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Blancpain Blancpain-lamborghini Supertrofeo Super Challenge 2013 Shanghai Replay

October 26, 2013, Shanghai-Following May 25, 2013, the Blancpain-Lamborghini Asian Super Challenge started at the Shanghai International Circuit. , Has fought in Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. On October 26, the players returned to the Shanghai Circuit again for the penultimate race, and the results of this race were decisive for the final dust. This is the fourth year of Blancpain, the master of Swiss complex mechanical watch making with a history of nearly 300 years, and Lamborghini, Italy’s top luxury sports car manufacturer, jointly launched the Blancpain Super Trofeo Super Challenge. You can also see the importance of the Chinese market for events and sponsor brands. Blancpain brand is more devoted to this event, perfect watching experience, providing an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Group photo of the press conference

Join forces to grasp the wonderful
 The cooperation between Blancpain and Lamborghini is not accidental, but a pursuit and consensus on grasping a high-quality wonderful life. These two brands, which also have glorious and heavy history, represent the pinnacle of mechanical products in different fields, and their cooperation is bound to be unusual. Blancpain watches show the pursuit of perfect craftsmanship, extreme precision, while Lamborghini’s car brings extreme speed and perfect control. The Super Trofeo series, co-sponsored by Blancpain and Lamborghini, is the fastest single model series in the world.

 In addition, Blancpain’s cooperation with Lamborghini does not stop at the simple form of simultaneously printing the two sides’ logos on the dial. The pursuit of this cooperation has a distinctive deep meaning and originality, making it similar to others. Brand cooperation is quite different. As the oldest watch brand in history, Blancpain’s hundreds of years of culture and sophisticated craftsmanship have made it a supreme position in the world’s watch industry. It is highly collectible and has won connoisseurs and watch collectors. Favorite. Blancpain designed and produced a limited edition Super Trofeo flyback chronograph watch, which not only absorbed the design concept of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing car, perfectly combining cutting-edge technology and avant-garde dynamic style. What’s more, this watch is immersed in the essence of motorsport itself-the ultimate pursuit of extreme speed and the highest level of accuracy. It is very similar to Lamborghini in many aspects, including the design of the case, the font of the dial, and the strap of Alcantara.
 The case of the Blancpain Super Trofeo flyback chronograph watch is very different from other Blancpain watches. The bevel-cut design of the entire case mimics the shape of the Super Trofeo racing car, and the watch placed in it represents the perfect link between Blancpain and the world’s fastest single-model race car. The main color of the entire watch is black. The 43 mm case is made of stainless steel and covered with DLC diamond-grain carbon fiber. The strap also uses the same material as the Super Trofeo racing seat, which further strengthens the close connection between the watch and the car. Lamborghini’s passion and dynamics are vividly displayed on this watch. The two striking red numbers 9 and 12 on the dial are designed to follow the Super Trofeo numbered font.
Perfect experience, top enjoyment
 Blancpain, as the sponsor of the event, has devoted itself to creating a perfect experience of watching the whole race, providing unforgettable top services to distinguished guests, conveying the excellence of watchmaking and racing, and enjoying the quality of life in elegant enjoyment.
 The most dazzling highlight is that Blancpain has carefully prepared VIP boxes for distinguished guests, providing a comfortable viewing environment throughout the process. The box is located in the center of the stand, with a wide field of vision and high-end furniture, for guests to relax at will. The box is equipped with an electronic screen to broadcast live every action in the arena, providing guests with the choice of on-site or field appearance games; Guests can enjoy the event better. Blancpain boxes provide authentic Italian food throughout the day. The chef is a senior chef specially invited from Italy by the brand. The excellent cuisine makes guests feel like being in Europe. What’s more worth mentioning is that Blancpain’s passionately designed Blancpain watches are specially designed to cope with Super Trofeo events. Guests can enjoy the speed and exquisite beauty in their hands.

