Month: December 2015

Jaquet Droz At The Beginning Of The New Year, Holding Eternity

I still remember my childhood. In the new year, it is necessary to write down new learning and living goals on paper. This habit is still retained by many people as an adult, as an incentive to seize time. Although time is empty, everyone can feel that it is disappearing day and night, urging everyone to move forward non-stop. In 2018, time is coming towards us in a torrent of torrents.

   The plan of the day lies in the morning, and the plan of the year lies in the spring. At the beginning of the new year, how to grasp the time and hold the eternal keychain-Jaquet Droz gave the answer. In 2018, Jacques de Lo presents the GrandeSecondeQuantieme date, bringing the first letter of the new year to the time messenger, and grasping the eternal secret between the hands sliding.
   For a long time, Jacques Dro’s large seconds series symbolizes perfection and balance, and has been continuously re-interpreted to keep up with the needs and expectations of the times. The date display large seconds hand is based on the classic large seconds hand with a date hand, exuding timeless elegance. At 6 o’clock on the dial, there is an analog date display, and the date has condensed into visible details. The GrandeSecondeQuantiemeIvoryEnamel watch with large ivory date and large enamel date display is simple and timeless, which explains the essence of the beauty of the times. The GrandFeu dial, which the brand is good at, once again presents Jacques Droe’s superb craftsmanship, conveying classic stories to watch lovers with elegant colors and materials.

   If the ivory-colored large fire enamel is full of classical meaning, then the black and silver dial is even more modern. The GrandeSecondeQuantiemeBlackTech watch with black technology and date shows the calm tone of the night. The perfect match with the stainless steel case is the low-key texture of the successful sportsman. The silver date grande second hand watch (GrandeSecondeQuantiemeSilver) highlights the temperament of the golden age with a silver-plated opal dial, with a subtle luster that adds extravagance and luxury to the whole.

   In 2017, Jacques Dro’s date large seconds hand watch series added two new upstarts-anthracite satin sun date large seconds hand (GrandeSecondeQuantiemeSatin-brushedAnthracite) and gray satin sun date large seconds GrandeSecondeQuantiemeSatin-brushedGrey). The satin sunburst dials are elegant and gorgeous, subtle yet quality, and the icing on the cake date display feature makes them catch everyone’s attention once they are launched.

   The New Year is always full of hope, as is Jacques Dro. As a forgemaker of time, Jacques de Loire still maintains the pursuit of quality and the bearing of ingenuity in 2018, exploring time with you and holding eternity in hand.

Sophisticated Office Workers Wear Stylish Personality Nomos At Work Series

Compared with the long-established watch factories such as Lange or Glashütte Original, NOMOS, also from Germany, obviously represents another route-due to the inherent gap in the year of creation, the brand is naturally It is difficult to compete with the elder brother mentioned above on such items as process complexity that require time to train and accumulate. Instead, NOMOS will also inherit from Germany’s Bauhaus minimalist aesthetics through watch creation To the extreme, nearly 30 years since its establishment, the brand has successfully established its unique positioning in the watch market and a distinctive design philosophy. From the results of its multiple awards such as Good Design, Red Dot, iF, etc., NOMOS The ability to master precise shapes is their absolute advantage over other watch brands.

NOMOS has been a frequent winner of design awards such as Red Dot and iF in recent years. Adhering to the German Bauhaus aesthetics, the brand has taken the minimalist style to the extreme and established another profound impression on German watchmaking.

Evolving self-control strength
At the same time, NOMOS has not forgotten to expand its own craftsmanship. Since its establishment, the brand has stepped from a remodeled general-purpose movement to a more pure self-made strategy. The DUW 1001 and 2002 movements launched in 2015 can be said to be The brand is truly moving towards self-made starting point. The DUW 3001 movement released in 2016 is a masterpiece of NOMOS’self-made word of mouth. The new works equipped with the same movement have appeared in the past three years, and it can be seen that it is recognized by the market. With love. As for the brand’s new work DUW 6101 (automatic refining) with a date display in 2018, it can be interpreted as a continuation of the excellent foundation of the DUW 3001 movement, and an improved new work that expands its practicality.

In addition to the ultra-thin automatic movement, the DUW 3001 is also equipped with NOMOS ‘own escapement system, which has a bright performance in improving the conversion efficiency of the kinetic energy of the movement or reducing the wear of parts.

Diverse Theme Series
At present, there are many types of watches under NOMOS. There are more than ten collections. These collections are round, square, or wine barrels. They are matched with the brand’s concise dial shapes to create each series. Finding different looks, and in addition to distinguishing different series by their appearance characteristics, NOMOS watches also have a novel approach. They will also set the direction and gather different watch series to create coverage. The broader ‘theme series’, for example, the Campus series is mainly targeted at students who have just graduated from campus, so the watch is given a more lively and modern personality, of course, the price is also moving towards a more entry-level direction. Another example is that the Aqua series emphasizes a more functional sports style. Therefore, in addition to the clear reading of the environment, the waterproof performance is also one of the more distinguishable features of the Aqua series than other series.

