Month: April 2013

Paper Philippe Ref. 3990 Platinum Diamonds Perpetual Calendar

In 1996, the domestic real estate industry was still at a stage where it was impossible to find the North. Of course, Patek Philippe at that time was not so expensive. The author clearly remembers that it was 5 years ago at the entry level. The used price of Ref 3919 is hovering around 50,000 RMB fairly steadily, but! Nowadays, its simple and upgraded Ref 5019 has completely doubled its value.

    The Ref 3990P is exactly the same. This watch is quite good in appearance and is also a diamond-studded version. A total of 2.97 carats of diamonds are fixed on the bezel. The valuation cap has also reached a huge HK $ 2 million. You know this is not a super complicated style. But Patek Philippe has such appreciation ability.
[Overall description] Platinum, diamonds, perpetual calendar, chronograph, moon phase and leap year display, manufactured in 1996.
[Estimated price] 1600000-2000000 HKD
[Including commission price] 1820000 HKD

Oris Aquis Diving Watch Style Appearance

Oris Aquis dive watch is a full-featured watch with perfect proportions and sports and luxury features. Superb performance, showing a simple and meticulous modern atmosphere. Equipped with an innovative white ceramic upper ring and Oris’ crown protection device, it is fixed with standard herringbone screws. The refined white dial is simple and fashionable, with practical functions and style appearance, while swimming in water and land.

Combining style and appearance, practical functions and fashion taste, it is a unisex sports watch that can be worn by both men and women. Watch Features
Oris Aquis dive watch
Case diameter: 43.00 mm Reference: 733 7653 4156
MSRP: NT46,900
  SW200-1 self-winding movement with Oris red rotor
  Hours, minutes and seconds displayed in the center
  Stainless steel case with screw-in crown and crown guard
  60-minute scale ceramic case upper ring
  Waterproof function 30 times atmospheric pressure
  White polished dial, always marked with simple scales
  Fluorescent-coated nickel-plated polished hands
  White rubber strap with adjustable folding sliding buckle
  Multifunctional white soft case watch box.

Introduction To Patek Philippe 5110 World Time Zone Table

Patek Philippe 5110 World Time Zone Table

This 5110 world time zone watch is engraved with 120 degrees east longitude of the city plate. It incorporates easy-to-use features into the concept of world time. Users can easily adjust The local time will not affect the accuracy of the minute hand even when changing time zones. Not only can it display the local time, but it can also display the time of the other 24 time zones on a single city ring at the same time. Features have also been patented by Patek Philippe.
The design was inspired by the world time zone watch of 1930. To highlight the importance of this event, Patek Philippe brought eight world time zone antique watches from the Patek Philippe Museum to Taiwan for display, representing 30, 40, 50 And the world time zone table in the 1960s.
In the light of ancient knowledge, this 5110 world time zone watch not only overcomes various complex technical difficulties, but also successfully combines the challenge of ultra-thin manual winding movement and 22K gold automatic oscillating weight, which also makes it easier for users to use operating