Month: October 2018

Precision Operation Size Is Not The Key To Excellent Performance

‘Details can make things perfect, but perfection is not trivial.’ Henry. Sir Henry Royce’s famous quote may be the norm for Lange product developers and aircraft engine designers. In fact, these two very different worlds are relentlessly pursuing improvements in technology, performance, and precision operations. The connection between the two has led to a special exchange between Lange watches and the new generation of high-performance jet airbuses A320 and A380 at the Museum of MTU Aero Engines in Munich.

   Superb performance in the clouds and on the wrist: Lange 31 on the A380 Airbus GP7000 turbofan. Lange 31 is the first mechanical watch with a one-month power reserve. Its constant-power escapement maintains a stable rate for up to 31 days. At first glance the Airbus A380’s high-performance engine, the Lange watch owner may not think of the relationship between this propulsion device and the watch. This 6.4-ton engine, with a diameter of nearly three meters, can produce 300,000 Newtons of thrust. Its energy is 100,000 times higher than Lange 31, the most durable and reliable Lange watch factory. The Lange 31 is equipped with a dual barrel, which stores enough power to run the movement for up to 31 days.

   DOUBLE SPLIT and Airbus A320 V2500 engines. This Lange double chronograph chronograph is the first mechanical watch capable of measuring comparison times of up to 30 minutes. The LANGE ZEITWERK in front of the Airbus A320 engine, combined with a patented constant-power escapement system, brings a clear and precise word display like never before. At a glance, the mechanical watch movement made by hand and the modern turbofan engine are very different in terms of size and performance data. However, there are many similarities between the two. For example, both are innovative masterpieces of modern engineering. Both also uphold long-standing traditional knowledge and set new standards in their respective fields. The Airbus engine is a symbol of the development of the entire aviation industry. Its history can be traced back to the first realization of the flying dream of the White Brothers more than 100 years ago. The Lange 31, which can run for a month, is the fruit of many generations of Saxon precision watchmaking technology derived from 1845.
   Behind technological developments, there are always people who are uneasy about the status quo. They keep up with the times and strive to improve efficiency, accuracy, reliability, performance and customer satisfaction.

Iwc Pilot’s Watch Debuts At Sihh2012

In 2012, IWC Schaffhausen will present the pilot series: this will be the year of pilot watches. The ‘TOP GUN’ Naval Air Forces series has five new models, which are unique in the IWC pilot watch series. This year’s highlights are the TOP GUN Miramar watch: this timepiece pays tribute to California, the birthplace of elite pilots. And two pilot watches equipped with different advanced watchmaking technologies: the large pilot series TOP GUN Naval Air Force Perpetual Calendar Watch and Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Watch, also ready at the same time, one Soaring into the sky.

The city circles on the World Time Pilot’s Watch (Ref. 3262) are marked with the names of 23 places in the world, each of which represents a time zone.

 IWC Schaffhausen re-launched its pilot watch collection at the International Salon of Fine Watches (SIHH) in 2012. In the authentic setting inspired by the aircraft carrier style, today, IWC friends and many other high-level visitors from around the world gathered at the IWC booth to celebrate the launch of the new pilot watch series and participate in IWC Exclusive celebration party hosted by IWC.

Franck Muller Launches Vintage 7-days Power Reserve

December 06, 2012, Geneva: 7-Days Power Reserve combines aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship to prepare the outstanding performance of a seven-day power reserve. This mechanical watch, 100% designed and manufactured in Geneva, enriches the entire exquisite Franck Muller Vintage collection.

   Excellent performance combined with extraordinary skills
   Its mechanical movement is a unique, hand-crafted treasure. It shows the unparalleled level of watchmaking typical of the Joux Valley, with the utmost precision. The bridges are perfectly integrated with each other, creating an absolute harmony between acute angles and staggered lines. The ultimate elegance, the copper arches show the delicately carved Geneva ripples, and the bearings are inlaid with bright rubies. A total of 27 rubies, this magnificent treasure highlights the nobility and originality of this extraordinary watch.
   Watch master Pierre Michel Gray said ‘Vintage (Curvex) 7-Days Power Reserve’s retro beauty lies in exquisite craftsmanship and precise movement design. This complex production makes Franck Muller an invincible Doubtful classic. ‘

   With a 7-day power reserve, it has an unprecedentedly precise time. To achieve this level of performance, the movement must work seamlessly with additional scourers. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy at all times and the seconds at 6 o’clock. This beautiful, classic lines and precise, well-balanced proportions are an ideal match for the iconic Curvex style, and its shape highlights the characteristics of the Franck Muller brand.
   Unrivalled Swiss watchmaking know-how
   Based in Geneva since 1991, Franck Muller has designed and manufactured all watches of the brand, including Vintage (Curvex) 7-Day Power Reserve, at its Gentold factory, with all 213 components made entirely by the factory . This mechanical watch has a stainless steel dial, or a rose with white enamel dial, or a black dial with a polished case back that echoes the style of the movement. This new model will be made into a sub-series and will soon join the brand’s Vintage series.