Month: November 2012

Crystal Star Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier ‘astronomica Astronomy’ Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s most experienced watchmakers have once again accepted severe challenges and reached the pinnacle of technology to create an extremely sophisticated watch with high-level complex functions-the unique ‘Maître Cabinotier Master Craftsman Series’ ‘Astronomica’ is equipped with a series of excellent functions. This watch is powered by a manually wound movement 2755-B1, combining 15 demanding high-end horological complications, while highlighting astronomical elements, it is an exquisite and extraordinary This masterpiece is the first in a new and exclusive Vacheron Constantin collection. It embodies the watchmaking spirit of the 18th-century Geneva loft craftsmen, and is exclusively produced to show its full personality and extraordinary craftsmanship. 47mm in diameter and thickness The 19.1mm white case has an excellent movement built into it, a collection of fine watchmaking craftsmanship, and engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark.

   In 2005, Vacheron Constantin launched the ‘Tour de l’Ile’, the most complex in the world, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founder of this Geneva watch manufacturer. Today, inspired by this famous watch, the ingenious Maître Cabinotier master craftsman series ‘Astronomica Astronomica Legend’ perfectly integrates the most complex functions in the square inch, once again interpreting Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship . This watch’s new work is extremely exquisite, as if to touch the bright starry sky. Its movement 2755-B1 has many extraordinary astronomical functions, which is one of the most complicated movements created by Vacheron Constantin. This manual-winding mechanical movement brings together 15 complex functions, consisting of 839 parts, all assembled on a movement with a diameter of only 33.90 mm and a thickness of only 12.15 mm, and is equipped with a 58-hour power reserve. These practical functions can be read through the dial or case back, further highlighting Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary craftsmanship. The watch not only successfully integrates 15 complex functions into one movement, ensuring that each function runs perfectly, but also achieves the best legibility and comfort for wearing, and at the same time continues Vacheron Constantin’s always sophisticated and delicate Design and tight flowing lines. In addition, this unique watch and movement are engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark. Since the establishment of Vacheron Constantin in 1755, it has integrated fine watchmaking craftsmanship. Its name-‘Maître Cabinotier Master Attic Master Series’ Astronomica Astronomical Legend ” has awakened people to Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Loft Artisan Special Order’ launched in 2006 ‘Workshop’ memory. This highly specialized haute horlogerie customization service is reminiscent of the extremely professional watchmakers in Geneva-‘Loft Craftsmen’ who worked hard day and night in the Loft Workshop, tailored for the valued customers Customizing the scene of a delicate watch. Maître Cabinotier master craftsman series ‘Astronomica Astronomical Legend’ with its unique quality, not only meet the special needs of customers, but also achieve the perfect combination of excellent watchmaking technology and personalization.

The perfect combination of advanced complication and astronomical display

   This watch has functions such as minute repeater, time equation, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, date, week, month, leap year display, power reserve, sunrise and sunset time display and other functions. In addition to the hour and minute hands, the front and dial edges of the watch are equipped with up to 11 concise and unique complications. Two of the most prominent advanced clock functions are the minute repeater and tourbillon. Other astronomical complex functions include perpetual calendar, time difference display and sunrise and sunset time display. Among these exquisite and charming features, the minute repeater function is undoubtedly the most noticeable. The movement is equipped with a unique and unique centripetal chronograph speed regulator, which was developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. This governor is completely silent during operation, and can effectively avoid excessive wear caused by long-term operation. By adjusting the duration of the musical sequence, it is ensured that the scale of the hammer striking the reed can be pleasant every time Beautiful and clear. In addition to the minute repeater, you can watch the delicate tourbillon through the 6 o’clock position of the dial, with a frame made of Vacheron Constantin’s iconic symbol, the Maltese cross. The tourbillon rotates for one full revolution per minute, using anti-gravity technology to make the movement more accurate, and it can also be used as a small seconds display. At the same time, the perpetual calendar, which is called ‘memory of the future time,’ follows a complex Gregorian calendar, and the date needs to be adjusted every four hundred years. The perpetual calendar is displayed symmetrically, with the week at 9 o’clock, the month at 12 o’clock, the date at 3 o’clock, and the leap year at 1 o’clock. Another extraordinary complication of this watch is the time equation function, which displays the superb professional skills through the short hand display at 10:30. This feature is designed to show the minute difference between solar time and standard time. For practical purposes, humans divide the year into 365.25 days, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes per hour, but the time displayed by the sun is the ‘real time’, which is different every day of the year. The resulting error varies from day to day, with a difference of around ± 16 minutes. This remarkable watch also has another astronomical complication that is extremely rare in the field of clocks, namely the sunrise and sunset time display. This feature requires extremely sophisticated production processes to display accurate sunrise and sunset times at a specific location on the planet; therefore, customers need to first select the city where they want to know the sunrise and sunset times. This ‘customized complication’ is displayed strictly symmetrically with sunrise at 8 o’clock and sunset at 4 o’clock.

Revealing the mysteries of the universe

   The back of the watch is as stunning as the front. Its features include four complex functions and seven practical and interesting display functions: star map, solstice (winter solstice or summer solstice), equinox, stellar hour, moon Age and moon phases, seasons, and signs of the zodiac. These combinations of astronomical functions are rare in the field of fine watchmaking. This rare dial designed to showcase astronomical functions is divided into two layers. The disc in the center of the dial shows a map of the northern hemisphere and the four basic orientations. The two north-south directions show symmetrically each month and stellar time of the year, and correspond to ‘real time’. Displaying ‘real time’ is necessary for watchmakers, so they can adjust the sky map according to the reference city chosen by each client. The small pointer moving along the edge of the dial on the first layer is used to indicate the age of the month, that is, the number of days from the date of the last full moon. At the same time, the second layer of dial also provides a series of extremely interesting astronomical functions.
The slender center hand rotates around the dial and points to the date on the outer circle, and the other end is decorated with a sun pattern. The pointer also indicates the signs of the zodiac, the seasons, and the equinoxes corresponding to the current date. The day-night equinox indicates that the day and night are equally long, and the day corresponds to the day with the shortest day or the longest day in the year. It appears twice a year to the sun, with the summer solstice around June 21 each year and the winter solstice around December 21. Around the summer solstice, the day time is the longest one year, and around the winter solstice, the day time is the shortest year. The circadian equinox is the highest point over the equator when the solar exchange illuminates the northern and southern hemispheres throughout the year. There are two equinoxes each year, one between March 19 and March 21, and one between September 22 and September 23. The equinox is considered the beginning of spring and autumn, respectively.

Unique from superior movement

   The 2755-B1 movement is exemplary in all respects, complementing the unique watch and perfectly matching its owner’s city, which once again proves Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite craftsmanship and innovative wisdom. This timepiece has a variety of complex functions that push the technology to a new level, while always paying attention to the wearer’s habits. Engineers and watchmakers use a large number of delicate parts to create precision movements that perfectly fit the thin and smooth case. The unique design of the platinum case guarantees the flawless sound quality of the minute repeater. In addition, the various display functions are displayed in a balanced and harmonious manner, and ensure clear and readable, which is an art feast presented by the watchmaker. The 2755-B1 movement is entirely developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, perfectly presenting the brand’s excellent concept of designing and manufacturing advanced complex watches. Every component is carefully crafted and perfectly matched with each other to ensure the best performance of the movement, so each movement is an unparalleled masterpiece. The Geneva corrugated decoration of the movement, the carefully hand-chamfered bridge, the round grain-polished main board, and the round and smooth tourbillon frame all show amazing watchmaking techniques. The watch’s entire body and movement are also engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark, demonstrating that it meets the stringent standards of this independent certification mark on the origin, accuracy, durability and professional watchmaking technology of the watch. This symbol of the paradigm of the watch industry also proves that the movement decoration is entirely polished by hand. Watches combine 15 kinds of complex functions into one. This extraordinary design requires superb craftsmanship, which is one of the few in the field of fine watchmaking. The Maître Cabinotier master craftsman series ‘Astronomica Astronomical Legend’ is complex and novel, each one is a unique limited collection.
Technical specifications
Model 80174 / 000G-9995
Seal engraved in Geneva
Caliber 2755-B1
Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures itself
Manual winding mechanical movement
33.9 mm diameter (14’’’¾)
12.15 mm thick
Approximately 58 hours power reserve
Vibration frequency 2.5 Hz (18,000 times / hour)
839 parts
42 gems
Display hours, minutes
Tourbillon frame with small seconds at 6 o’clock
15 complex functions:
Minute repeat
3-7. Perpetual calendar (date, week, month, leap year)
8. Power reserve
9. Time equation
10. Sunrise time
11. Sunset time
12. Starry sky chart
13. Moon age and moon phases
14. Stellar hours and minutes
15. Seasons, signs of the zodiac
Setting Hours and minutes adjustment: Rotating crown (2 positions)
Moon phase adjustment: outside button of case
Perpetual calendar adjustment: two buttons on the outside of the case
Starry sky adjustment: crown and screw-in button
Case 18K White Gold
47 mm diameter, 19.1 mm thick
Dial 18K white gold, rock gray and milky white
18K white gold applied hour markers
18K White Gold Hands
Strap Black Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, saddle stitching, large square pattern
Buckle Three-piece folding buckle in white gold
Polished Half Maltese Cross
Watch Box Makassar Wooden Rotary Watch Box
Accessories Pen, Magnifier, Resonance “La Musique du Temps”, Resonance with Vacheron Constantin’s Minute Repeater
Unique timepiece
Case back engraved with ‘Pièce unique’

