Month: August 2012

Sihh2014 Watch House Interview With Mr. Conway Kai, Editor-in-chief Of ‘shopping Guide’

At the 24th Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair (SIHH), Watch House is proud to have interviewed Mr. Conway Kai, the editor-in-chief of the ‘Shopping Guide’, and Watch House’s views on this exhibition and Netizens asked related questions to Teacher Kang, and Teacher Kang answered them one by one with humorous words.

Home of Watches: Has your impression of this show changed from before?
Conway: The conference provided more convenience for the participants around the world. The previous transportation was CMB. This time it was replaced by a bus with a larger number of passengers and the recognition rate was very high. You are walking on the streets of the old city of Geneva You can see SIHH’s stop sign if you can’t go far. A free bus will take you to the exhibition hall every 10 minutes every day, and a new parking lot will be opened to make it more convenient for participants to enter and exit. The pavilion, apart from that, there are really no other major changes. I think what impressed me most about SIHH is that there has been almost no change in 10 years.
Watch House: Until today, the exhibition has been halfway, and after seeing so many new products, can you briefly talk about the future development trend of watches?
Conway Kai: What impressed me most today was the short promotional film Lange saw. Lange pays more attention to realism, that is, to make a finished watch as prominent as possible, and then it is very beautiful and without too much modification. When I watched this video, I thought about the current situation. What should be pursued by the fine watchmaking industry? Perhaps after a few years, some exaggerated, beautiful, star-studded stuff like everyone When you look tired, everyone will think about what a good watch is. Then Lange does a good job in this regard. It is just a watch. The watch is beautiful enough and perfect. Need any spokesperson, do n’t need any support, do n’t need too many marketing methods, the watch itself is enough to attract people, it just makes people watch and do n’t want to leave, as long as their wealth ability permits, I want to buy it, and I’m not afraid of this kind of good watch. I want to buy two after I buy one, so I think this is the true essence of the fine watchmaking industry, because not only a Lange brand can With this in mind, from SIHH to Basel, there is at least no less than 30 brand can do this.
Watch House: Are you referring to the technical level?
Conway Kai: Technology is the means, technology, craftsmanship and enthusiasm, is to make everything the best, because in the past few years it seems that everyone deliberately pursued the innovation of watchmaking technology, for example, Patek Philippe has launched many silicon escapements in the past few years. Watches, so everyone wonders if all watches and clocks will be made of silicon in the future, because silicon does not need to be lubricated and antimagnetic, but today it seems that the watchmaking industry has not adopted silicon as the mainstream, nor has technology stacking as the mainstream, nor is it Every brand comes out with a watch that combines the tourbillon, three questions, and perpetual calendar. Take the new watch released this year as an example. If you use a very simple word to summarize it, it is called a combination. It is the essence of the brand’s DNA. Through the new combination and the factors of the times, a new watch is created. In other words, it is changeable. Without leaving its ancestors, unlike digital products, when a new product is released, the old product is overturned. The watchmaking industry is always developing steadily, and it is not as fast as you expected, and it may not have brought It’s a surprise to you, but it is indeed developing, and every year something new appears.
Watch House: What do you think is the biggest gain from this exhibition for you personally?
Conway Kai: In fact, every time you come to SIHH, you have to receive the goods, because Switzerland is the forefront of the watch industry, representing the ultimate interpretation of the high-end watch industry, so coming here helps to see the gap, not blindly because of national Emotionally, I deliberately hope that the domestic watch will be on an equal footing with the Swiss watch. It is also very difficult for Switzerland to achieve this step. Due to the long schedule and rich content, there have also been new unsuccessful. Before booking The hotel was cancelled for no good reason, but fortunately it was resolved before the launch, so learning how to deal with new problems can be regarded as new gains.

Pioneer Guides The Trend Electricity Drives The Future Tag Heuer Official Watch Press Conference Of The World’s First Electric Formula Championship Held

(Beijing, August 31, 2014) As the official watch and technology founding partner of Formula E’s world’s first Formula E Championship, Swiss watch pioneer TAG Heuer today in Beijing Jianyi Jingyuan held a grand press conference to unveil the first battle of the Formula E race to be held in Beijing on September 13. The two giants joined forces.

