Gp Girard-perregaux’s New 1966 Collection Pays Tribute To Traditional Achievements

This 41mm men’s watch is equipped with Girard Perregaux GP 4500 automatic winding movement, 28,800vph vibration frequency and 54-hour power reserve, both precision and practicality. Through the transparent case back, you can carefully appreciate the excellent work of this movement, especially in the polishing and chamfering of the bridge, which specifically and slightly shows Girard Perregaux’s meticulous watchmaking attitude.

If there is an opportunity to line up the Girard-Perregaux 1966 series, anyone can find the Girard-Perregaux seems to be a bit eccentric, because the 1966 series is not only complete, high-end to basic functions, Many watches with special significance also choose to be launched in the 1966 series. For example, in the previous two years, Girard Perregaux announced the limited edition commemorative Golden Bridge Tourbillon in 1966 in order to celebrate the brand’s 220th anniversary.

In fact, the origin of the 1966 series is related to the celebration of Girard-Perregaux’s rare award-winning achievements: In 1966, Girard-Perregaux launched the first high-frequency movement with excellent accuracy with the exclusive development of Gyromatic technology. As a result, it was issued by Neuchatel in Switzerland the following year. Up to 80% of the precision timer certificates in Geely’s watches are covered by Girard-Perregaux watches. Because of this remarkable achievement, Girard-Perregaux has specifically published the 1966 series as the name of the series and commemorates the 1966 series.

Every year Girard Perregaux will launch new works on the 1966 series, covering everything from basic styles to high-end complexity. Of course, 2013 is no exception; this year Girard Perregaux released new men’s and women’s watches in daily wear styles. The GP 03800 chronograph movement, which has been in development for five years, has also been launched. The excellent accuracy coupled with the flexible expansion potential is bound to become an important part of Girard Perregaux’s chronograph movement in the future!

1966 Integrated Chrono column wheel chronograph
粲 A new work born of a great tradition
GP 1966 Integrated Chrono Column Chronograph
Judging from the new watch released at the Basel Watch Fair for the first time this year, Girard Perregaux has an attempt and ambition to enter the young market. It is full of modern styles and color schemes, which make Girard Perregaux’s long-established eye bright !! However, returning to the 1966 series that pays tribute to historical achievements, Girard Perregaux has followed the brand’s most elegant look. The new column-wheel binocular chronograph features track scales, square three-dimensional time scales, and restrained dark gray. Or milky white face plate, the 1966 series simple and elegant style is interpreted vividly.

GP 03800 is a very beautiful movement

The new hand-made chronograph movement GP 03800, which was developed over five years, uses a column wheel and Girard-Perregaux patented Microvar variable inertia balance wheel, and is equipped with a minute jumper at the minute counter. The design of tabbing only once a minute improves the convenience and accuracy of many readings. The specifications of the movement are quite satisfactory: the frequency is 28,800vph, the diameter is 11 1/2 francs (25.60 mm), the thickness is only 5.40 mm, the number of parts is 312 (31 rubies), and the power reserve is more than two days. 58 hours, it is foreseeable that it is a module loading platform that is quite suitable as a solid foundation. It is no wonder that Girard Perregaux has spent five years in research and development. If the physique such as GP 03800 is properly adjusted, subsequent expansion may be indeed People have unlimited imagination.

In addition to the specifications, the polishing decoration of GP 03800 is also very exquisite, whether it is the hairline pattern and chamfering of the bracket bridge, or the delicate Geneva wave polishing of the substrate, or even the shape of the linkage bar full of elegant curves. All make GP 03800 have the decoration performance that does not lose high-end movement. The actual pressing of the timing button test is quite in place, both in strength and softness. The pause between timing start and stop is also solid and stable. The fingertips can clearly feel the slight click of the connecting rod when it clicks the column wheel, and The euphoria of the second centrifugal wheel driven by the return to zero lever when returning to zero. For a newly released chronograph movement, GP 03800 can be said to be fully prepared in terms of accuracy, operating feel and polishing performance. They are all excellent works.