 In this Blancpain watch collection, guests can see the style of L-evolution’s pioneering series. The Blancpain L-evolution pioneering series is the most dynamic and avant-garde in the Blancpain family. These models stand out, embodying innovative cutting-edge technology and proven watchmaking art. The modular structure evolution of this series offers excellent flexibility in the choice of watch material and finish technology. The powerful momentum has focused people’s attention on the deep hierarchical dial. In addition, the new model, as a logical connection between Blancpain and motorsport, is named L-Evolution R Flyback Large Calendar Chronograph.
 The second highlight is that Blancpain has the exclusive right to enjoy the Grid Walk pre-race experience, which is an enviable privilege for countless audiences, because this experience can appreciate the work of the whole team behind the car. The reason why the racing driver on the track can maintain his passion and strength is closely related to his strong team. Grid Walk provides guests with access to the pits, observes the maintenance of the car, understands the team command, the workflow and rhythm of synchronous operation, and has the opportunity to take pictures with the beautiful car girls next to the motorcycle. This excellent in-depth experience is not to be missed.
The last big highlight is Blancpain as a sponsor, which provides guests with a great opportunity to visit the track and enter the car test ride! In order to popularize the spirit of racing, the race schedule arranged hot laps. The co-pilot will be reserved for the guests to test ride, and the drivers who drive the guests are the racers who ride the field. Sitting next to a handsome and aggressive racer, experiencing a high degree of eccentricity at a rapid speed, but the heart is more real on the edge of the wild, this experience will certainly be remembered for life.

Classics, innovations
 Super Trofeo, a brand-new product launched by Blancpain and Lamborghini, has experienced a clever combination of speed and passion and dynamic aesthetics. It is a classic. As Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China stated, ‘This year is the second year that Blancpain-Lamborghini Super Trofeo has entered Asia. This cooperation on extreme challenges reflects the continuous challenge of the Blancpain brand. The courage to make breakthroughs and the spirit of innovation. Shanghai Station is an important venue for this season, which indicates the vigorous trend of Hyundai Motorsports in the Chinese market and reflects the strong demand for high-end quality of life in the Chinese consumer market. Blancpain China will certainly seize this opportunity to cooperate with Lamborghini, an equally luxurious and outstanding brand, for a long time to better build the world’s top and special events, develop more high-quality experience service categories, and bring Blancpain’s high-quality, Innovation and the pursuit of extreme craftsmanship are integrated into modern car events, providing an internationalized advanced experience platform for more Chinese consumers. ‘

Award ceremony

 Such successful cooperation experience will surely become a source of nutrition for the brand to continue to innovate and develop ideas. We have experienced Blancpain Blancpain’s excellent performance in the Super Trofeo event, and we can look forward to more Blancpain Blancpain’s figure and contribution in high-end events.

Senator Chronometer The Latest Masterpiece Of The Senator Chronometer Watch Series-fashionable Outerwear, Classic And Timeless Won The German Observatory Certification

Glashütte Original The already-successful Senator Chronometer Senator Chronometer watch series has been added to the series. The modern and stylish design shows elegance and outstanding accuracy. In addition, this observatory watch inspired by the famous Glashütte marine astronomical clock from the 19th and 20th centuries has other features: a proven precision rate, excellent readability, and an exquisite timeless look .

Slightly changed appearance, classic and timeless

   Senator Chronometer chronometer watch first appeared in 2009, the following year was selected by the professional watch magazine Armbanduhren readers as the ‘Watch of the Year’ (Watch of the Year). Since then, this timeless and elegant watch has been promoted to a classic in the Senator Senator series. In 2019, it wore a fashionable and modern coat with a newly designed red 18K gold case. The new bezel is more slender, allowing more space for the dial and displaying delicate silver frosty patterns.

German Astronomical Watch

   The term ‘chronometer’ is a recognition of precise timepieces of the same era. Only timepieces whose accuracy has been verified and successfully passed a stringent standard test are entitled to use ‘chronometer watches’ The word. In the past, this type of accurate and reliable timepiece was mainly used in the marine field to determine the precise position of ships on the vast ocean. Today, the certification standards for ‘Observatory Watches’ are still demanding: Only timepieces that have obtained the certification seal from an authoritative testing agency can be awarded the ‘Observatory Watches’ award. Senator Chronometer Observer Obtains Official Certification from German Calibration Service, demonstrating its high quality as an astronomical watch. A special feature of the German Observatory’s watch certification standards is that the time setting of the timepiece must be accurate to the second, and the movement must always be housed in its case during a complete set of tests.

