Month: June 2017

German Spiritual Compass – Langue Watch

German craftsmen have created mechanical watches that may be the most precise movements in the world with their extraordinary craftsmanship.
Real watch on top of the pyramid? I believe most people will answer that it is made in Switzerland, but in the town of Glashütte in Dresden, Germany, there are two brands that have a heavyweight status in the world table, A. LANGE & SHNE) and another town-named Glashütte Original, especially Lange, with its legendary history.

 German watches are just as fascinating as Mercedes-Benz and Leica cameras, and top-tier Lange watches are no less expensive than Mercedes-Benz S-Classes. If you ask what is the difference between a German watch and a Swiss watch, Lange is not like Patek Philippe to enhance the value with gorgeous craftsmanship and a customized limited edition that has to wait for ten years. German craftsmen use their extraordinary craftsmanship to create a mechanical watch that may be the most precise movement in the world. German watches not only win people’s respect for their precision and sturdy movements, they are also famous for their bold innovations in machinery. Not only is there a precise tourbillon, but Lange’s sesame chain transmission system and 31-day power reserve are incredible.

 In previous years, I visited the Lange watch factory in the small town of Glashütte, and was attracted by a pot of plants before leaving the watch factory. A graduated ‘test tube’ was inserted into the soil of the flowerpot. It turned out that they poured water into the ‘test tube’ to water the plants, so that the required amount of water could be accurately calculated every time. The German is so rigorous that you do n’t understand. When I asked to take a picture of the sample I wore on my wrist, the person in charge of Lange refused me. Avoid leaving slight scratches on the case. If you need to take a picture, we can provide you with a brand new watch. ‘

 richard lange pour le mérite: extremely accurate
 There are two versions: platinum (limited to 50 pieces) and rose gold (limited to 200 pieces), the strap is hand-stitched crocodile leather

 Only models equipped with the most complicated devices will be named ‘pour le mérite’. This is also Lange’s third model named ‘pour le mérite’ since the tourbillon tourbillon and the tourbograph launched in 2005. Watch, because this observatory richard lange pour le mérite is equipped with a sesame chain mesh transmission system developed by Richard Lange. When visiting Lange’s watch factory in previous years, the watch factory is most proud of its introduction to the production process of sesame chain. This chain is a bit like a bicycle chain, but each connection point is more than ‘sesame’. It’s small and breathtaking. Sesame chain is the technology used by the old pocket watch. The purpose is to use the principle of leverage to maintain a constant torque output when the mainspring is tightened and loosened. On small watches, Lange is the first.

 Pour le Mérite uses the Lange L044.1 movement, which consists of 279 parts and provides 36 hours of kinetic energy reserve. The large case with a diameter of 40.5mm makes this astronomical watch the clearest visual effect. The hands of blue steel are beautiful colors displayed by special steel material heated to a certain temperature. Another German brand Glashütte also prefers Blue steel. The same production is still a white enamel dial under a sapphire crystal. It also takes a lot of 30 man-hours, plus 800 degrees high temperature firing.

LANGE ZEITWERK: mechanical watch with skipped time display

 L043.1 movement, platinum case, sapphire crystal glass, time bridge constitutes the frame of the hour, minute and small seconds dial, shaped like open wings across the dial (limited to 200 pieces)

 Gao Zhen personal network traditional mechanical watches usually use sophisticated movements and luxurious appearance to enhance the grade, but usually the dial design is biased towards the old, after all, bold innovation requires a lot of risk. But if you see this Lange’s latest LANGE ZEITWERK, you can’t believe it comes from the rigorous German mechanical watch Lange. It can be said to be a revolutionary design-almost all mechanical watches are displayed by hands Time, only those electronic watches will use the skip-type LCD display, but the revolution of LANGE ZEITWERK is to use the skip-type time display.

 ZEITWERK is derived from the L043.1 movement. The newly developed skipped hour and minute device is still based on the Lange principle. It consists of two minute dials and a large hour ring. The constant power escapement system per minute Once, the necessary switching pulses are generated precisely. To solve such a large jump type display, two problems must be solved: one is to provide a large amount of power for the three digital disks to move forward at the same time; the second is how to accurately control the power, because such a large digital disk is started And inertia at stop affect accuracy.

