Month: September 2018

Wrist Warm Texture Festive Emotions Rado Swiss Radar Chocolate Brown High-tech Ceramic Watch Christmas Gift

The footsteps of Christmas Day come quietly, the air is filled with deep affection, and the best wishes to each other will be sent to the loved ones on this day. On this holiday season, RADO dedicates its chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watch to the warmth and richness of the heart. It not only shows the fashionable style and excellent texture, but also brings another kind of warmth this winter. With sweethearts or loved ones to relive the sweet past, I look forward to happiness.
Mature and refined
 Mature men who have accumulated over the years always know how to maintain their elegant style in the fast-changing fashion trend, and they are smooth and stable in all occasions. Whether it’s a lover who has been with you for many years or a kind and warm father,
RADO Swiss Radar HyperChrome Series Chocolate Brown High-tech Ceramic Speed ​​Automatic Mechanical Chronograph
Both will be styles that bring them good memories. Blending the classic shape of the Hao Xing series, the use of more intense hues brings dazzling light to the wrist. Chocolate brown high-tech ceramics can be a chic bright color on the cuffs of business dresses, and can also add a low-key luxurious texture to casual cashmere sweaters. And when he worked hard for a day, he faded the furnishings and galloped on the sports field. The ready-to-stand speed measurement function continued to bring loyal companions to his wrists.

Chic Style Choice
 The new Centrix series of chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watches is a passionate collision of simple shapes and rich colors. The joyful hue between the wrists complements the overall shape of fashion-loving people and highlights young vitality. The shiny, chocolate-smooth watch perfectly echoes the festive atmosphere. The heart-shaped Swiss movement is clearly visible through the carefully designed hollow dial. The brown high-tech ceramic watch that moves on the wrist adds a high-end exquisiteness to the fashionable man in this festival.

Noble and elegant treasures
 Noble and elegant women must be confident in their hearts, just like the RADO HyperChrome Diamond Chrome Chocolate High-tech Ceramic Automatic Watch with a long-lasting beauty. They are classic creators, not followers of the trend. Compared with the simple black and white tone, the rich chocolate-colored high-tech ceramics have a more charming charm. The simple and smooth case with the rose gold dial set with 56 brilliant diamonds shines on the soft wrist. Thanks to the outstanding achievements of Swiss radar in the field of high-tech ceramics, the HyperChrome series breaks through the color boundaries while maintaining the consistent material essence. The high-tech ceramics are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and comfortable to wear. Elegant women bring warm heart companionship and welcome the beautiful scene of the new year.

Polite and gentle

 The Rado Centrix series of brown high-end ceramic watches shines with rich and sweet chocolate luster. The simple and elegant dial is set with 8 brilliant diamonds. Before the low-key and luxurious, a clever trade-off was realized. The looming sparkle brought instant Enamoured. Whether it is to express her good friendship to her, or Ms. Wan Wan’s own gift, such pure and sweet chocolate brown high-tech ceramics are the beautiful flowers that bloom on the wrist in the winter.