NOMOS has developed a variety of series according to different purposes or themes. For the office workers who work hard in the society, the At Work series is designed for them. The elegant and decent design, whether at work or leisure, Suitable for wearing

Tailored At Work series for office workers
The NOMOS watch to be introduced this time belongs to the brand’s ‘At Work’ series. As the name suggests, this series is a practical formal line watch tailored for office workers. The style maintains the brand’s consistent simplicity, and the quality of the time also allows every minute to work. The family has no worries, and at the same time, the office worker may wear a watch for a whole day’s work and rest. The At Work series mainly includes the four watch series of Metro, Orion, Tangente and Tetra, which are compared with most of the brand’s watch works. The size of this series is larger (all set at 39mm), and the body shape is also thinner and lighter-the main goal of this series is to improve wearing comfort. At the same time, all the models in this series are equipped with NOMOS’s self-made automatic movements, which have been well received by the market in recent years. They can accompany the professionals to meet the daily test of work, decently and reliably, both externally and internally.
★ At Work focus new work:

Metro neomatik 39 Silvercut

The Metro watch has made a name for itself with a minimalist image. The round case with linear lugs looks neat and elegant. The time scale on the dial uses a dot design to make the overall proportion look more generous. To avoid making the watch look too boring, NOMOS also added a red circle time scale with a larger diameter in the 3, 9 and 12 o’clock directions. With the black dots in other directions, the visual highlights are instantly added. The fascination of ‘Silvercut’ is definitely the unique horizontal drawing decoration process of the face plate. The brand first paints the surface of the gold face plate, and then repeats the wet blasting sanding (each grinding consumes a thousandth of a millimeter) Thickness), until the final uniform texture is completed; it is worth mentioning that the small seconds dial of the watch is additionally used with concentric circles, which can enhance the layered feel of the silver dial, so although Metro neomatik 39 Silvercut is only a basic three-pin function, but its appearance will not make people feel monotonous. It will interpret the common design in the ‘silver face’ altar into a unique feature unique to NOMOS. The overall thickness of the watch is 8.35mm. If you first see it, it may be considered a hand-finished model, but in fact this model is equipped with a DUW 3001 automatic movement, which is thin but also takes the convenience of self-finishing into consideration. It is one of the advantages of this movement. The fit of the hand makes it not only stylish and stylish, but also comfortable to wear.

Metro neomatik 39 Silvercut

Stainless steel material / DUW 3001 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / 39mm diameter / reference price: 33,000 RMB

Metro Rosegold neomatik 39

The At Work series do not all use Silvercut faceplates. The familiar white or blue faces of other NOMOS watches are also the backbone of this series. Among them, there is a particularly prominent one in the white face, which is the Metro Rosegold neomatik 39. Most of the watches under NOMOS are made of stainless steel. The models equipped with K gold are not without, but they tend to be concentrated on the two hand-worked movements of DUW 1001 and 2002. More precisely, K The gold model only accounts for about 7% of the brand’s watches, and the Metro Rosegold neomatik 39 is the only automatic wristwatch. In terms of preciousness and rarity, this model has its unique charm. In general, the watch retains all the features of the Metro series. In addition to the case material being upgraded to precious metal, NOMOS has only slightly modified the color of the faceplate. For example, its timescales and scales are gray and black. The hands are also gold-plated. In addition, the small seconds dial is only printed with graduations to distinguish it. Unlike other models in the series, which have a recessed layer, this makes the watch look more elegant-it may be The color scheme in the Metro series is relatively pure and elegant, but it complements each other with precious metals. It can only be said that NOMOS is indeed a master who has won many design awards. The details of the design can always be just right. Compared with the K gold models introduced by the other two series, the Metro Rosegold neomatik 39 not only has an automatic refining mechanism, it is more convenient to wear on weekdays, and its price has been significantly revised, making it more difficult for watch fans who want to get started Resisted.

Metro Rosegold neomatik 39

18K rose gold material / DUW 3001 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / 39mm diameter / reference price: 73,000 RMB

Tangente neomatik 39 Silvercut

This watch is another work in the At Work series that uses Silvercut faceplates. Although it has the same round case as Metro, Tangente is equipped with oblique angled lugs, and the grooved crown design is more rough and domineering. If you think that the geometrically shaped time scales of Metro will affect reading intuition, Tangente’s combination of linear and Arabic numeral time scales is another reference solution provided by NOMOS, and the models use blue steel hour and minute hands, and small The red of the second hand also has a contrast effect. Under the frosted texture of Silvercut, the reading time is not only pleasing to the eye, but also quite clear. There are a few points to be added to the Silvercut process. First, it needs to go through up to 9 steps in the production process to complete. At the same time, in order to allow the face plate to be tightly combined with the case, so after the face plate is wet-blasted and sanded, The trimming of the case and the dial must be precise enough to make the beauty of Silvercut appear to you and me. Tangente neomatik 39 Silvercut is equipped with the same DUW 3001 movement. With the thickness of the movement still being 3.2mm, the thickness of the watch case is reduced to 7.2mm, and the size (diameter 39mm) and thickness are moderate. Make the watch “free to come and go” at the shirt cuff. When you need to watch the time, just turn your wrist slightly, and the watch can slide out from under the cuff. Who wouldn’t want to read the time elegantly?

Tangente neomatik 39 Silvercut

Stainless steel material / DUW 3001 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / 39mm diameter / reference price: 30,000 RMB