This age is considered ‘advanced’ for a professional athlete, especially after 2013, Federer suffered from back injuries. Many people think that the era of ‘Federer’ is over. At Basel, Federer was out in the first round.

 Young people are on the rise, more young forces are gradually replacing our familiar names, Cilic, Nadal …

 But 20 years ago, Federer was also a young, confident and handsome teenager. It was also 20 years ago that he became a professional tennis player. And shortly after switching to professional players, he ranked among the top 100 in the world. His world-famous fame was in defeating then-ball champion Sampras in Wimbledon, and later Federer, as we have seen, slowly stood on top of professional tennis. In 2004, he became the world’s number one male tennis player for the first time. Later, the tennis player from Switzerland became the pride of the world, and the ‘Federer’ era really came.

Federer in the game

 But in the sports field, no one can always be smooth, and no one can always lead the way. After reaching the peak, the next path is often a fall, and the biggest opponent of the athlete is sometimes not others, but himself. Especially after high-intensity sports training and competition, a lot of physical pain will come to your door. Suffering from back injuries, he often had to withdraw from the game and even missed an entire season.

 And in 2017, when Federer defeated Nadal and regained the Australian Open championship, we know that Federer is back. In the Australian Open this year, No. 2 seed Federer and No. 6 seed Cilic started a five-set battle, winning 3-2. Stalemate, victory, and tears all stay on this field.

 He cried, and everyone cried when he kissed the trophy.

 Federer is really a ‘crying bag’. He cried when he lost the game. Why did he cry? (Nadal defeated Federer in the Australian Open 2009, Federer left regretful tears)

Federer at the 2018 Australian Open

 ‘Maybe this is the most special time,’ he said. When everyone questioned whether he could get the 20th championship in tennis, he did. We don’t know how long he can play, we don’t know when the 21st crown will come. Whether it will be possible, this may be his last crown, maybe not.

Federer and Nadal

 Many people say that don’t be too persistent in chasing the championship, but in the arena, winning or losing, and the championship is at least one of the last results that athletes pursue. It can not only bring you material affirmation, it is more a spiritual comfort, it is affirmation of every sweat. Time keeps moving forward, and new blood is constantly being injected. No one can tell the future and cannot predict the future. Even though Federer left the field and returned to life, he also has a good father, a good husband, and life has more than one choice, and more than one identity.

Federer and wife
 In addition to being the king on the tennis court, Federer is also a spokesperson for Rolex. After Rolex cooperated with Federer, every time Federer lifted the trophy and kissed the trophy, he could see the Rolex figure.

Federer wears Rolex SKY-DWELLER m326934-0003 watch this year

Federer wears Rolex Greenwich II series 116710BLNR-78200 (blue and black circle)

Federer wears Rolex Cosmochronic Daytona 116506 (Ice Blue Plate)

Federer wears Rolex Date M126303-0019 at Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2017

Federer wears M116505-0001

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520-78590 White Dial Watch (White Steel Day)

Date series 126303 black dial commemorative strap watch (similar)

 Rolex’s ‘Prince Carrying Goods’, some people said that watching Federer’s game is exciting, and which Rolex he wears after winning the championship is also wonderful. I have to say that Rolex’s vision of seeing people is very accurate. Federer’s photos of wearing Rolex prizes have played an undoubted role in promoting Rolex.

 He is no longer young, but there is no regret. When he reappears on the court, no matter the victory, success, or not, the warmest applause, I will still give him sincerely, after all, he has grown up with too many people, he is a myth on the tennis court, his The name is Roger Federer.