Classic Charm Tasting Tag Heuer Carrera Collection Retro Style Watch

In 1964, Jack Heuer, a fan of motorsports, introduced a hand-wound mechanical chronograph called Carrera to pay tribute to the legendary race ‘ CARRERA PAN AMERICANA. CARRERA means “the highest level of competition” in Spanish, and today it is still synonymous with passion, danger, adventure and heroism. In 2015, Tag Heuer launched a Carella series chronograph with a classic charm, the official model: CAR221A.FC6353.

   This chronograph is retro-styled with TAG Heuer’s classic ‘Heuer’ Logo, giving it a unique modern style while inheriting the TAG Heuer tradition. The retro look of the watch is derived from the classic CARRERA design of Jack Heuer.
TAG Heuer Carlisle Series CAR221A.FC6353
   This watch is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 39 mm, which is an ideal size for fashionable men. The retro dial has an elegant design that not only displays the time, but also has a timing function and a ranging function. The watch comes with a classic black belt.

Polished delicate crown and chronograph buttons

   There are two chronograph buttons and a crown on the side of the stainless steel case of the watch. The polished cylindrical chronograph buttons have a rounded surface and are comfortable to press. Decorated with the Tag Heuer logo-Heuer.

Leather strap with vintage style for comfortable wearing

   The watch is retro in style with a black perforated leather strap. The leather is soft and tough, comfortable to wear, and a stainless steel folding clasp is attached to the strap.

The case is beautifully shaped and full of three-dimensional sense

   The stainless steel case is 39 mm in diameter, polished and the bezel is fixed with polished steel. The case is beautifully designed with smooth and natural lines, while the bezel design makes the case more three-dimensional.

Black and silver classic dial

   The black and silver dial of this chronograph is designed by Jack Heuer’s classic CARRERA Carrera design. The double chronograph design is reminiscent of the classic CARRERA card that was sought after by collectors in the 1960s. Laila: Black chronograph at 9 o’clock and seconds at 3 o’clock. In addition, the watch’s flange is equipped with a rangefinder, an ancient military tool that measures the distance of artillery fire based on the speed of sound.

Clear chronograph minute dial

   At the nine o’clock position of the dial is the chronograph minute dial. The black dial is decorated with swirling patterns, using white numbers and bar scales, and is indicated by a pointer with a white coating on the tip.

Chronograph chronograph seconds dial

   At the three o’clock position of the watch dial is the chronograph seconds dial, which is also black on the bottom, decorated with swirling patterns, using white scales and hands with white coating.

Polished lugs

   The lugs are upright lugs, cast integrally with the case, and exquisitely polished to fit the case naturally. The lugs and corners are also specially treated to make them round and comfortable to touch.

Fine-grained, beautifully textured automatic movement

   The watch uses a back-to-back case. Through the mirror, you can see the TAG HeuerCalibre 18 automatic mechanical movement. The movement of the balance wheel vibrates 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour and the power reserve is 40 hours.

In summary: the shape of the black perforated belt, the timing knob and the 39 mm dial all reflect the classic taste. The retro logo on the dial is the unique signature of HEUER, an extraordinary timepiece of TAG Heuer, and a link between history and modernity. This classic watch with a classic charm and stunning style is elegant, lively and comfortable to wear.

Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography Explains The Legendary History Of Famous Swiss Watchmakers

A well-known art and watch expert in the industry, Nicholas Foulkes personally wrote this more than 500 pages of historical biography, telling Patek Philippe, the Geneva-based independent watchmaker from 1839 The glorious development history since its establishment in 1949. The English version of the book was officially released in November this year, and other language versions are expected to be released in 2018.

   In order to write an unprecedented historical biography of watches and clocks, Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography, Nick interviewed the Stein family who runs the company, as well as employees and watchmakers who have worked or are still working at Patek Philippe; at the same time, he also Digging deeper into Patek Philippe’s archives and flipping through many documents that have been sealed for many years to truly show the unique history of this watchmaking workshop. The well-known historian, biographer and fashion editor traces Patek Philippe’s history to the early life of the brand’s founder, Polish officer Anthony Patek. At that time, the young cavalry colonel participated in an uprising that ended in failure. From being forced into exile to living in Geneva, to his encounter with the talented watchmaker Jean Adrian Philippe, until the arrival of the Stern family in 1932, the four generations of family members inherited and carried forward the brand … … In his book, Nick details Patek Philippe’s story of becoming a Swiss watchmaking legend. He described many timepiece masterpieces in Patek Philippe’s history in vivid and humorous tone, while at the same time vividly depicting the extraordinary geniuses who have made Patek Philippe’s splendid history. It is these master watchmakers and art craftsmen who have passed down generations to create Patek Philippe’s brilliant achievements.

   The biography also reveals many first-known anecdotes, such as an orphan timepiece purchased by Queen Victoria for her husband, Prince Albert. In addition, Nick was also fortunate to have an exclusive interview with the widow of the late Swiss watch and jewelry master Gerald Genta, the watchmaking genius who designed the first Nautilus sports watch for Patek Philippe in 1976.
The biography shows precious Patek Philippe’s dream journey for nearly two centuries with precious illustrations and vivid text, fully reflecting Nick’s profound cultural knowledge and professional background. He hopes to show the development trend of art and the continuous improvement of watchmaking technology in the past two hundred years with a broader historical dimension as the background.

   ‘I’m very happy to be able to truly feel Patek Philippe’s long history in this grand format. To help Nick write this detailed and vivid biographical work, Patek Philippe’s historical archives are open to the public for the first time and Nick is The strokes and detailed details perfectly reproduce every important moment in Patek Philippe’s 175 years of development. ‘

Phil Stern
Honorary Chairman of Patek Philippe

Nick Fox Introduction

   Nicholas Foulkes has authored more than twenty books, the most famous of which is undoubtedly his trilogy for 19th century history: Scandalous Society: Passion and Celebrity in the Nineteenth Century; Dancing Into Battle: A Social History of the Battle of Waterloo; and Gentlemen and Blackguards: Gambling Mania and the Plot to Steal the Derby of 1844. Nick is also a columnist for Country Life magazine; a contributing editor for How To Spend It magazine under the Financial Times; a contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine; a boutique editor for the British GQ magazine; and a contributing watch consultant for Patek Philippe International Magazine. He is also the founding editor of Vanity Fair On Art, the art section of Vanity Fair magazine, and writes art articles for many journals. In 2009, he became a director of the Norman Mailer Center. Nick graduated from Hertford College, Oxford University, and currently lives in London with his wife and two sons. They all agree with Nick’s love of high-end watches since childhood.

Key Information:
Written by famous historian, biographer and magazine editor Nick Fox
The material comes from interviews with key people who have played an important role in Patek Philippe’s history, as well as the original documents found in the past 20 years of reorganization
Contains numerous precious photos that have never been released before, including a historical timepiece owned by Queen Elizabeth II and lent to Patek Philippe
More than 600 photos including works commissioned by Andy Barter, Richard Foster, Jonas Marguet, and Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
544 pages of 25 chapters, including a 40-page timepiece model appendix and photo notes
Format: 289 × 305 mm
Publisher: Preface, part of the world-renowned publisher Penguin Random House
First English edition, 10,000 volumes, issued in November 2016
Starting today, you can order the English version at (
Other language versions, including simplified Chinese, are expected to be released in 2018.
If necessary, please leave your information on Patek Philippe’s official website ( us)

   From December 2016, you can purchase Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography in English at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Patek Philippe Salons, and Patek Philippe Authorized Retailers everywhere. You can contact each authorized retailer for stock availability of this book. You can also buy books from the bookstore.