 Lange’s patented mainspring barrel is the source of power for the movement. This patented design reverses the sacred winding / unwinding principle. When the watch is wound, a barrel bearing with high friction power is involved, but when the mainspring gradually loosens, the barrel gear will turn to the bearing with the least friction. This gives more torque to drive the watch and push the hour and minute dials.

New Swiss Mido Watch Mido Berencelli Collection Rose Gold Slim Couple Pair Watch

After the 40th anniversary of Belem Sairee, Swiss Mido continues the collection of independent design essence of the collection series, gloriously launched the new Bellem Sairee collection series rose gold gold ultra-thin couple table. The white dial and PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case show an extraordinary luxury. The ultra-thin case makes the Belem Celli Collection the thinnest watch in the Mido range.

The PVD-plated rose gold-plated gold band brings a perfect touch like the second layer of skin. When worn, it not only fits the wrist perfectly, but also shines the classic brilliance of the Berencelle Collection. At the same time, the fully-automatic mechanical movement equipped also fully demonstrates the outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship of Swiss Mido and the heritage of traditional watchmaking concepts. Low-key and elegant temperament, combined with pure and smooth line design, the new Belem Sairee Collection series rose gold and gold ultra-thin couple watch with classic and timeless design interpretation of the ‘new’ posture of the couple watch, interpretation of sincere and touching love era.
The design is inspired by Milan’s neoclassical architecture, the arcade of Emmanuel II, and interprets the traditional Italian architectural style under the influence of the Baroque style. These delicate, round curves are also the Swiss Mido watches to create Belem. The inspiration for the Cyrel Collection. A subtle reference to this prestigious building and its smooth curve design has left the rare and elegant and timeless classic mark on the collection’s watches. At the same time, it also commemorates the development history of the Belem Celli series for more than 40 years.

Swiss Mido Watch Belem Celli Collection Rose Gold Gold Slim Couple Pair M027.

The newly created Berencelli Collection collection continues one of the most important traditions of Swiss Mido: couple watch. The pure and smooth line design shows the watchmaker’s tribute to the traditional watchmaking concept. The white dial and PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case show an extraordinary luxury. The ultra-thin case makes the Belem Celli Collection the thinnest watch series in the Mido range. Its light and agile texture creates a unique wrist style for the wearer. The PVD-plated rose gold-plated gold strap brings a perfect touch like the second skin. When worn, it not only perfectly fits the wrist, but also shines the classic brilliance of the Belem Sairee Collection. At 6 o’clock on the dial, the ‘Baroncelli Heritage’ logo is engraved, and the date window is at 3 o’clock. Not only that, the ingenious details also make this series of watches more exquisite, such as double-sided hour and minute hands (sandblasted on one side, diamond-cut on the other), and diamond-cut seconds. These details are revealed under the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror dial. Low-key and elegant temperament, combined with pure and smooth line design, the new Beroncelle Collection series rose gold and gold ultra-thin couple watch classic and timeless design will undoubtedly become the best choice for lovers to commemorate love.

Swiss Mido Watch Belem Sairee Collection Series Rose Gold Gold Slim Couple Pair M027.407.22.010.00

The rose gold gold ultra-thin couple watch is equipped with a fully automatic mechanical movement of Mido 1192 (based on ETA 2892-A2). The men’s and women’s watch case diameters are: female -33mm, male -39mm . The exquisite fully automatic mechanical movement will undoubtedly attract the attention of many fine watchmaking enthusiasts. The transparent back is protected by a sapphire mirror, which can clearly observe its finely carved fully automatic mechanical movement with blue screws. And an automatic rotor with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. Water-resistant to 30 meters, the extraordinarily charming strap is also paired with a stainless steel folding buckle.
Other material models of the new BARONCELLI collection will also be released at the same time for consumers to choose.

