Jaeger-lecoutre And Dicaprio Create Environmental Protection

Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio, is the environmental protection collaborator of the Jaeger-LeCoutre brand. He was at the premiere of the 11th hour of his documentary The 11th Hour Wearing the brand’s unique ‘Master Compressor Extreme Lab’ watch.
Swiss watch company Jaeger Le-Coultre and actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio have joined forces to participate in a world-wide green environmental protection charity fundraising event.
The brand announced at a press conference on Tuesday that ‘Time to Care’ helped Leonardo DiCaprio fund Leonardo DiCaprio’s funding for the California Public Foundation (CCF). The focus of this event is the sale of two special watches in the fall of 2008.
Both watches are the first in a set of limited edition watches. This set of limited watches uses some special craftsmanship that has never been used, and the proceeds will be 100% owned by the CCF Foundation.
The first out-of-print watch for sale was the ‘Master Compressor Extreme Lab’, the watch worn by DiCaprio in his documentary ‘Eleventh Hour’, and was engraved with his signature. At $ 300,000, it is the first of its kind in the ‘Extreme Lab’ series of watches distributed around the world.
This watch is made of carbon fiber and titanium, equipped with an automatic tourbillon movement, has a dual time zone, an analog AM / PM indicator at twelve o’clock, and a patented jumping calendar is displayed between 15 and 16 hours. Time is connected. In addition, it has a special feature. This is the first mechanical movement without any lubricant, and can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from minus forty degrees Celsius to sixty degrees Celsius.
The second out-of-print watch for sale is a unique version of the ‘Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2’ that sells for about $ 400,000. It is full of artistic emotions, and it is the first among the first spherical tourbillon watches and the second series of Reverso Gyrotourbillon watches to be released worldwide.
It has an important feature is the cylindrical hairspring with curved ends. The brand claims that this will bring innovative improvements in accuracy, paving the way for a series of rotary system precision improvements, which is particularly suitable for adaptation. The watch for wearers is an unprecedented advance. This watch has a fifty-hour energy reserve and it is made of platinum.
The Reverso Gyrotourbillon series contains more than 371 parts. It is specially designed to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Jaeger-LeCoutre.
This watch will debut in Jaeger-LeCoutre’s new stores. Jaeger-LeCoutre is expected to open several new stores in Boca Raton, Florida and Beverly Hills this summer and autumn respectively.
Jaeger-LeCoutre said that they have been committed to environmental protection, and are therefore concerned about DiCaprio’s efforts for environmental protection. His environmental protection behavior can be traced back to 1998 when he established his own environmental fund in CCF. .
The CCF Foundation is committed to raising people’s environmental awareness and taking corresponding actions on various environmental issues, including global warming and energy substitution and renewable resources, and protecting the biodiversity of the planet.
In addition to adopting such an action plan, Jaeger-LeCoutre has integrated all his sustainable development plans into a comprehensive work plan called ‘Making Time More Beautiful.’
The company also plans to carry out other green environmental protection activities in the coming months, including recycling and recycling, and using only renewable paper products to establish a corporate transportation system for employees and achieve diversified reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.
Source: National Jeweler