Month: February 2014

Piaget Falling Into The Stars Of The World

Earl of PIAGET, the legend of the greatest watch and jewellery family, with its prestigious jewellery creations, shows its rich professional accomplishments. The ingenious and bold style, combined with the innovative design and concept of diamond paving, the watch design shows the imaginative touch of Piaget’s creation, and it also highlights the Piaget’s creative spirit of catching up with the times.
 Piaget celebrates its 140th anniversary. In the exhibition, the watch looks like a work of art. In addition to admiring the brand’s creative aesthetics, combining the top watchmaking craftsmanship and jewellery design, two ingenious craftsmanship are required. The unity perfectly interprets the high value of Piaget’s combination of home-made watches and jewellery.
 From now until 6/17, Piaget has specially selected 12 high-end jewellery watches with a total value of more than 300 million at the flagship store of Baohongtang in Taipei, including Piaget classic mysterious watches and diamond-set tourbillon watches. At the same time, Piaget Limelight The series of classic female watches Limelight Blooming Rose, Limelight Gala, Limelight Magic Hour, Limelight Dancing Light, Limelight Tonneau, etc. are fully presented. After the exhibition, they will tour the Piaget boutique until July, and invite watch collection Come and see the extraordinary exhibition of Piaget combining professional watchmaking and jewellery creativity.

Piaget’s top jewelry watch scene

Bold and creative
 The Limelight series of watches made by the professional skills of the artisans in Piaget’s workshop evokes the memory of Piaget’s star-like era and its rich and creative creativity. These fascinating and fascinating works, with their unique figures, have become the main axis of art throughout the entire scene, leading to pieces of pure treasures shining brightly. The most eye-catching exhibit at this time is the inlaid 506 Limelight blade-shaped full-diamond watch with a total weight of about 76.2 carats. The mysterious watch with double movements perfectly interprets Piaget’s sophisticated jewellery and timepieces. The diamond-studded tourbillon watch, with the most beautiful gemstone in the world, is set on a complication watch, and it is only used to express the unique and noble jewelry of the Piaget family.

Elegance and Charm
 Since 1975, the slim shape has become the favorite model of the Piaget family, and has driven Piaget to lay outstanding achievements in the field of ultra-thin watches. Yves. As a specialist of precious stones, Yves Piaget is committed to carry forward Piaget’s many unique skills in the field of jewellery and watchmaking, enabling them to decorate the wrists of elegant women and use the diamonds on them. , Echoes the superb craftsmanship of watchmaking artisans. Watchmaking and jewellery meet in an unprecedented and most original form. The achievement has memorized the splendid work of the earl’s emblem, and testifies that the earl can realize the most extraordinary imagination. Through each uniquely limited art The masterpiece is the most comprehensive presentation. Carefully crafted with the most honored traditions of watchmaking and jewellery, they symbolize Piaget’s core values: professional technology and the idea of ​​pushing technology and aesthetics to perfection.

The art of gem setting
 The high-end jewellery technology condensed on the watch adds unique glory to the unique watch. One of the superb skills is the process of gem setting. Gem setting is the most wonderful step of each extraordinary watch. After the setting is completed, the watch enters the final assembly and polishing process. Piaget has been familiar with gem setting technology for many years, and many women’s luxury jewelry watches designed by the brand show multiple setting technology. Whether it is grain setting, invisible setting or snow-setting, claw setting or closed setting, all kinds of setting methods are designed by Masters, jewellers and gem setting experts worked together to conceive and work closely from the initial draft to the implementation of the design, in order to make the best use of the setting method to brighten the watch design.
 When performing grain inlays, the inlaying craftsman first hollowed out the positions between the gem inlays in the base. After the gold base was chiseled, it reflected the bright light. The craftsman then grinds the mount (rounding the edges), including opening the collar to allow light to pass through it. After the setting is prepared, the stone setting process is officially started. The craftsman first accurately arranges the gems in the appropriate position with an adhesive tool (beeswax), and then uses a pointed carving knife to break the fine gold nuggets between the gems to form two or four. A small gold particle is pressed against the gem, and then rounded into gold beads, exuding a smooth luster. Snowflake paving is a traditional diamond setting technique. Diamonds of different sizes are arranged randomly and then tightly combined. Since only a small amount of gold is exposed on the surface of the setting, the effect is like a diamond seamlessly paved on the base. Snowflake-set jewellery is unique because each diamond has a different diamond arrangement.
 Whether round, olive-tipped or pear-shaped, the shape of these gems can be accentuated by claw or ring inlays. Each set of claws has two to four small nails to grasp the crown of the diamond. Jewelry terminology refers to these small nails as ‘claws’, which have a round, triangular or square design. This traditional setting technique allows light to penetrate the diamond and reflect the light, and Piaget has added a technique that only a few brands can master in this technique: designing the setting claws into an inverted pyramid shape, making the golden claws gradually disappear, and the central Diamonds are as bright as suspended air. The design of the watch is harmonious from the dial to the case, with no trace of gold on the surface. Closed setting is the most ancient gem setting technique, with a gold ring around the outer edge of the gem. This technique is most suitable for laying rectangular-cut diamonds on the dial, and the edges of the case are often decorated with this technique, or the gemstone-shaped setting is decorated on the bracelet by casting. The hidden setting technology is a type of closed setting. The diamonds are close to each other without any gold barrier in the middle. This inlaying method requires two grooves to be carved into the diamond in order to slide into the gold guide at the bottom of the setting and hold the diamond tightly. The secret of the invisible setting technique is to choose the size of the stones carefully, and the size of the stones can be matched to create a close connection.

 Gem setting is the most wonderful step of each extraordinary watch. After the setting is completed, the watch enters the final assembly and polishing process.

 Emperador Coussin XL ultra-thin tourbillon watch with diamonds. The case, crown and surface are set with a total of 982 round diamonds. The watch is decorated with a total of 1150 diamonds (approximately 19.3 carats). Suggested selling price NTD $ 22,800,000.

 Emperador tourbillon watch with diamonds, mother-of-pearl and diamond dial, time scales decorated with narrow cut diamonds, equipped with Piaget 600P ultra-thin bracelet tourbillon movement. MSRP $ 10,404,000

 Polo Tourbillon watch with diamonds and white mother-of-pearl. The entire watch is set with a total of 1196 diamonds and is equipped with a Piaget 600P ultra-thin manual winding tourbillon movement. MSRP NTD $ 25,500,000

 The Altiplano ultra-thin diamond watch is equipped with Piaget’s ultra-thin 1200P self-winding movement. Suggested selling price NTD $ 7,750,000

 Couture Précieuse bracelet strap set with 454 rectangular diamonds, equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement. Suggested selling price NTD $ 36,100,000

 Couture Précieuse full diamond watch, 18K rose gold, case set with 60 round diamonds, inspired by the female back lines of a draped backless dress. MSRP $ 11,400,000

 Limelight tassel watch with diamonds, case and strap set with 785 diamonds, unique and detailed shape, brilliant crown. MSRP $ 10,404,000

 Dancer diamond watch, a total of 1,246 beautiful diamonds, equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement, gorgeous. Suggested selling price NTD $ 22,800,000