Wearing Time To Travel Glashütte Tourbillon Watch

The problem of reading time across time zones that once plagued people has long ceased to exist. Nowadays, even for an ordinary person, the world-time function of a watch is also romantic and practical in the imagination of traveling around the world. The Glashütte Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch is designed for travelers who want to grasp the time of their home and destination at the same time during the trip. Its extraordinary and perfect craftsmanship is amazing, and it is the world’s mechanical watch. Leading work.
    Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon, as Glashütte’s most unique and sophisticated watch ever launched at this year’s Basel watch exhibition, took six years to complete, from the initial conception to the assembly. This mechanical watch combines a variety of complex functions into one. It adopts a unique flying tourbillon. The internal 89-01 automatic movement has a total of 528 parts. The wearer can know clearly in 37 time zones around the world Home time and second time zone time can also accurately grasp daylight saving time and standard time. It is unique and exquisite and delicate, which can be called a miracle.

Breakthroughs in 24 time zones
    Generally, there are only 24 time zones in the time tables of both places, and daylight saving time cannot be displayed. And Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon can display any two of 37 time zones, even if the user travels to the full time zone (1 hour time difference), half time zone (30 minute time difference) or even a few one-fourth time zone (15 minute time difference) like Nepal. ) The time zone can accurately display the local time, compared with most of the same type of watches on the market that can only display the full time zone, the complexity and convenience are better.
    It is worth mentioning that in addition to the 37 time zones shown in the watch, there are actually two time zones of the Tonga Islands (+13) and Kiribati (+14) which are not shown. The reason is that the time zone loop of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch uses a carrier loop program to accurately track the time zone. The aforementioned two unshown time zones are consistent with the areas covered by other regions (Tonga and Midway (-11) are superimposed, Kiribati and Tahiti (-10) are also superimposed), and the watch can be tracked again The time zone is adjusted automatically. Whether in theory or in practice, this watch is capable of recording time in up to 96 time zones. Therefore, the production team only needs to focus on the 37 time zones that can be indicated, so that the dial of this watch is more legible in use.
Extended development of perpetual calendar function
    In the two hundred years since the perpetual calendar was invented by Breguet, the design of the perpetual calendar has not achieved substantial innovation. Until 1996, a Swiss brand invented a calendar that can be adjusted back and forth. But because of patent protection, other brands cannot follow suit. It is in this situation without precedent that Glashütte found a simple solution during the production process. Based on the newly designed and manufactured components, the perpetual calendar can also be adjusted forward and backward.
    In fact, last year Vacheron Constantin launched a watch that can display the 37 time zone, and Glashütte Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon extended this function again, successfully combining the perpetual calendar. When the wearer operates the world time zone function, it includes perpetual calendars such as year, month, day, and week. Related display functions will be adjusted simultaneously. No matter how the time zone is switched back and forth, the perpetual calendar function does not need to be manually set again. The ability to synchronize the date automatically in the watchmaking industry is considered to be very complicated, and it is not easy for Glashütte to solve this huge challenge.
    Although the components inside the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon are complex, the operation is simple. At the beginning of use, you only need to set the direction of six o’clock, display the departure time at day and night in a clear 24-hour manner, and select the 8 o’clock direction window according to the departure (residence) place. It is composed of 3 letter codes of IATA International Airport. City name Select the starting place name. If the code is displayed in the STD window, it means that the selected city is currently in Standard Time, and when it appears in the DST window, it means that the city is in Winter Day Saving Time. Set the perpetual calendar related functions with the small round holes on the sides of the case and start using.
    When traveling across the time zone when going abroad, if you walk east (time forward), as long as the crown at two o’clock is turned clockwise, the hour, minute and perpetual calendar functions on the dial will be quickly adjusted to the location (local) If you want to fly westward (time backwards), you only need to turn the crown counterclockwise. Of course, the effect is the same as clockwise adjustment, and the time display and perpetual calendar will also be adjusted back at this time. If the destination time is one day earlier or one day later, the five displays of the perpetual calendar can be adjusted accordingly. It can even be adjusted from March 1st to February 29th or February 28th without additional manual adjustments.
    The Grand Cosmopolit Tourbillon watch is designed and manufactured with four patents, two for the perpetual calendar device, one for the time zone device, and one for the overall design and production of the watch. The simple appearance of the movement, the fresh faceplate, the powerful functions and the complex mechanical structure implied, present interesting conflicts and strong contrasts, and deserve the reputation of ‘the king of time zone watches’ in the industry.