Individual color matching, delicate texture, unique layout

   The dial and its surface modification are independently created by the brand’s own dial factory in Pforzheim, Germany. The exquisite details show the delicate artistic charm, which shows the superb and professional skills of master craftsmanship. The silver tone in the silver frosty lacquer finish accentuates the delicate texture, leaving the surface velvety and smooth. The orbital scale ring, hour markers and numbers are laser engraved, and then decorated in black by electroplating. The power reserve display and small seconds display are slightly lower than the dial surface, which gives the dial a deep three-dimensional feel; the pear-shaped blue steel hands move accurately on the top.

Real reproduction of antique watches

   The design of the various displays is inspired by the antique marine astronomical clock: the small second hand is set at 6 o’clock, and the power reserve display is set at 12 o’clock. In addition, this Senator Chronometer chronometer watch also features the brand’s unique large calendar display at 3 o’clock, using the same color tone as the dial. Thanks to the so-called ‘snap-jump calendar’ mechanism, the calendar change takes place precisely at midnight in just a few seconds. The date adjuster is set at 4 o’clock, which ensures the convenience, comfort and speed when setting the date. The day and night display window is placed at the bottom of the power reserve display, simplifying the date setting: from 6 am to 6 pm, it is displayed in white and then black.

Precision technology

   The power of many functions comes from the superbly modified 58-01 manual winding movement. One of its features is the clever stop-second mechanism: after the crown is pulled out, the time display stops, the second hand returns to zero and stays in this position, and the minute hand jumps to the next minute mark at the same time. If you turn the crown next to set the time, the minute hand continues to jump to the next minute mark, and the correct relationship between the second and the minute is always maintained. Through the sapphire glass case back, the classic features of Glashütte’s watchmaking art stand out: a unique three-quarter plywood, a screw-mounted gold sleeve, and a hand-carved balance wheel plywood-called The expertise of watchmaking is combined with the craftsmanship. The dark brown Louisiana alligator leather strap with red 18K gold folding buckle or pin buckle makes the overall design of this new observatory watch even more exquisite and easy.

Key product information:
Model name: SenatorChronometer
Posted: 2019
Reference number: 1-58-01-05-34-04
Movement: Calibre 58-01 hand-wound movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, stop seconds, day and night display, power reserve display, large calendar
Features: Acquired German Observatory Watch Certification
Power reserve: 44 hours and 40 minutes (± 5%)
Case: Polished / satin-matte red gold, sapphire glass and case back, water-resistant to 5 bar
Dimensions: diameter: 42.0 mm, thickness: 12.47 mm
Dial: Silver frosted lacquered, laser-engraved numerals and hour markers
Strap: dark brown Louisiana alligator leather strap with pin buckle or folding buckle (both red 18K gold material)

Special Counter, We Must Serve In Place

Many table friends and players often talk about the attitude of sales staff when buying watches. I feel the same for some players. Luxury watch boutiques, auto 4S stores, the attitude of these sales staff will greatly affect the final choice of customers and the brand’s favor. Over the years, I have met some good sales, and I have met some very bad people. Watches, fashion, cars are all involved. I’ll talk about good and bad.
The first is the person who impressed me.

Rolex Cellini Moon Phase
 The first thing I want to say is a Rolex sales I encountered in Chengdu. One year, I went to Chengdu with my wife. At that time, Rolex’s new Cellini was just released (about 2016). The new Cellini has changed a lot. Although I have seen pictures and introductions, I have not touched the actual table. I don’t know much about Cellini. In Chengdu, I passed a Rolex and went in to take a look. There was a new version of Cellini. Sales is an elder sister. The elder sister is very enthusiastic. Take out Cellini for us to see. I then asked about the new features. I didn’t expect the eldest sister to be very professional, and she said it in detail and accurately. She knew both the new and old models, and insisted that I try it. I said that we are here for tourism, so there is no trouble. The elder sister said that it doesn’t matter, and it was good to give us more introductions. Treating people with enthusiasm and professionalism, this is a very impressive and very good watch sales.

