Month: January 2021

Prestige X-style Noble Choice For Contemporary Prestige

The trend of gentlemen in the fashion industry is both a process of design diversification and a tribute to classic heritage. The modern gentleman style that originated in the 19th century shows the new look of the era and has been influencing it to this day. Dark suits, white shirts, satin trim, and exquisite necklines, every detail echoes the qualities that modern gentlemen should have: excellence, affinity, confidence, trust and sincerity, just like Baume & Mercier). In 187 years of glorious watchmaking history, Baume & Mercier has always been committed to creating world-class masterpieces, walking with the gentleman style, and constantly becoming a noble choice for Modern Gentleman.
   G. Bruce Boyer, an expert at the New York Fashion Institute, wrote in ‘The History and Code of Gentleman Dress’: ‘Designers create fashion for everyone, but everyone has to create their own style. Every detail from head to toe is It is to interpret your password. ‘A watch can not only complete the finishing touch for the overall shape, but also reflect one’s cultivation and taste. Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice is immaculate; Colin Firth in Ace Agent is personable; the image of the gentleman on the screen is endless. As a glorious example of contemporary celebrities, Mr. Chen Kun, the global ambassador for celebrities, upholds the same values ​​as celebrities. Whether it is the classic image handed down on the screen or the advocate of public welfare activities, Chen Kun continues to strive for excellence.
   In this second year of collaboration between Chen Ming and Chen Kun, the new image blockbuster performed by Chen Kun reinterprets the ‘contemporary celebrity’ style. Baume & Mercier’s new Chrysler 2017 watch brings timeless classic style to contemporary Baume & Mercier, adding infinite fashion attitude and taste.

Baume & Mercier X Style: Enduring Style

Baume & Mercier Ambassador Chen Kun wears Baume & Mercier Chrysmer watch 10332 (left)
Baume & Mercier Chrysler watch 10332, RMB 11,900 (right)
   Black and white gray is a classic color that never ends. One of the elements of a gentleman’s dress is uniform color, and the simple and neat visual sense is always one of the keys to make people look ‘very gentleman.’ The minimalist design of the Baume & Mercier Chronicle 10332 watch is refreshing. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a diameter of 42 mm. The matte white dial has a slightly raised rail-shaped chronograph scale, rhodium-plated Roman numerals The engraving is completely integrated; the date display window at 3 o’clock presents an even and balanced beauty between the wrists. This watch is available in both black calfskin strap and NATO strap, bringing a variety of shapes to contemporary celebrities. It is worth mentioning that the back of the black calfskin strap is made of gray leather with blue stitching, exuding a refined and modern feel in the details. When buying this watch, Baume & Mercier also offers a case back engraving service to create a personality style. Each Modern Gentleman can design his own watch, keeping in mind every successful moment.

Baume & Mercier X Style: Classic Style

Baume & Mercier Global Image Ambassador Chen Kun wears Baume & Mercier Chrysmer watch 10374 (left)
Baume & Mercier Chrysler watch 10374, RMB 18,300 (right)

   Although the trend of fashion is always changing, the classic design style is never out of date. As a modern celebrity (Modern Gentleman), the dressing philosophy of ‘responding to constant change’ is even more extraordinary. The Baume & Mercier Collection 10374 continues Baume & Mercier’s long tradition of watchmaking, with its classic silhouette and stainless steel case and bracelet. The watch is equipped with a mechanical movement with a diameter of 40 mm; it is equipped with gold-plated hands and a engraving; the dial is decorated with a linear ornament; the date display window is set at 3 o’clock. Every detail is another moment of success for contemporary celebrities.

Baume & Mercier X Style: Color Aesthetics

Baume & Mercier Chrysler watch 10333, RMB 16,600
   Break through the rules, do whatever you want, and dare to be yourself. The contemporary celebrities who are at the forefront of fashion, tired of sticking to the rules, always need some color to lighten themselves. The Baume & Mercier Chrysler Series 10333 brings a recognizable, simple design. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a diameter of 42 mm; the date is displayed at 3 o’clock; the silver dial is decorated with elegant and detailed machine-engraved lines; the design of the blue steel hands is clearer when read, and the blue alligator leather watch Echoing with the distance echoes a more modern color aesthetic style.

