Expansion Of Lange Watch Factory Held Grand Foundation Laying Ceremony

In September 2013, the famous German watch brand Lange decided to expand a brand new factory. Of course, the brand attaches great importance to its promotion. Lange’s CEO William Schmid and company founder Walter Lange held the groundbreaking ceremony for this great project.

 From the expansion of the factory, we can also understand from the side that the current consumption of the watch market is very hot. William Schmidt also told everyone that in the face of the growing market demand in the past few years, our original factory has been almost Load of work to complete the task. So expansion is not a temporary decision, but a long-term decision.

 According to Watch House, the newly expanded factory covers an area of ​​about 5,400 square meters, which mainly includes the production of parts, hand-carving, and watchmaking studios.

 The entire factory has entered the construction phase, and the overall effect is still continuing the Lange style. The completion date is expected to be in the coming winter.