Month: July 2018

Tag Heuer Carrera 50th Anniversary Global Tour Arrives In India

In January this year, Carella’s 50th Anniversary Global Tour Exhibition kicked off in Geneva, Switzerland. Following the inauguration of the Shanghai Station in April, from May 5th to May 11th, 2013, TAG Heuer was in Chengdu’s Palace The “50th Anniversary of Carrera” exhibition was held in the Well Shopping Center. Carrera series watches will be grandly presented, and a watch feast for watch lovers in Chengdu will be presented in an exhibition form.

 According to the House of Watches, the recent 50 years of TAG Heuer Carrera tour exhibition has arrived in India, and a grand celebration has been held. The brand teamed up with a local classic car club to create a carnival party of antique cars and countless beautiful women. The event scene included Carreras, Mustang, Ford, Buick, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and more than 50 different classic cars.

 TAG Heuer also took the opportunity to launch the Calibre 36 timed flyback ‘racing car’ and the TAG Heuer Calera Calibre 8 Dates in India-GMT-COSC TAG Heuer TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 16 Date TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887 chronograph-Jacket Edition and Tag Heuer Calera Calibre 17-80 years of Jack Heuer.

 At this grand celebration, the brand prepared a lot of food and wine for the guests. At the same time, before the event, brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan led a convoy of more than 50 classic cars through the picturesque South New Delhi. A car represents a different era. This is exactly what TAG Heuer Carrera means, Carrera-a symbol of speed, passion and charm.

 Over the past half century, from the invention of the first racing dashboard “Time Journey” to the launch of the first chronograph designed for professional drivers and racing enthusiasts, the Carrera series has inherited racing pedigree. Glowing in the rough, more and more noble. Today, Carrera is still on the track with the world’s top drivers and teams.