Rolex Cellini junior (top) and Cellini junior calendar (bottom)
 The second one that left a deep impression on me was a Jaeger-LeCoultre sales in Beijing. One winter, I wanted to change to a thinner watch. Because there are many sports watches in my hand, I want to buy a formal watch. Master Jaeger-LeCoultre’s moon phase was an option for me at that time. In addition to the Master Moon Phase, there are several other watches under consideration. I’ll go to the counter to try it and see the effect. The sales staff of some famous watch counters are used to raising their watches and suppressing other brands of watches. For example, the brand of our family is much higher than that of a certain brand, and such a brand cannot compare with us at all. I think this is very bad, because I happen to have a watch that they use to suppress the brand … but only the Jaeger-LeCoultre sales, when introducing the watch, said that I cannot rely on depreciating other brands and uplifting my own brand. Then the man sold, focused on the technical advantages of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and did not comment on other brands, which convinced me and left a deep impression on me. In the end, I bought Jaeger-LeCoultre that year.

From top to bottom, they are the master moon phase of the steel shell, the master moon phase of the platinum shell, and the new moon edition of the limited edition enamel master.
 What I want to say below is the sales of a Tesla 4S store. Once I went shopping at China World Trade Center, there was a Tesla 4S shop on the first floor of China World Trade Center. I went in and strolled around. A Tesla male was very enthusiastic about sales and introduced the car in detail from the inside out. And if you’re fine, I’ll take you around. I said I didn’t intend to buy Tesla. He said it was okay. Let’s play. Then I took the car and drove away. I tried to accelerate and drive autonomously. The salesman also saw the watch in my hand. I did not expect that he also liked the watch. I was impressed that he was wearing a golden ghost. From the car to the watch, he talked very well. It is in sharp contrast to some 4S shops that don’t answer. At that time, Tesla only had Model S and X. Now Tesla Model 3 is on the market, and it needs to be made in China. I also listed a new energy indicator. Because this sales introduced and experienced me at the time, I was also very interested in Tesla. After all, now the Model 3 is much cheaper than the previous Model S and Model X. In addition to the gasoline car, it’s very interesting Cool.

Tesla model S (top) and model X (bottom)
 Let’s talk about a little thing. There is an Armani EA in Dongfang Xintiandi. I go to buy clothes. After I buy the invoice, I can get points for the invoice and exchange for free parking. That day the shop said that the machine for invoicing was broken. I said it was okay. At that time, the salesman said that it was okay to wait for two days to open the car. I will give you points. I’ll say it’s ok, don’t bother you running around. The results did not expect, after two days, the sales sent a message, saying that the mall points have been given.

Tesla model 3
 I think sales is just being a person. Once people are done, sales are done.
In addition to good impressions, there are some bad experiences.

 As for the bad experience, I won’t talk about the brand.
 I once went to a watch store with my wife. At about 8 or 9 pm at that time, the general mall closed at 10 pm. At this time, it is estimated that the sales staff is also anxious to get off work. This is the background. At this time, a younger brother and his wife (or girlfriend) came into the store. The younger brother asked, can you order a table here, before the younger brother has finished talking, a female salesman, not even looking up, has a bad attitude That said, no. The brother said, I haven’t said any watches yet, the female salesman said very badly immediately that no watches can be used. Female salesmen are aggressive and may think that customers will leave. This little brother wasn’t insulting either, he exploded immediately, and roared. The other staff members in the store hurriedly pulled the saleswoman away, came over to appease the brother, and asked what watch they wanted. Everyone can think about it. In a famous watch store, the customer will be angered in a few sentences, and the difference in attitude is conceivable. I think it’s all right. Is this an undercover agent sent by a hostile brand? To be honest, I looked around, and I really felt that this person should be scolded. This has nothing to do with sales or sales. It has something to do with being a man.

Discounts on some luxury brands abroad are very large.
 Now that e-commerce, online shopping and purchasing are so developed, travel abroad is also commonplace. To be honest, purchasing or buying watches and luxury goods abroad can be much lower than domestic prices. There is no need to buy domestically from the price point of view. But it is because in domestic counters, whether it is luxury brand clothes, shoes or watches, you can try it one by one without any hassle. Each one looks at the effect and chooses the most pleasant and suitable one. Even if it’s more expensive, it’s calm.
 But I am afraid that I will encounter some brand personnel and work in luxury brands, and I feel that I am ‘high above the ground’. Especially some brands that don’t worry about selling (the watches are all the same). With so many choices and inadequate services, I immediately went out and changed houses.

