Boll Launches New Ceramic Midsize Watch

Inspired by the Engineer Hydrocarbon series Ceramic XV model released in 2011, Ball Watch launched a new Engineer Hydrocarbon series Ceramic Midsize model this year, which is arguably the most sturdy and reliable brand in the history of watchmaking. And the most sophisticated perfect masterpiece. Ball announces new Ceramic Midsize watch
ALLBALL Watch is cleverly balanced in its style design. The Ceramic Midsize stainless steel case has a diameter of 36 mm, which is suitable for today’s adventurers. The dial is exquisitely crafted and streamlined, revealing vitality without losing elegance, and can be worn appropriately even on grand occasions. The dial offers two color options: ‘slate black’ and ‘ice white’, which symbolizes the incredible color change of high mountains. The designer deliberately added different details to make the dial look more perfect, especially the arc around the two ends of the glowing miniature gas lamp in the dial, which makes the watch more eye-catching.
Ball announces new Ceramic Midsize watch
At the same time, BALL Watch emphasizes aesthetics and harmony. The pure ceramic rotating outer ring and the dial color match each other. The brand uses the first ceramic processing technology to add a strong luminous coating to the number and scale of the ceramic bezel. The ceramic material itself can provide extra protection for the bezel against corrosion, scratches and UV light, and can accompany Aduna against all natural adversities that may face when climbing.