Month: July 2016

Coolness And Elegance Like A Bright Moon Tasting Breguet Classicique Moon Phase Watch

There are sad and happy people, there is a lack of overcast on the moon, a loss on the full moon, and a full moon loss. For Westerners, the moon is full of mystery and often represents restlessness and confusion. For the Chinese, the moon is more endowed with a romantic color, whether it is full of homesickness or nostalgia for lovers. As a result, the attractiveness of the moon phase watch is also a little bit more. The Breguet Classique watches, whether equipped with a manual-winding movement, an automatic-winding movement, or complex structural functions, are faithful to Breguet’s consistent technological philosophy, superior craftsmanship and traditional values. If so. The moon phase watch of the Breguet classic series is pure and unpretentious, cold and elegant like a bright moon. Enjoy this moon phase watch together today: (watch model: 7787BB / 29 / 9V6)

Bright moon high ingenuity


   Breguet is a Swatch Group brand, born in 1755. Since the 18th century, it has been committed to providing works and services for members of the royal family and outstanding figures in various fields. The scale on the moon phase disk represents the trajectory of the moon, with a period of 29.5 days. The moon phase wheel is pushed forward by one tooth every day after being pushed by the transmission wheel. At this time, the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phase can be timely displayed on the dial. Unlike other moon phase watches with the moon phase dial at six o’clock, this watch of Breguet is unique in that it puts the moon phase dial at twelve o’clock. This design is just right The moon looks at each other, and there are two other stars. It is quite interesting to look up at the moon.

Watch real shot display

   The watch case is made of 18K white gold with a diameter of 39 mm. The case is carefully polished and polished, with a rich and delicate luster, soft and gentle, revealing luxury in a low-key. Coupled with the smooth and smooth lines, it is very suitable for creating a gentle and gentle gentleman shape.

   The coin pattern on the side is one of Breguet’s famous brand logos, which is unique on the watch altar. Like other classics, this watch continues the classic coin design of Breguet, revealing ingenuity from the details, which enhances the exquisiteness of the watch.

   As for the lugs, Breguet has also made its own style. Breguet uses a bolt to replace the commonly used spring lever to secure the strap between the two lugs. The lugs have a rounded straight design that fits the wrist for a comfortable fit.

   The dial is fired with large white fire enamel and is flawless and full of texture. The characteristic Arabic numerals and Breguet blue-steel hands are clear and eye-catching on the white dial, which is simple and easy to read. The Breguet-style blue-steel hands were designed in 1783, with slender and elegant lines. Since then, Breguet hands have become a professional term in watchmaking, which is a feature of Breguet watches. The lower part of the dial is a 38-hour power reserve display window. With the moon phase disk, it has an asymmetrical aesthetic.

   The 18K white gold folding buckle engraved with Breguet’s exclusive logo and a black alligator leather strap are superior in texture and easy to wear.

   The watch is equipped with the Cal.591DRL movement, which is made by the brand, and consists of 217 parts. The thickness of the movement is only 3.02 mm. The movement uses a silicon escapement and balance spring, which is less susceptible to interference from magnetic fields and travels more accurately. The back of the case can clearly see the movement of the movement and feel the beauty of time movement. The Paris studs on the oscillating weight and the Geneva ripples on the surface of the movement give people a bright feeling, bid farewell to the monotonous bottom design, highlighting the beauty of craftsmanship.
In summary: the elegant beauty naturally exuded is not flamboyant. The entire watch reveals low-key luxury, which is very suitable for elegant gentlemen. In addition to this elegant platinum watch, this model also has a fashionable and eye-catching gold-plated silver dial style, a high-cold elite fan’s white-gold silver-plated dial, and a gorgeous gold style. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention.

Christie’s Geneva’s Christie’s Auction Results Hit Another Record High

Christie’s Geneva has achieved brilliant results this year, with auctions totaling more than 181.6 million Swiss francs throughout the year, an increase of 62% over the total auction volume in 2010.
This year, all categories of autumn auctions have achieved good results, with a total turnover of 86,078,744 Swiss francs (an increase of 38.4% compared to November 2010), gray diamonds and a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar watch ref. 3448 and other lots. Auction prices are setting new world records.
Christie’s Geneva’s jewellery auction on November 16 totaled over 61.2 million Swiss francs. Created several world records, including a gorgeous gray diamond, a 10.67 carat gorgeous cut SI1 rectangular cut diamond ring (sold for 1,095,000 Swiss francs, far exceeding the estimated price of 100,000-180,000 Swiss francs), There is also a pair of jadeite earrings (sold for CHF 2,827,000).
 The auction of ‘Timeless Elegance: Important Jewelry in European Collector Collection’ amounted to 71 million Swiss francs. The top jewellery for this sale is an extraordinary set of Cartier ruby ​​and diamond jewellery, which was sold for CHF 1,539,000.
Total jewelry auctions for the whole year (May + November 2011): CHF 125,411,575
On November 14, 2011, after a nine-hour marathon auction, Christie’s Geneva’s important watch auction in Geneva set a record to date. The watches carefully selected by Christie’s watch team have achieved amazing results with precious rare, noble origins, special conditions and detailed professional information.
Total watch auctions throughout the year (May + November 2011): CHF 49,610,551
For full auction results (each auction): click here