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New Press Conference Of Chopard’s New Imperiale Series

On September 20th, Chopard, Switzerland’s top jewellery and watch manufacturer, held a new launch of its new Imperiale series at the Red Gate Gallery, which is full of rich classical colors. meeting. Imperiale was named after paying tribute to the long history of the ancient empires of Byzantium, Greece, China, and Rome. The Imperiale watch was born in the 1990s and redesigned in 2010. Its style is more individual and modern. This time Chopard introduces the new Imperiale series, which combines unique style and noble temperament. It attracts attention with its perfect proportions and exquisite details. The details of the watch are exquisite, exquisite and rich and varied, giving the series a graceful feminine charm, and its classic and timeless shape reproduces the classic noble spirit and grand style. The gold earpieces are set with convex round amethyst, which makes the watch more brilliant and bright, and brings a touch of elegant elegance. This year, Chopard launched the Imperiale series of jewellery to perfectly match this series of watches, with a sense of elegance. Derived from the Imperiale watch, this series of jewelry design subtly interprets the magnificent atmosphere of the couture embroidery pavilion and the luxurious atmosphere of glittering gold powder. The dial’s embroidered totem dedicated to the royal family in ancient Rome has been transformed into pendants, earrings, rings and elegant bracelets. The new Imperiale jewellery combines tenderness and perseverance. It is made of rose gold or white gold, revealing silky smooth skin in a delicate appearance; or embellished with soft stones such as amethyst and pink quartz in the center. The edge of the petals adopts a pure and unmarked natural style, or inlaid with diamonds, adding a touch of brilliance. The collection is divided into Imperiale by Day, Imperiale by Night, and Imperiale Forever to cater to the different needs of modern and fashionable women for the jewellery and watches they wear at work and social places during the day and night. All-around wearable. The new Imperiale series is gorgeous and sensual, with a strong and distinct personality, elegant appearance, elegant posture, and captured the charm of charming women with natural and natural temperament. The shape of the lotus pattern is sometimes light and delicate, tender and delicate, sometimes tough and independent, ever-changing, and graceful, showing a unique style of honor. On the day of the press conference, Ms. Ye Mingzi, Chopard’s well-known fashion designer, and the first female director with a billion-dollar Chinese box office, and Ms. Eva Jin, the director who has directed the film ‘Perfect’, were invited to attend the invitation activity. The two not only shared their unique insights and preferences for Chopard’s Imperiale series with the guests, but also presented the Imperiale series of short films directed and starred by Jin Yimeng for the first time. Several pieces of clothing inspired by the Imperiale series were displayed. In addition, the ‘Imperiale women’ in the eyes of the two Chopards also shared their understanding of the ‘Imperiale women’ on the spot. Chopard’s Imperiale series is gorgeous and sensual, combining perseverance and fragility, catering to the most discerning women’s tastes and the needs of accessories for various occasions. ‘Imperiale Women’ is elegant and exquisite, plays multiple social roles, and has a strong personality and taste. They advocate extreme beauty, luxurious and ever-present accessories. They are natural and refined, mature and emotional, and the indispensable tenets of their lives are: family, diamond and love. Chopard fuses classic elements with modern and stylish designs, and creates a different spark, creating this gorgeous new Imperiale series.

A New Realm Of Tattoo Art! A Masterpiece Of Watchmaking That Interprets The Aesthetics Of Architectural Geometry! Hublot Hublot New Big Bang Sang Bleu Ii Tattoo Watch

Following HUBLOT’s successful launch of the Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo in 2016, the ambition of the world-renowned tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi and The design concept is reinterpreted with the new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch. The new case uses a more refined line design to create a three-dimensional visual experience. Hands composed of two baguette diamonds and an arrow inlay, such as tattoo fragments placed on a quiet chronograph movement, interpret the passing of time in a modern style.

 The new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch fully reflects Maxim’s design inspiration for three-dimensional vision. Graphic elements run through the case and are cut and carved into the hexagonal bezel decoration and sapphire crystal case back. Geometric lines are criss-crossed with the hands, and are more used in replaceable straps. The UNICO movement is immediately visible through the fully transparent dial. Designing this ingenious wristwatch is like completing an architectural feat in a 45mm diameter case.

 In the case of an orderly vertical and horizontal geometric case, the new watch is equipped with Hublot’s own HUB1240 Unico self-winding chronograph movement. The chronograph seconds hand is displayed by straight hands, while the chronograph minute hand rotates within one of the two discs on the dial. The movement frequency reaches 28,800 times per hour and the power reserve is up to 72 hours. Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoos are available in titanium and king gold, with limited editions of 200 and 100 respectively.

 As an important part of contemporary popular culture, tattoos are no longer a symbol of masculine underground culture. From a primitive technique to a popular art form and even a cultural phenomenon, tattoo art has proved through creatively increasing influence that this is not just a trend, but also a cultural change that will Continue to affect future generations.

 The new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch integrates materials and craftsmanship through the geometric aesthetics of the founder of Sang Bleu, creating a precision permanent timepiece that interprets tattoo art on the wrist.