G-shock 30th Anniversary Special Planning ‘play Sound G Limit’ Mv Original Debut

30 years of TOUGH history, 30 years of tide leaders, inspired by the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK, the most prestigious Edison Chen, MC HOTDOG, Li Canchen, Kitchen Chef and Hong Kong Rap Godfather MC Ren formed a music team full of TOUGH meaning-‘Playing G Limit’. The five together worked together to create a new original single MV ‘What Time’ for the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK.
   The MV ‘What Time’ was released on Christmas Day on December 24th, which will bring fans an extraordinary musical sensory experience! Passion ignites this TOUGH music craze, applauding G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Celebration with G expression people, music fashion trendsetters from all walks of life, showing the brilliance and vitality of G-SHOCK’s multiculturalism.
    Five have been active in their fields for many years, focusing on their hobbies and careers. Chen Guanxi, Li Canchen and MC Ren are not only active in the music industry, but also stand out in the fashion trend circle. They have their own brand names and cooperate with brands in many fields including G-SHOCK. Chef Kitchen, known for his sharp Rap, and Taiwanese rapper MC HOTDOG are even more talented singer-songwriters. With five years of love for G-SHOCK, five friends gathered together, inspired by LIFE IS TOUGHNESS, combined with the life style of young people to create, and named the original single ‘What Time’. This original single integrates the style of HIP-HOP and permeates the understanding of music culture by ‘Playing G Limit’. From writing lyrics to supervising the production, the five friends participated together, and the lyrics of each person in the Rap part represented their own ideas. The most interesting part of Edison Chen during the recording process was the collision of music when everyone collaborated, especially It’s the part that Li Chansen sings. It’s the best. For his high evaluation of his friends, Li Chansen said with a smile that he was not a singer. During the recording process, there was no pressure to fully play, so there will be a lot of funny actions in the MV. The Music Video of this song is about several people invited to participate in a bachelor party organized by Li Cansen. When the song opened, it asked: ‘What time is our girl?’ The dynamic and dynamic side, at the same time showing the friendship between brothers, behind the carnival reveals time and dream thinking.