Month: January 2020

Creeton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar Watch: Perpetual Calendar Function Combines Superior Baumatic Movement

The Crichton Baumatic series, which was unveiled at the SIHH 2019 in Geneva, adds a new masterpiece: the Cryton Baumatic perpetual calendar watch. This new work from Baume & Mercier is loaded with the perpetual calendar function on the extraordinary BaumaticBM13 movement. The Crichton Baumatic perpetual calendar watch fully demonstrates the brand’s long history of superb watchmaking skills. It is believed that this watch will attract the attention of many watch lovers who love super complicated functions.

Accurate and reliable, durable

  The Crichton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar watch embodies the innovative spirit of Baume & Mercier and its more than 188 years of watchmaking expertise. The brand selected the superb performance BaumaticBM13-1975AC-1 movement and loaded the complicated perpetual calendar module to create the latest masterpiece of famous timepieces. The Baumatic automatic movement has excellent precision and reliable performance. In addition to a five-day long-lasting power reserve, the Critton Baumatic perpetual calendar watch is also resistant to the effects of magnetic fields encountered in daily life. Moreover, the recommended maintenance period of the watch has been extended to seven years, exceeding the generally recommended three to five years.
  The Crichton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar watch can accurately display the date, day of the week, month, and moon phase, and automatically calculate different months and leap year cycles. Therefore, the Critton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar Watch is one of the most complex and precise ‘big perpetual calendar’ watches. Column. There is no need to manually adjust the date before March 1, 2100 (2100 is a non-leap year).
Simple and refined design

  The Crichton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar watch is striking with its modern and timeless design. Its ‘warm white’ ceramic dial is paired with sharp faceted rivet-type engravings and three gold-plated hands indicating the hours, minutes, and seconds. The dial is equipped with three small dials that display the perpetual calendar function: the subdial at 9 o’clock displays the day, the subdial at 12 o’clock displays the month and leap year cycle, and the small dial at 3 o’clock displays the date. The blue steel hands on the small dial make the perpetual calendar function more prominent, while the disk showing the moon phase is set at 6 o’clock in a balanced manner. To ensure the best legibility, the dial is equipped with a rounded sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment.
  The Crichton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar has a 42 mm diameter, polished / satin-finished 18K red gold case with a thickness of only 12.1 mm. The sapphire crystal case back allows the movement to be delicately polished by hand: the plywood is decorated with circular patterns, while the chassis is sandblasted and snail-shaped. The skeletonized gold-plated oscillating weight is decorated with a Geneva pattern combined with a snail pattern. In the center of the exquisite movement, the suspension reed is presented in the form of the brand symbol Phi, with the distinguished symbol of the Baume & Mercier to highlight the brand’s pursuit of perfection.
  In order to make wearing more comfortable, Baume & Mercier chose a black alligator leather strap for the curved lugs of the Clayton Baumatic perpetual calendar watch, with an 18K red gold pin buckle. This self-replaceable strap allows the wearer to change the strap as desired.
  In recent years, Baume & Mercier has launched several styles of the brand’s signature complication timepieces, including the Clifton 1830 manual winding watch (2013), the Clayton 1892 flying tourbillon (2014), and Curry 8-day power reserve watch ‘185th Anniversary’ commemorative edition (2014), and Crichton 5-minute timepiece pocket watch ‘185th Anniversary’ commemorative edition (2015). The Clayton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar watch, now launched, combines innovative technology with traditional watchmaking skills, once again witnessing the professional performance of Baume & Mercier in the field of complex functions. Baume & Mercier offers an elegant and classic timepiece for those who love fine watches. Not only that, it is also a perpetual calendar with outstanding performance and contemporary style.

【basel Watch & Watch Fair 2018】 Jacques De Rouge Second Hand Hollow-out One Watch Series

Hollow second hand—One watch series interprets classic models with new technology, which makes the exquisite internal mechanism of the watch shine brightly.

  The large seconds model embodies the essence of Jaquet Droz watchmaking. The brand has launched different styles of large seconds dials. The new One series is a subversion of the past. For the first time, it uses a hollow design with a synthetic sapphire dial. At the time of the 280th anniversary of Jacques Dro’s founding, the large second hand hollow-out, the One watch series, was an important milestone in the history of the brand.

  This timepiece is designed to unravel the mystery of the exquisite mechanism inside the large second hand watch, while retaining the classic appearance of Jacques Dro’s signature number ‘8’. To this end, Jacques de Roy retains the simple aesthetic characteristics of the dial. The 12 o’clock position is equipped with Roman numerals, with legendary hour and minute display, and the 6 o’clock is set with a large second hand with Arabic numerals. The collection’s original aesthetic inspiration, with clever cutouts and decorative details. In music scores, rests are just as important (or even more important) than other notes. Because of this, this large seconds watch balances the aesthetics of the structure with the reality.
  As the first hollowed out watch launched by Jacques Dro, it retains the hours, minutes and seconds display design and the white space on the dial. Jacques Dro subtly conceals the movement’s bridge, and the hour, minute and second hands shine brightly with a new transparent aesthetic.
  The large second hand slowly rotates on the synthetic sapphire disc, attracting attention from the side door to appreciate the complicated structure of the skeletonized movement. The main splint is also completely hollowed out. The design of the watch eliminates the traditional movement case. The new design makes the field of vision wider and the structure of the movement can be seen. The hour and minute hands at 12 o’clock rotate on a synthetic sapphire hour dial with a gold base. The whole movement is fixed by 5 specific screws. This treatment process, which was used for the first time by Jacques Rodriguez, originated from the system commonly used in ordnance production, and was borrowed and adopted by the brand team. The gold rotor is also hollowed out, allowing light to penetrate and illuminate the inside of the movement. Large seconds hand cutout-One watch with dual barrel, silicon balance spring and pallet fork, its Cal.2663 SQ movement is manually assembled by craftsmen. As a result, this model became the first large seconds watch to present the dynamic beauty of the internal machinery.
Large seconds hand cutout-One watch diameter 41 mm, available in red, white and ceramic.
‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’

Big Second Hand Cutout Red Gold One Watch
Sapphire dial and 18K white gold hour ring.
18K red gold case.
Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
41 mm in diameter.

Large Second Hand Cutout Gold One Watch
Sapphire dial and 18K white gold hour ring.
18K white gold case.
Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
41 mm in diameter.

Large Seconds Hollow Ceramic One Watch
Sapphire dial and black ceramic hour ring.
Black ceramic case.
Automatic winding skeleton movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
41.5 mm in diameter.