Month: June 2013

Montblanc Timewalker Speed ​​phantom Series World Time E-strap Smart Wrist Watch Introduces The Latest Wearable Technology Into The Field Of Fine Watchmaking

As one of the luxury brands with a long history, Montblanc always adheres to the core brand spirit of ’embracing the future’. While inheriting the classics, it is committed to exploring innovative technologies and successfully introducing cutting-edge technologies into traditional Swiss systems In the table. The newly launched Montblanc TimeWalker Speed ​​Phantom Series World Time e-Strap smart wristband watch is not only equipped with a self-winding movement with complex functions, but also applies smart technology to the wristband, making it compatible with smartphone Realizing China Unicom shows Montblanc’s active efforts in exploring the latest wearable technology. The smart wristband made of high-performance Montblanc Nato fashion leather material can be applied to smart devices such as mainstream Android phones, iPhone 4s and upgraded versions. In addition to an OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 36 and intuitive touch control, the wristband also uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to 5 days. Integrating an integrated design including motion tracking, this wristband provides positioning functions for smart phones and watches, notification of incoming calls and text messages, and remote control of mobile phone cameras and music players.

Tailored for urban walkers
   Dynamic design, high-tech materials, hollow lugs, and thin bezels-Montblanc TimeWalker Series combines modernity and tradition with ease. The Timewalker Speed ​​Phantom Series World Time e-Strap smart wristband watch also uses a 42mm micro-blasted stainless steel case, with an extremely wear-resistant black DLC bezel, which is full of personality. On the robust black dial, ultra-fine arc lines surround the embossed pattern, which outlines the rich level of the black tone. Against the background of deep black, dotted with the direct-drive seconds hand, the hour hand tip and washers displayed in the second time zone, and bright red 5 minutes Super-LumiNova dots become the finishing touch, injecting dynamic and vitality into the watch . Adhering to Montblanc’s consistent high practicality, every detail of this series is designed for urban elites who travel between cities.

  Montblanc TimeWalker Speed ​​Phantom Series World Time e-Strap Smart Wristband Watch is equipped with the MB24.05 self-winding mechanical movement, which can vibrate at 28,800 times per hour. The travel time is accurate and clear. Exquisite and elegant decoration details at a glance. Once wound and set correctly, a set of smoky hands with luminous coating will display the local time in the center of the dial, and the second time zone time will be displayed by another skeleton hand. This World Time watch also uses the traditional Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the standard time, and can adjust the time jump through the winding crown printed with the Montblanc brand logo. This complication is designed for travelers who travel around the world to meet their routine needs to read both their home and home time. The outer edge of the 24-hour display in the second time zone is clearly separated to avoid reading errors. Day and night times are displayed in light gray and black, respectively. The date display window at three o’clock completes this highly practical timepiece.

 Montblanc e-Strap smart wristband: not just a watch strap
   Montblanc Fashion Leather is crafted by the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, and is an ideal match for the e-Strap smart wristband and timewalker series. The surface of the leather is treated with a special ‘permeability’, showing a carbon fiber weaving appearance, elegant without losing vitality, more thoroughly ‘biocompatible’, extremely tough and wear-resistant. This high-performance innovative material is wear-resistant, water-resistant, and high-temperature resistant (even reaching fire resistance). Available in two widths of 20 mm and 22 mm, it takes into account the needs of intensive use, so it is especially suitable for frequent travel around the world Walker lifestyle. This soft, long-lasting, innovative leather has also become a great choice for Montblanc e-Strap smart wristbands. The smart wristband made from this is perfectly connected with the rounded stainless steel case to fit the contour of the wrist, and a layer of molded rubber is added to make it shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. The specially designed buckle is convenient for the wristband. Easy adjustment.

Montblanc e-Strap smart wristband combines multiple functions
• Motion tracking: Calculates the number of steps taken each day, displays the calories burned and the miles traveled each day, and adjusts according to the wearer’s personal goals. In addition, you can evaluate the progress, remind and encourage users to continue to maintain the day’s movement.
• Haptic feedback: App software notification reminders-display and preview emails on the e-Strap smart wristband, read text messages, view the latest status and information on phone calls and social networks, as well as schedule and meeting reminders.
• Remote control: Allows users to tap the shutter to take photos remotely, find misplaced smartphones, play music remotely, and play, pause, and skip through the music control function.
   In general, mechanical watches and the most advanced digital technology are regarded as incompatible poles, and Montblanc integrates the two with each other to create a new era of timepieces, and watch enthusiasts who demand the extraordinary experience of traditional watchmaking also Hard to resist.

Hamag On The Runway Tasting Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph

As a leader in the watch industry, Tag Heuer combines watches with F1 racing cars, combining the personalized dial design of the racing car and the avant-garde humane sports elements; and adhering to the century The essence of design and the concept of watch creation, on the basis of making the watch accurate, it has created a more beautiful, functional and practical Formula 41 mm watch for many watch lovers who love motorsports. Got a good choice. Next, follow the House of Watches to experience the TAG Heuer Formula One chronograph. The official model is: CAH1110.BT0714

   This watch has particularly strong racing elements. The gear-shaped bezel design, raised tachymeter scale, and classic racing instrument display panel all add unique features to the watch.

