Month: October 2014

Follow The Wave Of Youth Entrepreneurship And Create A Real Chinese Story

(October 30, 2018) The “Paper • Wu Xiaobo Youth” was co-sponsored by Blancpain, a Swiss fine watchmaking brand, in conjunction with Wu Xiaobo’s channel and the FT Chinese website ( Luncheon ‘, officially opened at Blancpain’s Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store. After several rounds of fierce competition and wonderful roadshows, Li Xiao, the founder of Global Catcher and Chairman of Gejia Networks, stood out and became a ‘lucky one’ among many young entrepreneurs. He was awarded with famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo and Blancpain Vice President Liao Xinjia, FT Chinese website publisher Zhang Yan, British Financial Times emerging market editor and deputy editor James Kynge and other industry professionals had the final admission ticket for lunch and received a Blancpain watch.

Center: Famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo
Right: Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China
Second from right: Zhang Yan, publisher of FT Chinese Network
Left: Li Xiao, founder of Global Catcher and Chairman of Gejia Networks
Second from left: James Kynge, editor and associate editor of the Financial Times’ emerging markets
 At the luncheon, guests started from multiple dimensions such as entrepreneurial mentality, business models, business management, industry prospects, and social contributions, discussing economics, current affairs, innovation, and the future, and exploring the different stages of Chinese enterprises’ establishment, survival, and development. Challenges and potential opportunities.

Blancpain Vice President Liao Xinjia and well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo donated a watch to Li Xiao Blancpain

Entrepreneurship is a realistic practice

 ‘The progress of young people must be a subversion of their predecessors. Instead of recreating the business myths of their predecessors, it is better to create new myths themselves.’ Speaking of the entrepreneurial wave of young Chinese, the famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo commented at the luncheon. ‘The future opportunity belongs to companies that make products. China’s overall consumption energy still needs to be expanded. The first is to improve efficiency. The second is the elimination of backward production capacity, and the industry will increasingly gather. The future economic situation for entrepreneurs The dividend of the mobile Internet has basically ended, and the opportunities for business model innovation are actually very small. The potential opportunities in the future are companies that lurk in platforms like Global Catcher to make products. ‘

Well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo shared his views at the Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon

The core of young people’s success lies in focusing on one thing

 ‘After the younger generation has a lot of material, they start to have great individual needs for the spiritual level. To meet these delicate and aesthetic young consumers, they still need to reflect it at the product level, but companies that meet this consumer demand But there are few products, so companies need to keep up with market demand. ‘At the luncheon, Mr. Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China, combined with the development and innovation of Blancpain brand, and shared experiences with everyone. As long as you focus on one thing well, there is a lot of room for development as long as you do a good job. This is why Blancpain has focused on updating technology and products over the years because it is done well ,Will suffice.’

Liao Xinjia (left), Vice President of Blancpain China and Wu Xiaobo (right), a famous financial writer

Opportunity to see overseas China’s entrepreneurial environment

 ‘The Chinese market is particularly large, and many British companies are particularly optimistic about the Chinese market.’ James Kynge, editor and associate editor of the Financial Times’ emerging markets, marveled at the great environment that Chinese entrepreneurs have, ‘I interviewed in Beijing An entrepreneur said that he could raise 30 million yuan without a product, which is impossible in the UK. ‘

James Kynge, Editor and Associate Editor of the Financial Times, Emerging Markets

Highest Specified Luncheon

 ‘I’m very lucky to get the final entry ticket to the Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon. Thanks to the attention and support of Blancpain, Wu Xiaobo Channel and FT Chinese Network for young entrepreneurs, I have the opportunity to learn and absorb the brands of top brands Experience and a sharper and broader business insight. This is really the lunch with the highest specifications and the most benefits! ‘Li Xiao, the founder of Global Catcher and Chairman of Gejia Networks, discussed with the industry professionals about entrepreneurship The perspectives on the development of businesses, businesses, and the future of the company have benefited a lot. ‘From the perspective of our entrepreneurs, from a macro perspective, investors did not waste these capitals even if they failed to invest. Because not only did they learn from the market It also promoted employment, brought taxes to the government, and injected capital into the market. ‘

 Attaching importance to innovation and the development of youth is also the original intention of Blancpain to launch the Blancpain Wu Xiaobo Youth Luncheon. Founded in 1735, Swiss watchmaker Blancpain has a long history of 283 years and is also a very innovative brand in contemporary watches. In the past ten years, nearly 50 new movements have been born. As a successful brand for nearly three centuries, Blancpain hopes to share more history and culture, technical resources, and innovation and development experience with Chinese young entrepreneurs.