Month: December 2016

Chanel Premier Tourbillon Adds Sapphire And Pink Gemstone Watches

The Chanel Premier series has always been a hit on the market, and now the series has added sapphire and pink sapphire models.
 In 2012, CHANEL broke new ground in the world of its sophisticated tourbillon watch, launching the first elegant Premier Tourbillon ladies’ watch, allowing ladies to get involved in the field of precision advanced mechanical watches. In 2013, Chanel launched the PREMIRE floating tourbillon sapphire and pink sapphire watches on the basis of 2012.
Premire Women’s Floating Tourbillon
 The traditional tourbillon frame contains suspended watch balances, coil springs and escapement watch adjustment components, and rotates between the base of the movement, the plate supporting the frame at the pivot position, and the upper bridge. This rotation constantly changes the position of the adjustment component, thereby offsetting the effect of the earth’s gravity in the vertical direction on the movement time of the movement.
 The structure of the floating tourbillon is more complicated. It eliminates the upper bridge, making the frame rotate as if under weight, and also makes the movement more beautiful. Although there is no upper bridge, the impact resistance of the floating tourbillon is not inferior to the traditional tourbillon. Therefore, the tourbillon frame is a wonderful three-dimensional three-dimensional micro-mechanical work assembled with delicate components. Camellia floating tourbillon movement is a movement developed exclusively for CHANEL by Renaud et Papi (part of APRP SA).
Limited edition of 5 pieces of PREMIRE floating tourbillon sapphire watch
 18K white gold set with 182 sapphires, total weight 12.99 carats 18K white gold bezel
 Set with 112 baguette-cut sapphires (approximately 7.34 carats)
 18K white gold case (28.5 x 37mm) set with 39 baguette-cut sapphires (approximately 4.11 carats)
 Transparent anti-reflective sapphire crystal
 Polished black high-tech precision ceramic dial
 18K white gold hands set with 15 brilliant-cut diamonds
 Tourbillon with convex round flower set with 19 brilliant-cut diamonds
 18K white gold crown set with 16 baguette-cut sapphires and one rose-cut sapphire
 18K White Gold Case Back
 Black alligator or satin strap
 18K white gold double folding clasp set with 14 baguette-cut sapphires
 Water resistance: 30 meters
 I believe that these two new beautiful watches will be more choices for watch lovers who like the Chanel Premier series.