Month: February 2015

The Tables You Have Never Seen Are Here!

In other words, there have been various small watch exhibitions before. If you miss it, you should miss it. After all, you may be able to enjoy it in local brand-operated stores, just like a brother in the forum said Yes, in order to see a small watch exhibition, we still have to work hard. It can be, but it is really not necessary.

  There are some large-scale watch exhibitions, like SIHH or Baselworld watch exhibitions, the venue is always a bit inconvenient for Chinese people, but today this watch exhibition recommended to everyone-‘Kuangshi Tibetan Watch’ appreciation will not be missed Already.
  This grand retail watch and jewellery exhibition in the global retail industry is also an iconic event in the DFS Master Series. What will be different about the models it displays? Why should I say that everyone must not miss this year?

  Coincidentally, the first appreciation party was held in 2008, and this year is the 10th anniversary of the appreciation party. Then, in order to commemorate this important moment of the tenth anniversary, in addition to the selection of over 450 rare watches and jewellery masterpieces from 30 world-renowned brands, some brands are specially produced for the DFS and ‘Kuang Shi Zang Watch’ appreciation With the custom models, some custom watches are still limited editions, and the market for limited editions is well understood.

  So if you miss this year, you might miss a lifetime. Okay, so much to say, it’s better to see it all. Although I can only share pictures, I always want to open your eyes first.
  Hehe, watches must be watched, but the opening event of this wonderful and dreamy “Kuangshizang Watch” appreciation has to be watched.

  On December 7, the “Kuang Shi Zang Watch” Appreciation Ceremony was officially opened at the DFS Four Seasons Store in Macau.

  The scene installation of the opening event was inspired by the refraction theme of “Kuangshi Collection”. The dinner was set on the stage of the Venetian Theatre (good magic). With the cooperation of customized digital devices, the dishes and digital devices set off a scene. Taste buds and visual sense journey, feel the legendary time at the appreciation.

  In addition to the scenes, this year’s ‘Kingshi Collection’ appreciation conference also invited celebrities from all walks of life to gather here, ‘Xian Fei Niangniang’ in the ‘Yanxi Raiders’ also appeared at the appreciation scene ).

  If you are a creator who appreciates art, then Russian artist Pokras Lampas brings you a painting performance that integrates into the ‘Kingshi Collection’.

  If you need a fashion watch that can solve the problem of wearing a watch, then Phillip Lim, a well-known fashion designer in New York, will share the experience of watch and jewelry matching. In short, there are only things you can’t think of, and nothing you can’t do here.
  So, here comes the link to open your eyes first, Cuihua, on the table …
Exclusive DFS stainless steel diamond men’s watch (limited to 5 pieces worldwide)

  Famulan, a brand that makes people think of a barrel-type watch and says, ‘Oh, it must be Famulan!’
  Since its establishment in 1991, the exaggerated digital scale on the dial has also become a classic symbol of Franck Muller. Its uniqueness is also the disorderly arrangement of the hour markers on the dial. Here you have to lament the Franch Muller watchmaking. The uninhibited ideas of the teacher and the superb watchmaking craftsmanship.

  The number ’10’ on the dial of this special edition watch uses contrasting Roman numerals to pay tribute to the tenth edition of the Questyle Collection. The design uses dazzling red to display the DFS brand color logo. The case Set with 443 diamonds, the diamond-studded case and dial are elegant and striking.
  Equipped with a manual-winding movement FM2800CH, with a power reserve of 42 hours, this watch is exclusively sold at DFS, with a global limit of only 5 pieces.
Hublot Big Bang Rainbow Circle Sapphire Watch
  The sapphire material is the latest trend of Hublot. Some time ago I was fortunate to have participated in the Hublot 2018 watchmaking class, and felt the brand concept advocated by Hublot-‘the art of fusion’, covering precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, and titanium. A perfect blend of diamonds, rare gems, gold, platinum, ceramics, stainless steel and natural rubber.

  Now the sapphire material debuts in the Spirit of Big Bang series. When the decoration of the watch becomes invisible, the structure and the secret of the movement can be seen. Adding eye-catching rainbow colors to the transparent case, the perfect color of 54 gems changes and shines.
  Equipped with a self-winding HUB4700 movement, the power reserve is about 50 hours. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Questyle Collection, this limited edition watch is numbered 10.
Athenian RED Tourbillon Watch (limited to 5 pieces worldwide, exclusive sale by DFS)

  This is the first time a self-winding watch, a whimsy RED tourbillon, is launched in Athens’s whimsy series. This high-end watch contains the revolutionary innovations used by the Athenian concept watch in 2017, including an ultra-light silicon balance with a combination of nickel parts and micro-thin flakes, and a curved dome crystal glass watch Slim case made of mirror.
  It is equipped with UN-250 movement and has a power reserve of 50 hours. The Whimsical RED Tourbillon watch is exclusively presented for the 10th anniversary of the Que Que Collection. The master craftsman paints the bridge with red and adds a red ‘X’ time mark at 10 o’clock.
Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR 42mm

  This watch is also specially crafted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the DFS “Made in Time” collection. It is made of sapphire crystal and black polished, and the Roman numerals can be customized with a red frame “X” at the 10 position.
  This exclusive watch features a self-winding RD830 movement with a rose gold case and dial set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The black alligator strap with red stitching and rose gold adjustable buckle is also set with brilliant-cut diamonds.
Jacques de Rodriguez Time Repeater

