Month: April 2018

In Order To Shave My Dad For The Most Exquisite Beard, I Bought A Famous Watch

Don’t eat too old on Father’s Day, make something different, buy TRUEFITT & HILL’s shaving cream and aftershave milk, buy Edwin & Jagger’s manual shaver set, buy Gillette wind speed blade (daddy’s beard is too hard), of course, as a table friend, you can find a reason to buy a watch, so I also bought a famous man ‘Little Bronze King’ (I usually wear it on my dad, I am on weekends. Wear it yourself), dad, let’s get started. Put on the new equipment you bought first. Soak up the famous bronze watch shaving brush first. Soak the water in the shaving cream bowl to make the perfect foam that is unique to the father’s plot. It’s my dad. Come on and wear our exclusive apron … Dad The beard is short and hard. Use a towel to apply heat. The beard must be softened. The shaving foam must be full. Wait for half a minute to allow the shaving foam to soften and shave. Shave it for the first time in 35 years. There is a big gap between my shaving, I do n’t dare to start, take it slowly, and after a little patience, wash the wet towel clean, then use a cold towel to cover your face, shrink the pores, apply aftershave and massage, my dad’s face is younger 10 year old. Dad said: comfortable! I said: The next time you shave, you can wait for the next Father’s Day. It’s customary to talk about the watch at the end: This famous person is the latest one. What I see is the recent popular bronze case. Salt, wear pans. Of course, the price of RMB 20,000 is very worthwhile among high-end brands, and it is said that it is not easy to buy. In the end, I can think of this sentence every time I wear a celebrity: The only hero who can be a true character is a true celebrity.