Bao Lai Holds The Breguet Tourbillon Theme Exhibition In Beijing

On October 11, 2013, Beijing time, the Watch House was honored to be invited to participate in the ‘Beauty Tourbillon Theme Exhibition’. In this event, not only experienced the long history and heritage of Breguet Technology, further understanding of the watch device tourbillon.

 Or you know Breguet, but understanding Breguet is a long process. Because of the best quality in the world, it all stems from the accumulation of history. The deep Breguet, the brilliance of each watch, comes from the brand’s tireless pursuit of quality and continuous innovation in technology.

 After the city tour exhibitions in Shanghai and Ningbo were highly praised, Breguet moved this theme tour exhibition to Beijing in order to facilitate watch enthusiasts, media people and experts to appreciate its extraordinary charm. The location is set in the atrium of Sete Shopping Center. On the whole, the gorgeous temperament of Baodi and the high-end consumer center coincides.

 In this exhibition, Breguet displayed more than 20 precious tourbillon watches, each of which is an object of competition and pursuit of watch enthusiasts. The exhibition not only surprised connoisseurs, but also presented Breguet’s understanding of watches and culture to everyone present.

 At the event, the staff of Breguet explained patiently the development history of Breguet tourbillon and the latest technology. In the exchange, we also had a higher level of understanding of Breguet and Breguet tourbillon.

 As a Breguet enthusiast, it is a great honor to appreciate so many Breguet boutiques in the exhibition gallery. Among the works on display are classic derivatives and new watches. Every piece of work is dedicated to those who know how to appreciate. The reason why Breguet has become a world-renowned brand is inseparable from Breguet’s understanding of itself and the respect of customers.

 The heritage series has always insisted on high-quality watch masterpieces. The Breguet style of this watch is very obvious. The fisheye needle is placed in the small dial. The design to the side makes this watch poetic in coordination And beauty.

 This tourbillon watch with a red dial became a hot style. Not only is the red dial very rare in the watch industry, but its tourbillon technology is also outstanding.

 The design of the case with diamonds has appeared in many top brands, but the luxury of Breguet is that every detail can be polished very carefully, and often the manifestation of value is often the observation of details.

 Of course, the exhibits are full of Breguet’s original jewellery. These fine jewels are equally striking in Breguet’s world.

 As the most prominent financial center in the country, Breguet chose the exhibition location here, not only to cater to the strong economic atmosphere here, but also to better disseminate watch culture and watchmaking art.

 People all over the world who are fascinated by fisheye pins, coin patterns and tourbillons are a large group. We choose Breguet not only because Breguet is among the top watches, but also for Breguet itself. Unique insights into wealth, quality, and art. For many years, Breguet has continued its own watchmaking tradition and has never given up control of every detail. Perhaps the success of the brand means not only high prices, but also respect for history and belief in quality.