Month: November 2019

Lange Releases New Series, Stunning Sihh Clock Exhibition

Introduced a variety of combinations to the international palace-level German watch brand A. Lange & Söhne with the brand philosophy of “Traditional Essence, Outstanding”. Watches with superb craftsmanship and technology, including 165 years-165 Years – Homage to FA Lange Collection, Lange 1 Daymatic, Saxonia Annual Calendar, Richard Lange “Reference Watch” , 1815 Chronograph, Lange Zeitwerk Luminous, and Little Saxonia.
 165 Years – Homage to F.A. Lange Collection
165-A tribute to Ferdinando Adolf Lange series, in commemoration of the brand’s founder Ferdinando Adolf Lange, founded Lange & Cie watches in Glashütte, Germany in 1845 A special collection of extraordinary performance watches from the factory, a set of three masterpieces, including a limited edition of 50 Tourbograph “Pour le Mérite”, Lange 1 Tourbillon with stop-second performance and extremely accurate, The 1815 Moon Phase watch, which had to be calibrated only in 1,058. In addition to the unique complex performance, all three watches are made of a new metal material specially developed for Lange-a honey-colored 18K Lange gold that is about twice as hard as other gold alloys. Expensive, extraordinary.

Lange 1 Daymatic

 Lange’s most iconic watch family, Lange 1, adds new members! The highly anticipated, automatic winding Lange 1 Daymatic with flyback retrograde week indication is here. The dial layout is like a mirror reflecting symmetrically, contrary to the traditional Lange 1 design. The original power reserve indicator is replaced by the flyback retrograde week, which is perfect and well-balanced.
Saxonia Annual Calendar

 The almanac is one of the most popular precision and practical devices in horology. Lange’s new Saxonia Annual Calendar combines calendar concepts and sophisticated machinery into a unique timepiece. Underneath the compact, clear, well-proportioned and elegant dial, a precise and precise automatic movement is installed, which can automatically identify and accurately advance the day, date and month. The calendar device only needs to be adjusted once a year. Three calendar indicators and the moon phase display are juxtaposed on the dial in harmony and symmetry, forming a delicate and coordinated picture. Embrace the elegant style, and have a strong contemporary atmosphere, it is an excellent example of the calendar watch.
Richard Lange ‘Reference Watch’

 A limited edition of 50 pieces of platinum and 75 pieces of rose gold Richard Lange ‘Reference Watch’ is a work that pays tribute to mathematical physics. This institution played a pivotal role in the time service industry of Dresden in the 19th century. Calculate the exact local time and publish it to the public. That year, the correct time must be calculated based on astronomical observations, and the results converted into precision pendulum clocks in mathematics and physics. Next, this reference time is stored in the pocket watch of the astronomical observatory. In addition to being “transferred” to the public clock, it will also be transmitted to the relevant people and institutions that need to set the correct time, including astronomers, watchmakers, and railway systems staff of. Richard Lange ‘Reference Watch’ is equipped with an innovative second hand reset device-zero reset function. Just press the button above the crown to reset the second hand to zero in real time and keep it at the zero state until the button is released During this time, the vertical clutch mechanism ensures that the performance of the timekeeping is not disturbed, allowing the movement to continue to operate, until the button is released, the second hand will immediately restart, a brilliant new work for the precision astronomical watch series.
1815 Chronograph

 The 1815 Chronograph, which has both traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology, is equipped with a flyback performance timer with a precision jumping minute dial, a small seconds hand with a stop-second performance and a zero reset device. The elegant shape of the watch, the large barrel provides 60 hours of power reserve, the ultimate interpretation of outstanding timing science.
Lange Zeitwerk Luminous

 The award-winning Lange Zeitwerk continues to showcase the brand’s extraordinary strength and boundless creativity in a new luminous version. As the first time-hopping watch in the history of horology, Lange Zeitwerk has achieved an unambiguous time display. With a slight tick, the time jumps from this minute to the next in an instant, with no difference between minutes; at the hour, the three digital dials will jump to the next unit at the same time, showing a perfect leap forward. Now, Lange Zeitwerk Luminous allows the wearer to enjoy the wonderful time rhythm even in the dark. The German Silver Time Bridge treated with black PVD coating highlights the precious beauty of the hour and minute display windows. White luminous-coated figures sparkle behind dark sapphire crystal glass, as if suspended in the dark, shining even in the dark. Advanced light penetrating coating, so that the digital is full of photon energy, can continue to shine for several hours at night. Limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide.