Month: June 2020

7027, 7037, 7057 Are The Most Worth Buying Breguet?

It is not too late to get to the topic. A while ago, some brothers mentioned what Breguet watches can be bought. It happened that I had a 7057 here last year. Later, I transferred it to a friend from the south, which left a deep impression on me. So today I want to talk about a few cost-effective Breguet, 7027, 7037, 7057.

My previous 7057

First, let me talk about the brand.
   Whether it is the primary market, the secondary market, or auctions and recycling, the brand has a great impact on a watch. So that’s why I rarely recommend niche brands. Because of the same price, after buying a niche brand of watch, because of the brand’s influence and low visibility, it is easy to regret after buying it.
   According to the brand alone, Breguet is one of the most famous watch brands in the world. Because of the tourbillon, shock absorber, winding hairspring, etc. in watches, many functions and structures were invented by Breguet. So many people call Breguet the ‘king of watches’. This is indeed true in history. Breguet is a top-tier brand alongside Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet.

There are three major hot fried watches on the market now.

   Brothers who are familiar with the current watch market know that there are three hottest brands on the market. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex. Patek Philippe is mainly Nautilus fire, Audemars Piguet is Royal Oak fire, and Rolex is sports fire. It is precisely because the sports watch is popular now, and the sports watch is super hot. Everyone is chasing the sports watch and frying the sports watch. At this time, Breguet’s advantages became prominent. The Breguet brand has a high status, and the market for formal gold watches in the market is generally lower.
There are many, many gold watches on the market. Why do I say Breguet’s 7027, 7037, 7057?
   Because these three watches are different from other small gold watches. Let me briefly talk about the origin of these watches.

Breguet’s pocket watch and 7027, we can compare.

   There are many pocket watches in Breguet’s history. The Breguet 7027, 7037, 7057 watches are designed according to Breguet’s pocket watches. Breguet’s pocket watches in history, such as No. 960 pocket watch, Breguet uses a completely symmetrical movement layout. Brothers who are familiar with watches will know at a glance that this pocket watch puts the mainspring in the middle, The three wheels, the second wheel, the escapement and the balance are arranged symmetrically. The dial is above 12 o’clock, and the movement layout is very beautiful. Breguet took the pocket watch as a prototype. According to the current aesthetics, it introduced 7027, 7037, 7057, which perfectly transplanted the movement of the pocket watch to the watch. Breguet’s method is much more brilliant than the current replica watches (reproduced according to antique watches).
The three watches of the Breguet 7027, 7037, and 7057 look very similar. Let me talk about the differences first.
   Breguet 7027: 37 mm, manually wound. The dial of the 7027 at 12 o’clock is relatively small.
   Breguet 7037: 38 mm, self-winding.
   Breguet 7057: 40 mm, manually wound. The dial of 7057 at 12 o’clock is relatively large.

From top to bottom, 7027, 7037, 7057.

   7027 and 7057 are more similar, both are manual watches, both have power display. The difference is that the size of the 7057 is larger, and the dial at 12 o’clock is also larger, which can be said to be a large version. 7037 is an automatic watch. There is an automatic top at the back, which makes a good difference.
   Some brothers may say that there are no other models in the number 2, 3, and 5. Yes, in addition to 7027, 7037, 7057, Breguet also has 7047 (Tourbillon), 7067 (both places), 7077 (timer), 7097 (large size automatic). Because of the tourbillon, chronograph, and time, these models have more complicated functions, higher public prices, and are more difficult to buy. And 7027, 7037, 7057 are now very expensive models. The quality of the watch itself is high, and the actual price is good, so it is easy to get started.

On the back of the 7027 (top) and on the back of the 7037 (bottom), you can see the 7037 autotor.
What is the difference between 200,000 yuan Bao Bao, PP, VC?

   Let’s take a look at the differences between the 200,000 yuan Breguet 7027, 7037, 7057 and Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin at the same price. The price is about 200,000. Patek Philippe is generally 5296, and higher is 5227; Vacheron Constantin is generally 85180, 87172.

   Let’s compare the price of PP, VC and Breguet watches. If you put these watches together, the difference will be very obvious. Patek Philippe’s 5296, Vacheron Constantin’s 85180, etc. are very conventional, classic small gold watches. Three needles, up to one calendar. And the Breguet’s 7027, 7037, 7057 ‘Pocket Watch Movement Layout’ is obviously very special, and it is ‘different’ from ordinary small gold watches. Each person has one aesthetic, we do not judge good-looking and bad-looking. Personally, I like these watches from Breguet very much, because I think the average small gold watch is too bland.

From top to bottom, there are obvious differences between Patek Philippe 5296, Vacheron Constantin 85180, and Breguet 7057.

   A major feature of Breguet is that although the watch is very classical in appearance, the technical content of the watch movement is very high and the latest technology is used. For example, 7027, 7037, 7057. We can see that Breguet deliberately imitates pocket watches and uses a ‘parachute’ suspension. At the same time, in order to improve the performance of the watch, it uses a very modern card-free fine adjustment balance. For another example, like the Breguet 7727 directly uses a ‘magnetic balance shaft’. There is a magnet on the top and bottom of the balance shaft. The balance of the balance shaft with a magnetic field is very good. So Breguet just looks very classic, and is actually very advanced in technology.
Then, I still talk about the price.
   The current market situation, one is like the aforementioned, sports watches such as Nautilus, Royal Oak, Sports Labor are too hot, completely the price of steel watches over gold watches. The second is that like Patek Philippe, the brand has a lot of added value and is ‘hot-fried’, so the market is higher. In this market environment, Baodi is “out of touch” and has nothing to do with “hot speculation”, so the market is very normal and reasonable.

My previous 7057

   Under the influence of discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, etc., the actual price of Breguet is very advantageous. The actual prices including 7027, 7037, and 7057 have advantages over Patek Philippe 5296 watches. Compared with 7027 and 7057, the market price of 7057 will be higher, because 7057 is a large caliber. 7027 is relatively low (7027 is smaller). Another issue that needs attention is that I also mentioned earlier that different cases of rose gold, gold, and platinum have an impact on the value of the watch afterwards. Because rose gold and gold are colored, their actual value will be higher than that of white gold. Brothers can refer to it when choosing a watch.
   In the end, the reason why I really like the Breguet 7027, 7037, 7057 watches is that for the watch alone, for the same cost, Breguet can get more.