    As shown in the figure, the classic black circular dial combines several complex functions in one, the chronograph display dial at 1/10 seconds at 2 o’clock; the date display window between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock; 6 At 60 o’clock, there is a 60-second chronograph display dial; at 10 o’clock, there is a 30-minute cumulative chronograph display dial; the upper button on the right side of the case is the start / pause of the timer, and the lower button is zero. Three small chronograph dials are enough to show the strong concept of time in racing watches.

    The 41mm diameter case is enough to present the atmosphere of the watch to everyone. The case and crown are made of stainless steel; the speed scale on the black PVD-coated gear-shaped bezel is convex, which is generous and eye-catching. .

    The classic TAG Heuer logo is printed on the left side of the case. From the side of the watch, the layered combination design of the case and the bezel is very classic. The black and white colors meet, and the contrast is strong and novel.

    The crown on the right side of the case and the two timing buttons are set in black on the silver-white case, which corresponds to the bezel and coordinates with the strap; the silver-white TAG Heuer classic on the crown The raised logo is polished in stainless steel.

    The classic black circular dial has a uniform layout, and it is inlaid with polished metal-polished three-dimensional time scales. The time scales are coated with fluorescent material to facilitate better viewing time in the dark; 30-minute chronograph dial and 1/10 seconds The chronograph display dial is set at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock, respectively. The symmetrical layout design makes the watch look more regular. The date display window is slanted between the 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock hour markers. The entire dial offers more free space.

    The six small and large hands on the dial are in silver and red. The hour, minute, 30-minute chronograph hands and 1/10 second chronograph hands are silver-white, and the hour and minute hands are coated with fluorescent materials. The large seconds and The bright red of the 60-second chronograph hands adds a touch of color to the watch.

    Paired with a rubber strap is a basic design of sports watches. The rubber texture is soft, wear-resistant, and resistant to high temperature and low temperature effects. It is not easy to damage and can effectively protect the wrist from being injured during sports. The black of this watch The rubber strap is designed with checkered protrusions, and the classic TAG Heuer logo is printed on the strap; the stainless steel pin buckle can effectively protect the watch’s safety factor.

    Stainless steel polished case back, although we can not let us see the internal movement structure, but the carved pattern and TAG Heuer logo on the table cover will also make our eyes shine.

    Perhaps the mechanical feel of the quartz movement watch is not satisfactory, but it can guarantee a long-term power reserve. It must be a good choice for many friends who do not like to adjust the watch often.

 Summary: The Tag Heuer brand watch has been committed to creating racing-type watches, which is not only avant-garde style of the watch, but also a functional and quality challenge. The polished stainless steel case and rubber strap combine classic design concepts with the essence of motorsport to perfectly explain the essence of the Formula One chronograph.

 Watch details please see: heuer / 8107 /

Seiko Will Never Be Satisfied

In 1881, Kintaro Hattori, the founder of the Seiko brand, opened the Hattori Watch Shop in Kyobashi, Tokyo. This year, Seiko ushered in a historic and glorious chapter of its 130th anniversary. We have launched a series of powerful new products to commemorate this commemorative 130th anniversary, and pay tribute to the great legacy of Mr. Kintaro Hattori, while laying a solid foundation for the global future of Seiko.
    Seiko is not only the only watch manufacturing group with various watch manufacturing technologies, but also has achieved outstanding achievements in the field of clocks: since 1899, it has independently produced the first Japanese-made alarm clock; in 1968, it launched the world’s first quartz Wall clock; in 1976, the world’s first quartz alarm clock; in 1988, the brand’s first music clock; in 2005, the world’s first clock with a five-lever escapement system Décor Seiko (long). Today, Seiko continues to experiment with new adventures and will never satisfy existing successes. For Seiko, ‘Jia’ is the enemy of ‘Excellent’ because we are committed to perfection.
   Seiko participates in this watch exhibition with its main clock products, especially Melodies in Motion, which is full of classical art flavor, will become a bright spot in the exhibits. Gorgeous and exquisite clock design not only has strong classic characteristics but also retains modern style. The doll’s entire performance of the doll is childish, while the Swarovski crystal detail decoration adds a romantic atmosphere, and the optional music and dance Various styles, just like the sound of nature.
    In addition, the Emblem high-end clock series is made of green onyx, Japanese bauhinia and other special materials. The products are luxurious and elegant in style, unique in style, and highly artistically ornamental. The clock products exhibited by Seiko will present another unique charm of Seiko.

[Exhibition Information]
Exhibitors: Seiko Watch Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Booth number: 1A11-1A18
Product Type: SEIKO (Seiko) Clock
Types of watches: music clock, wall clock, table clock, etc.

[Product style preview]
Music wall clock (Melodies in Motion)
Delicate features: Hourly music timekeeping, multiple HI-FI classical music plays in turn
The clock dial opens with the hour’s music event (selected models)
Unidirectional rotating decoration with Swarovski crystals (selected models);
Built-in light sensor, music stops automatically when the light is dimmed;
Musical Demonstration Function
Volume adjustment function