It’s Another Year 315 Is Your Watch Fidelity?

Nowadays, a wristwatch is more than just a timekeeping tool for us. It is more like a part of our body, adding to the image of both daily travel and work activities. Style and taste. As watch lovers, we often hope to be able to buy the watch money we have long loved, and live up to expectations. However, they are not only timing tools, they are also an important part of luxury goods, especially the high brand effect. The more popular models are not only attracted to us by superior material conditions, but also caused imitation by the considerable profit. With the progress of time and craftsmanship, these imitation watches become more and more real. The high degree of similarity and the built-in certificate of authenticity are enough to blind our eyes, which is very abominable. But imitations are imitations after all, and even 100% restoration cannot replace the position of love watches in our minds.

   I wrote an article ‘what a watch means to you’ before. Thank you for your love. I have gained many watch friends’ different views on the watch. What impresses me very much is ‘ Jason2017 ‘Words from watch friends: ‘ Slowly fall in love with the watch, you will find the charm of the watch in addition to timing, and even establish a deep relationship with the watch, read and even feel the watchmaking process. They will often be in the loupe Take a closer look at every tiny part of the watch. They will quietly listen to the ticking sound of the watch when they are lonely late at night. They will not leave their hands on various occasions. They will accompany the watch through every important life. time’. It can be seen that there is a love for the watch on the wrist between the lines. On March 15th, ‘counterfeiting’ became a hot topic again, so the editor took the topic of ‘fidelity’ to discuss how to avoid buying fake watches.
First of all, we need to figure out what is imitation table?

Longines imitation watch with striking ‘handwritten’ calendar and ‘JF’ laser marking

   Imitations are commonplace in our daily lives, not to mention timepieces. In the previous watch market, fake watches can be divided into two categories, one is a miscellaneous brand watch by changing the LOGO text, and the other is a counterfeit watch that fakes the brand’s reputation. The former is a standard San Wu product, which is a genuine fake and shoddy product of pedigree. The rough processing is omitted, and the time is not allowed. It can be identified by micro observation. The latter draws on well-known brands and watch designs (especially those that have recognizability), and models that are copied at a lower cost than the genuine ones, and are still the mainstay of the fake watch market. Most of these watches are presented at low prices and qualities that cannot stand the test of time.

Identify the key parts of the movement Some areas can not be imitated (the movement is made by Tudor MT5601)

   So are today’s high imitation watches simply looking for shape but not for god? Of course not. With the ban on small markets and small factories, these watch-like factories have also developed intensively. It is no longer a small workshop with a dark smell in our impression. Most of their factories are the same as formal watchmaking factories, and some are agents of brand watch parts. With the improvement of equipment, the level of imitations has also moved from low imitation, high imitation, and ultra high imitation. Now the well-known N and ZF plants are okay. When they leave the factory, it is stated that they are from the N and ZF plants. Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand, and the price also indicates that this is a fake watch. But now there is a situation and the most terrible, just like the colleague’s buddy who bought the Tudor ‘little copper flower’ a few days ago, they use fake watches to sell them at the real market price, and fish in troubled water. And it did a very ‘conscience’, just replaced the Tudor-made movement with the ETA core, the other is the same as the original model. Therefore, especially watch friends who buy the back cover model with a dense bottom, be careful.
The way must be right
   Although the channel to buy watches is a topic of great magic, everyone wants to buy the watch with less money. However, some ways to purchase watches are still not watchful:

Oris official flagship store in Tmall

   1. Web / Weidian: Although pictures and videos are a convincing mode for transmitting information, some are also the way for bad businesses to release smoke bombs. What this is talking about are those online stores without any guarantee (for example, some micro-businessmen who advertised under the watch house article, be careful!), They use e-commerce, or the sales model of micro-business, There are pictures and videos, which feel more real, but they are not. There are many people watching, and the producers of fake watches also increase the degree of imitation in various degrees. When you buy a fake, it hurts a little, but it hurts sadly and hurts you. Therefore, it is better to go to the big e-commerce where the brand is actually located. The formal e-commerce platform for meter purchase will provide after-sales service and fake rights protection. It is also now more and more people choose this way of buying a watch.

Rolex Green Water Ghost often purchased because of the heat

   2. Purchasing: The risk of purchasing is no less than that of online stores, especially when you buy watches for the first time, so be careful. In short, there is no harm in asking more. In addition to the basic purchasing vouchers, you can also inquire about the specific information of the model (the name of the sales store, the country, etc.), and then check it on the Internet. If not, then stop the ink. If it is introduced by a friend or an acquaintance is on a business trip, then the risk of such purchasing will be much smaller, so try it.

IWC Store in Beijing Wangfu Central

   3. Physical stores: Most brands have information about physical stores (exclusive stores, flagship stores) and partners (Hengli, Hendry, etc.) on their official websites. This is the most secure way. One. Of course, compared to the first two in terms of price and discount, it is not very beautiful, but fidelity is the most trustworthy one. Not to mention that some brands have already opened online watch purchases on their official websites (such as Panerai, Breitling, IWC and other watches). Buying them here is also guaranteed.
Information reserve for self-improvement

 Panerai’s homemade OP XXXIV movement

   If you like something, you must understand it. After all, common sense cannot be wrong. For example, it is well known that Panerai’s models have been copied immensely in previous years, but have improved in recent years. The root cause is that the brand’s new watches have begun to use their own movements, the pillow case has begun to become thinner and smaller, and has distinctive technical characteristics. Setting, it is easy to distinguish the authenticity, which is a good thing for the fans. Some simple lies, a little understanding will be self-defeating. It’s important to know more before you buy. How can I get more information? (Knock on the blackboard, draw the key points), naturally, check the watch home and the brand’s official website!
Summary: At the coming of 315, I wish every cousin can buy a good companion on the wrist. If there is a problem with Love Watch, it is best to protect your rights and interests in time.