Month: September 2012

Oris & Bconnected 2012 China Tour Ended Successfully

From October 13th to 21st, from Hong Kong, Lanzhou, and finally to Shanghai, the 9-day Oris & Bconnected China tour, a wonderful performance at the Shanghai Jazz Festival on October 21st After that, it closed smoothly.

   Founded in 1994, the Swiss Fusion Orchestra Bconnected, after 18 years of training, in a rigorous and serious attitude and profound musical accomplishment, has entered the golden period of creation and performance. This year, Oris of Switzerland, the exclusive title sponsored Bconnected China tour, set off a new round of climax.

   Oris & Bconnected tour started in Hong Kong and was warmly welcomed by more than 1,000 music lovers in the first-class theater in Lanzhou-Gansu Grand Theater. In addition to being invited to participate in public performances at the Shanghai Jazz Festival and a grand performance at the Shanghai Daning Theater, the Bconnected Orchestra also specially hosted a unique and exciting jazz concert, Oris Jazz Night, for Oris, which made more than 100 lucky participants Those who yelled. The guests who were present were also fortunate to see the elegant elegance of the limited-edition Oris Chet Baker displayed on the spot, and listened to the band’s famous song ‘My Cute Little Lover’ performed by the band.

   On October 20, Oris took a seat in the well-known Shanghai jazz bar, House of Blues & Jazz. Six musicians from Bconnected provided more than 100 nationally renowned media, MyOris members, Oris Weibo fans, and distinguished Oris guests. , A unique jazz concert. The band’s jazz music, ‘Small River Flowing Water’, which was specially adapted for the Chinese folk song performed by Oris, brought the whole performance to a climax. On the same day, Mr. Schellenberg, the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, who is also a jazz fan, took the family to the scene with all the guests to celebrate a wonderful and unforgettable jazz night.

Earl’s Theme Sponsorship Of The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony-commemorative Special Issue Collections

Earl of the well-known Swiss watch and jewelry brand has always strongly supported the Hong Kong Film Awards. This year, it has become the theme sponsor of the ‘Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony’ for six consecutive years. It is said that there is no end to cooperation, work together to shine for the film industry, and create a brilliant movie dream with every film worker. Each year, a special ‘Best Dress Award’ is set up to honor the guests for their careful dressing and to add a fashion aura to the Hong Kong Film Awards. The judge of this year’s ‘Best Dress Award’ will be held by Miss Zhou Wenxuan. At that time, each of the best dressed men and women guests will receive precious jewelry sponsored by Piaget. The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony will be held on April 3, 2016 (Sunday) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre.

Tang Wei at the shooting scene of ‘Children · Same Play’ Commemorative Special Issue

   The concept of this special issue is based on the theme of the conference ‘Children’s Voices’. In addition to detailed records of each award nomination, it also invites shortlisted candidates for the best actor / actress, best supporting actress, best director and best new The actors participated in the shooting of the special issue, leaving a youthful track for this awards ceremony. The filming work was carried out by Secret 9 production company, the famous photographer CK led his team to personally operate, and Fame Glory designed the image for the candidate. In accordance with the theme of this year’s ‘Children’s Voice. The Same Play’, accompanied by dazzling Piaget watches and jewellery, the spirit of ‘Forever Young, Forever Hong Kong’ is displayed, so that candidates can express their self-confidence and star charm. The Hong Kong Film Awards leave a dazzling imprint.

Liang Jiahui at the shooting scene of ‘Children · Same Play’ Commemorative Special Issue

Xu Ke at the shooting scene of ‘Children · Same Play’ Commemorative Special Issue

Qin Hailu at the shooting scene of ‘Children · Same Play’ Commemorative Special Issue

Zhang Jiahui at the shooting scene of ‘Children · Same Play’ Commemorative Special Issue

   The innovative spirit and the pursuit of aesthetics in the Hong Kong film industry are exactly the same as those of the earl’s immortal spirit, and they are inextricably linked to the film. In order to promote the art and film industry, Piaget has been working side by side with the film industry, and has invested in supporting and participating in many film events for many years. In addition to sponsoring the American Independent Spirit Film Awards for many years, he has also been the chief cheering officer of the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards since 2013, and is keen to sponsor different film shootings around the world and co-produce multiple films for premieres. Eye-catching watches and jewellery are inseparable from the film light and shadow, and their extreme light is fully exposed under the lens of the movie, which makes the star on the screen smile and raise their hands to add shocking charm, and dazzles the picture.