  Jacques Dro has inherited its unique tradition of automatic watches, introducing a timepiece inspired by the tropical atmosphere. The Tropical Birds Information Minute Repeater is limited to eight pieces, which is a masterpiece of machinery. It combines all the watchmaking and decoration techniques of the brand to further reach the amazing state of art. The decoration is gorgeous, showing the beauty of nature. The surface is equipped with seven moving devices that often exceed 12 seconds, which can realize up to four different scenes, which contrast with the floating background design.
  Equipped with Jakodro RMA89 manual winding minute repeater mechanical movement, it integrates eccentric hour and minute display, minute repeater, automatic doll, and has a power reserve of about 60 hours.
Bulgari OCTO Tourbillon

  The Bulgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire tourbillon sapphire watch is full of modern urban atmosphere, strong design style, full of eye-catching and bright. Through the side of the ultra-wear-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal case, the internal precision devices and technical wonders can be seen at a glance. The use of various luminous details makes this unique watch more youthful and energetic, exuding an urban atmosphere.
  The Octo collection draws inspiration from the Roman Temple of Maxentius in 310 AD. It uses a special octagonal design, combining extraordinary mechanical construction with modern avant-garde materials.
  Equipped with a BVL206 manual winding movement inside, the sandblasted titanium case enhances the wear resistance of the watch, and the power reserve is about 64 hours.
  Let’s first show you the watches above. There are many models that have not yet ‘faced’. Of course, all kinds of jewellery masterpieces are even more exquisite. You can’t feel the charm of it on paper.
  The most important point is that when you buy a watch in Macau, the tax rate is low and the money you spend is naturally small. Money is still very important these years. Therefore, it is still very fortunate to be able to catch up with this appreciation event held in Macau.
Exclusive 3D online experience


  This time, DFS combined with technology to launch the first 3D online experience WeChat applet in the field of high-end watches and jewellery-the 3D Collection Museum. Just swipe your phone to experience the fun of viewing exhibitions brought by virtual scenes.
  There is excellent service for customers who use the online experience. The ‘DFS Queshizhen Collection’ includes global limited editions and exclusive DFS watches, which not only allows you to appreciate the masterpieces of Zhenzhen in advance. Exquisite craftsmanship, you can also add limited edition watches to ‘My Collection’ first, and you can call for consultation and visit DFS to take away your collection.
  If you see here, I haven’t told the date and address of the exhibition, it can only indicate that I am quite mad, please see below:
 From now until February 28, 2019, Cotai Strip Macau, Four Seasons Outlets on the first floor: Four Seasons Outlets at T Galleria Macau by DFS
  If you are in China and abroad, please see below:
  January 2019, 330 Hawaii Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii: T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii
  If you still unfortunately missed the above time, Cheng, and the last scene waiting for you, please see below:
  May 2019, 155 George Street, Rock District, Sydney, Australia: T Galleria by DFS, Sydney
  On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, this appreciation will also display some other designs exclusively designed for DFS and “Kuangshizang Watch”. Here, I wish my friends who come to the watch exhibition good luck before they meet again!

Eternal Malta Vacheron Constantin’s 2014 New Sihh Watch Appreciation

There are all kinds of luxury goods, but it is more meaningful to pass on mechanical watches. Generally luxury goods are relatively static, but a mechanical watch can always tick. Imagine a watch that has been passed down through the ages. With the passage of time, the hands record the stories one after another. This is a very warm thing.
 Vacheron Constantin also has very significant highlights in this year’s SIHH. Naturally, it is necessary to launch some works that can represent their status, stunning art masters, shocking tourbillons, and of course, the simple Vacheron Constantin Malta. Here, let’s enjoy a Vacheron Constantin Maltese watch and feel the low-key and luxury of Vacheron Constantin.

 This watch uses Vacheron Constantin’s popular barrel shape. It is made of 18K white gold and has a size of 36.7 x 47.6 mm. It is also a relatively large size in a barrel-shaped men’s watch. The purity of white gold plus the white dial gives a light and elegant feel. The design of the small seconds dial makes the watch more elegant. Its time scale also uses white gold, which adds noble meaning. And the back uses a transparent design, the polished 4400AS movement shows the fine mechanical structure in front of our eyes, plus the crocodile leather strap to complement the style.
 This watch is equipped with a 4400AS manual mechanical movement, which is independently developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The movement has a diameter of 28.6 mm and a thickness of 2.8 mm. The movement consists of 127 parts and is inlaid with 21 jewel bearings. This movement can maintain an oscillation frequency of 28800 times per hour and can provide a power reserve capacity of 65 hours. It is necessary to make a watch every less than three days The last time it was chained, it didn’t seem too frequent, and it could bring the feeling of play to the host.

 Vacheron Constantin uses the Maltese Cross as its brand’s logo. From this we can see that the watch series named after Malta plays an important role in the brand. And this 82230 / 000G-9962 watch can also be said to inherit the self-confidence and temperament inherited from Vacheron Constantin’s profound cultural heritage. There is no diamond embellishment and no enamel decoration, but it still shows charming charm. The self-produced 4400AS movement is exquisitely polished and has excellent performance, and has been certified by the Geneva Seal. It gives the watch strong support in terms of performance and beauty.
 Watch details: vacheron / 31240 /