Audemars Piguet Announced That It Will Withdraw From The Sihh Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition In 2020

Audemars Piguet, a Swiss watchmaker, has announced a 19-year partnership with SIHH Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. 2019 will be the last time for Audemars Piguet. Participated in the SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie exhibition, and officially withdrew in 2020.

 In the rapid development of watchmaking industry, Audemars Piguet continues to innovate business models and will open up new directions in the future, creating more direct communication and establishing closer relationships with guests and watch lovers around the world.
 The collaboration between Audemars Piguet and SIHH Geneva has achieved fruitful results. Audemars Piguet expresses its sincere gratitude for this, and wishes SIHH Geneva timepieces a great success.

Panerai Ferrari Sports Car Limited Edition Watch


Panerai, as a licensed watch maker of House of Maranello, will certainly not miss the latest model of Prancing Horse: Ferrari California at the grand event of Paris Salon. This is an extremely innovative sports car that has maintained the outstanding spirit and style of the Ferrari 250 California in 1957. It’s an elegant convertible that was born to run on the track. Over the years, Ferrari has been synonymous with sports cars and superb performance. It has a unique style; a masterpiece of craftsman perfection and highly sophisticated technology.

From 1958 to the beginning of 1963, slightly more than 100 samples were made, about half of which were short wheelbase versions; they were all designed by Sergio Pininfarina, while the body materials were steel or aluminum, hand-made by Sergio Scaglietti Tempered. Driving this great sports car includes the most famous actors in Hollywood, such as Steve McQueen and James Coburn. French writer Fran & ccedil; oise Sagan also owns a car, and she is driving it barefoot on the road of C & ocirc; te d’Azur like a rebellious teenager. This new Ferrari California is a sports car with a racing gene. Excellent innovative technology highlights the retractable hardtop convertible. It can ensure endless fun and enjoyment while driving, as well as use Flexibility. This model retains many Ferrari classic features, and it has the first V8 engine installed in the forward position in the history of the Ferrari road sports car. With its unique and outstanding appearance, Panerai connects its series with the glorious moment of Prancing Horse to create a watch whose design marks that Panerai is in step with Ferrari. This is a doomed meeting A watch that is indispensable for enthusiasts or dreamers. This is a dual dial flyback chronograph. This unique version will only be produced in a limited edition of 400. Because of its stylish character and the special materials used, it combines classic and modern elements, just like the latest products under the Drake logo, which is also the characteristic recognized by Enzo Ferrari. Technical specifications Movement: Proprietary Panerai OP XIX self-winding mechanical movement. 13 & frac14; French, 30 stones, Glucydur & reg; single metal balance wheel, vibrating 28,800 times per hour, Incabloc & reg; shockproof device. 42-hour power reserve with Geneva stripes and blue steel screws. The oscillating weight is engraved with the Prancing Horse logo. Certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C.). Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, dual dial flyback chronograph, speed scale. Case: 45 mm diameter, polished steel, frosted edges. The winding crown is adorned with the Ferrari logo and the edges have a square grid pattern. Bezel: Frosted stainless steel. Case back: Stainless steel and carbon, screw-in type, engraved with Prancing Horse; the edge of the case cover is engraved with ‘Engineered by OFFICINE PANERAI’. The unique pattern is engraved under the Prancing Horse. Dial: Black with Ferrari California logo. 60 minute scale, set a time scale every 5 minutes, the speed scale is placed on the outer ring. Continuous small seconds at 9 o’clock and minutes at 3 o’clock. The hands of the dial, the seconds, hour and minute hands of the central timepiece, and the surface of the first fifteen minutes are all red. Crystal glass: sapphire crystal glass, 1.9 mm thick, dual anti-reflective treatment Water-resistant depth: 10 bar (100 meters) Strap: black alligator leather with contrasting edge stitching, red alligator leather with red side stitching on the inside ; Frosted stainless steel adjustable buckle, buckle edge polished. The spare rubber strap is engraved with ‘Ferrari’.