9661966 Lady Series 38mm Ladies Watch, 18K Rose Gold Case
Noble and graceful dance
1966 Lady Series 38mm Ladies Watch
Circularity has always been the best manifestation of elegance and classics. Especially in the world of watches, circular models represent the heritage of centuries of horological history. Girard Perregaux’s 1966 series models are deeply rooted in the elegance of round watches, which has created the classic impression that the 1966 series is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

When making the face plate, the watchmaker first processed the mother-of-pearl into a circle, and then cut it from the periphery.

芝 Girard Perregaux’s new 1966 Lady series 38mm women’s watch this year showcases Girard Perregaux’s profound design skills for more than two hundred years on the round elements. Just like the 1966 series, this female watch uses a classic round case and is set with a circle of diamonds on the slim bezel, adding a gorgeous dazzling brilliance. On the dial, Girard-Perregaux designers used two staggered circles to compose a gorgeous and beautiful round dance on the face of this female watch; such a design looks simple at first, but because of a circle It is made of diamonds and another circle is made of mother-of-pearl, so it takes a lot of time to make it. Especially at the intersection of the two circles, the cutting of mother-of-pearl needs extremely high precision, which also increases the difficulty of craftsmen. . In addition, the decorative panel with radial pattern at the bottom of the dial also needs to be cut after grinding because of the interlacing of two circles. In the end, the faceplate of this female watch needs to be disassembled into 7 parts due to such a ‘simplified’ design. It also illustrates how much skilled watchmakers need to work together to complete such a beautiful round dance.

In the movement part, this 38cm female watch uses the Girard Perregaux 3000 series GP 03300 automatic winding movement. It can be said that under the soft and luxurious appearance, it still provides impeccable mechanical performance for female wearers; except for 28,800 In addition to the high vph frequency and 46-hour power reserve, the GP 03300 is also very particular about polishing and finishing. For example, the Geneva wave of the automatic plate and the upper substrate, the fish scale pattern of the lower plywood, and even the edge-consuming and time-consuming chamfering , We can see the delicate work of GP 03300; and the diameter of 11 1/2 law cents, also makes GP 03300 a universal movement for men and women.

GP 1966 41mm Gent Watch, 18K White Gold Case
The masterpiece of Yong Yong who is famous
GP 1966 41 mm gentleman watch and GP 1966 30 mm ladies watch

Girard Perregaux’s 1966 series can be called the brand’s elegant representative series. The classic round case has an elegant feel on any dial, and the most practical three-pin or two-pin models can better show Girard Perregaux’s elegance. Of the taste. Girard Perregaux also released new basic styles for men’s and women’s watches in the 1966 series this year. The 41mm white gold men’s watch adopts a very simple and neat way to interpret the classic. Create outstanding elegance. The 3 o’clock date window is also not much modified, in addition to concisely stacking the beauty of classic watches, so that wearers can easily read all the time information at a glance is also thoughtful of Girard Perregaux. The central second hand is deliberately made of blue steel, adding a finishing touch to a silvery white surface.

芝 This 41mm male watch is equipped with Girard Perregaux GP 4500 automatic winding movement, 28,800vph vibration frequency and 54-hour power reserve, both precision and practicality. Through the transparent case back, you can carefully appreciate the excellent work of this movement, especially in the polishing and chamfering of the bridge, which specifically and slightly shows Girard Perregaux’s meticulous watchmaking attitude.

GP 1966 30mm Lady’s Watch, 18K White Gold Case

As for the newly released 1966 Lady series 30 mm women’s watch, it uses a simple two-pin model, but the bezel, lugs and hour markers are studded with up to 80 diamonds. Multiple personality with gorgeous sense. The dial is machine-engraved to create a three-dimensional impression. The 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock indexes are deliberately replaced with Roman numerals, which also improves the overall design style of the watch. The polished willow-shaped hands are simple but generous, and they are also the best choice for classic women’s watches. Equipped with GP 03200 automatic refining movement, it has 28,800vph vibration frequency and 42-hour power reserve, which is enough for daily use. The transparent case back allows you to see the beautiful work of GP 03200, the elegant Geneva ripples and no time to polish, telling the delicate details that Girard Perregaux has insisted on for more than two hundred years, and also provides a brilliant for this 30mm female watch The inner, echoes the gorgeous appearance.