  Well-known new generation talented singer Deng Ziqi performed live at the press conference and shocked the four. At the same time, the press conference also announced that TAG Heuer became the official watch and sponsor of the Chinese Formula E team. The conference site also made on-site connection with Ho-Pin Tung, a Chinese team driver and TAG Heuer’s best friend. TAG Heuer Xue Hongxia, Brand Director of TAG Heuer China, Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings, Wan Heping, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Automobile Federation, and Liu Yu, President of Formula E China Team, unveiled the new Formula E electric formula The mysterious veil of racing.
   The Formula E Championship, hosted by the International Motor Sports Federation, will set off on September 13 at a special circuit designed around the Bird’s Nest. Twenty drivers from 10 professional teams will compete fiercely in 10 major cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin, and Monaco.
   TAG Heuer Xue Hongxia, Brand Director of TAG Heuer, said: ‘Since the brand was founded, our passion for cars has always injected energy into our technological innovation and performance. Its origins with motorsports can be traced back to the beginning of the last century, in 1911 Our first instrument chronograph was patented. In 1969, Jo Siffert was signed as a brand ambassador, creating a precedent for watch brands and racing drivers to become partners. The brand and F1 in the 1970s Ferrari signed up as the first ‘non-technical’ partner and continued to work with McLaren from 1985 to today. Through these and other partnerships-including the Indy 500, Audi Sports in Le Mans, France, the world Endurance Championships and the legendary F1 Monaco Grand Prix-we continue to break records with precise timing.
Inspired by racing, challenge the highest difficulty-Carrera

   In 1887, the oscillating gear invented by Edouard Heuer revolutionized history. In 1963, Jack Heuer launched the Carrera Carrera under the name of the legendary carrera Panamericana. He conceived an iconic design: an open, easy-to-read dial and a shock-resistant, water-resistant case that is resistant to rugged road wear. A legendary series was born. In 2010, a self-made Calibre 1887 chronograph was designed using a swing gear in the Carrera case. In the watchmaking world, after accepting this exciting shock half a century later, the timeless Carrera Carrera series is still the leader in TAG Heuer’s unrivalled watchmaking pedigree and racing tradition.
   As TAG Heuer’s longest-running design and classic series, Carrera Carrera continues to be elegant, pure, easy to read and elegant in nature. The open dial design brings a strong visual impact, eye-catching satin-finished tachymeter scales, and the advanced processing of the black dials form the best ratio, and you can immediately feel the noble racing pedigree of this series. The Carrera Calibre 1887 chronograph took the lead at the Geneva Watch Awards in 2010, straddling the barriers of sophisticated technology and design, reappearing the classic style of the first Carrera Carrera in 1963, showing elegance.
TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 chronograph (43mm)
About the FIA ​​Formula E Championship:
   Formula E is a new FIA Championship of the World Motor Sports Federation, and its cars must be powered by electricity. It represents the future of the automotive industry for decades to come. These events will be held in the centres of major world cities starting in September 2014, including Beijing, London and Miami. The track will be a landmark building around the city. A total of 10 racing teams and 20 drivers participated in the race. Formula E hopes to increase public awareness of sustainable development. It also acts as an institution for the development of electric-powered vehicles and increases public interest in the private use of electric vehicles. Encourage relevant companies to improve the technological development of battery packs, electric motors, transmissions, electronic control, fast charging technology, and battery safety through competitions. To promote the concept of sustainable development of clean energy vehicles.
About TAG Heuer:
   Since 150 years, TAG Heuer has established a supreme reputation in the watchmaking industry. It has been regarded as a pioneer in the Swiss watchmaking industry, gradually growing from a high-end handmade watchmaking family to the pursuit of perfect technology. And a high-end pioneering watchmaking brand that never yields to pressure.
   Faster, smaller, more powerful, more precise: TAG Heuer chose to accept the challenge, sweep through all difficulties, and lead the field of watchmaking to a completely new and unknown territory.
   In 1860, TAG Heuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in Saint-Imier, and has made many remarkable achievements in the field of high-end watchmaking with unlimited technological innovation. There are many ‘firsts’ left in the watchmaking first list: the world’s first oscillating gear was invented in 1887, and it is still a key component of contemporary chronographs; the Mikrograph, created in 1916, is the first in the world Stopwatch accurate to 1/100 second; created the world’s first automatic chronograph movement with automatic rotary axis in 1969; the world’s first belt-driven tourbillon watch in 2014
Monaco V4 Tourbillon.
   As a watch brand of the LVMH Group, TAG Heuer has always pushed time control to a new level of coexistence of luxury performance and precision, and its outstanding design and craftsmanship have made it the highest priority in the Swiss watchmaking elite organization-Foundation Watches (FHH) have a place. At the same time, at the Geneva Watch Awards, Carrera Mikrogirder won the ‘Golden Hand’ award, the highest honor in the world of watchmaking, with its ultra-precise accuracy of 5 ten thousandths of a second.
   TAG Heuer has always cooperated with outstanding people in many industries, because like TAG Heuer, they also change the era in their field and leave their own indelible mark: 2013 Golden Globe winner Cristiano Ronaldo; F1 Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes team and its champion Jenson Button; five Grand Slam winners, tennis champions Maria Sharapova; the new FIA Formula E Championship is also the world’s first electric racing series Formula E; Sébastien Ogier and his World Racing Rally Championship Champions Team Volkswagen Team; Monaco Automobile Club and Monaco Grand Prix; actor and driver Patrick Dempsey; and legendary movie superstar Cameron Diaz, Steve McQueen And Shah Rukh. Like these exemplary men and women, TAG Heuer Never follow, it leads direction; never beaten track, it changes time.