Low-key Luxury Piaget Dancer Platinum Ultra-thin Mechanical Watch

Simplicity is a high degree of tempering and purification of the brand’s craftsmanship. In a simple design watch, in addition to the basic design of the watch, the most convenient way to bring out the strength of the brand’s craftsmanship is the surface decoration skills of the craftsman for different parts. Even the most precious materials will be eclipsed by the loss of exquisite surface treatment. Only the treatment of excellent decorative techniques can make precious materials fully bloom their potential texture, so that the watch can reach the perfect state. Today’s Watch House brings you the Piaget Dancer white gold ultra-thin mechanical watch, reference model: G0A31035.

At first glance, this watch is simple and generous, without any sense of grandeur. At a close look, you can see that the brand’s craftsmanship is outstanding, and every detail can be described as flawless, with an unparalleled luxury taste in low-key.

The case of this watch has a case diameter of about 38 mm. The thin 18K white gold bezel is engraved with 12 pairs of pit patterns in a uniform depth and depth at the 12-hour scale. A sapphire crystal glass has a clear mirror. Nothing.

The satin-polished toffee hands, the Barton hour markers, and the dots on the outer edge of the dial and the matte-polished silver-plated dial have reached a harmonious unification in hue and sharp contrast in texture to ensure time. Legibility.

A small and exquisite model emphasizes the simple style of the watch. The satin-finished crown is engraved with a letter ‘P’ to represent its noble brand identity.

The treatment of the bracelet is also very delicate. The outer and inner edges of the platinum bracelet are treated with two different dials, polished and matt. The narrow chain increases the wearing comfort and undoubtedly increases the watchmaker. Steps and difficulty in part processing.

Ultra-thin has always been Piaget’s signature craftsmanship. The thickness of the case of this watch is only 6.9 mm. The simple right-angle design honestly reflects the thickness of the watch itself, and also shows the brand’s ultra-thin craftsmanship. Confident.

This watch is equipped with a one-piece platinum buckle, which is comfortable to wear without destroying the overall beauty of the bracelet. The new watch is covered with a yellow film, and the top of the buckle is printed with the initial ‘Piaget’ ‘P’ ‘mark.

Although the ‘Piaget’ LOGO at 12 o’clock on the dial is printed, it still has a three-dimensional texture in close view. The dial is radiated with delicate texture to the surroundings through the center of the dial.

The odd-numbered hour-markers printed on the dial also have a three-dimensional texture, and the even-numbered hour-markers inlaid with a uniform and fine-grained texture. Even the dot scales on the edge of the dial are polished one by one to give a fine gloss.

Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can get a glimpse of the exquisite movement. This watch is equipped with a 430P manual winding mechanical movement, which is derived from Piaget’s legendary 9P movement. It consists of 131 parts and has a thickness of only 131. It has 2.1 mm, the frequency of the movement is 21,600 times per hour, and it can provide a power reserve of about 43 hours. The movement contains 18 jewel bearings and is decorated with blue screws. The surface of the movement is decorated with a circular Geneva wave pattern. The main splint is polished round.

In summary: Piaget’s watch fully displays the brand’s unparalleled polishing and inlaying technology at the subtle details of the case, dial, bezel, movement and even the dot scale and bracelet, thus perfectly displaying the white gold The low-key texture, at the same time, has a dazzling and expensive metallic luster. With Piaget’s classic ultra-thin mechanical movement, Su Yazhong also has a lingering noble temperament. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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