Lange’s First Asia-pacific Concept Store Launched In Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland

The first concept store of German high-end watch brand Lange in the Asia-Pacific region landed in Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland. After more than 150 years of bumpy Lange, it was reborn again and will provide more watch lovers in China. Rich fine watchmaking experience.
Lange area inside WEMPE store in Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland
 To celebrate this milestone, Lange and Wempe held a reception at the new watch and jewelry store in Wempe’s Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center. Mr. Franck Giacobini, President of Lange Asia Pacific, and Ms. Kim-Eva Wempe, CEO and family heir of Wempe, were present in person.
 Ms. Kim-Eva Wempe, who made a special flight from Hamburg to Beijing, said: ‘Langer is undoubtedly the pride of the Germans and the founder and leader of traditional German watchmaking. Wempe is deeply honored as a close partner of Lange, and Every effort will be made to provide Lange customers with an extraordinary shopping experience. ‘
 Franck Giacobini, President of Lange Asia Pacific, said: ‘From the original one-person shop to Europe’s largest and highest-selling watch and jeweller with more than 600 employees today, Wempe is one of Germany’s best family-owned companies and also Lange One of the most important distribution partners worldwide. Lange values ​​Wempe’s outstanding contribution in spreading Lange’s watchmaking culture. ‘
Lange’s 1815 Sidestep watch for Wempe
 Based on precious friendship, Lange has customized several limited edition watches for Wempe in history. In 2003, the 125th anniversary of Wempe, Ms. Kim-Eva Wempe officially took over the management of the company from his father. To commemorate this series of important events, Lange specially released the 1815 Sidestep limited edition watch, which is of great historical significance. The watch that symbolizes the long-term friendship of Lange – Wempe is currently on display at Wempe Beijing Qiaofufang Grass Store. The design of Sidestep is based on the 1815 series of Lange’s tribute to founder Ferdinando Adolf Lange. Like the other members of the series, Sidestep inherits the aesthetics of Lange’s legendary pocket watches. The essence of pocket watch technology. And this Wempe commemorative model is unique in that each splint is based on the design style created by Dresden artist Carl Ludwig Graff (1844-1906) Etched by hand. The watchmaker’s outstanding craftsmanship guarantees the unique value of this masterpiece now, in the future and even forever. Starting in the second half of 2013, Lange’s newly launched 1815UP / DOWN and 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR will also enter the WEMPE Qiaofufang Grass Store.
Lange’s new 1815 collection
 WEMPE Beijing Qiaofufang Lawn Store (Langer Distributor)
 Address: L2-10, Second Floor, Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland Building, No. 9 Dongqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
 With nearly 135 years of history, Wempe is one of Germany’s oldest family businesses. From the original one-person shop to a company with more than 600 employees today; from the small watch shop of the year to 29 branches today in Germany, Europe, New York, Beijing and luxury cruise ships; from the original individual watch dealers to today’s Europe The largest and highest-selling watch and jeweller with its own jewellery brands (Wempe) and horological brands (Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i / SA and Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA), and also the European retailer with the largest watch factory . What is the secret of Wempe’s success? The secret lies in a century-old corporate culture: every employee sees himself as the spokesperson for the Wempe brand, with customer satisfaction as the highest goal. From the first day, the three corporate culture elements of first-class quality, high-end brand and continuation of tradition have been deeply imprinted in the hearts of every ‘Wempe’.
About Lange
 Lange was founded by Ferdinand A. Lange in 1845 in the small town of Glashütte, Saxony, Germany, and laid the foundation of German precision watchmaking. Lange’s history has been ups and downs, experiencing the glory of the pocket watch era in the 19th century, and was hit hard by the Second World War artillery. After the Cold War, it revived and returned to the top of the world’s precision watch industry. Today, Lange produces only thousands of gold or platinum watches each year, all equipped with exclusive movements that are carefully modified and assembled by hand. Within 20 years, Lange has developed more than 40 watch-manufactured movements, leading the world’s leading watch brand.
 In 1878, watchmaker Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe opened his first shop in Elsfleth on the Weser with 80 marks as the starting capital. This small watch shop is located in a relative’s At home. Today, Wempe, with a history of 135 years, is not only one of the oldest family companies in Germany, but also the largest and highest-selling watch and jeweller in Europe. It also has its own jewelry brand (Wempe) and watch brand (Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i / SA and Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA).
 The origins of the Lange family and the Wempe family can be traced back to before World War II, when Lange was synonymous with Germany’s top watchmaking industry. In 1927, Wempe started cooperation with several famous European watch factories, including Lange. In 1938, Herbert Wempe (son of WEMPE founder Gerhard Dietrich Wilhelm Wempe) and Otto Lange (grandson of Langer founder Ferdinand A. Lange) also founded the ‘Glasutti Observatory’ in the town of Glashütte. The joint trade union aims to establish a research and training centre for young watchmakers and a watchmaking fine-tuning institute. Unfortunately, the war sapped the plan and deeply affected the fate of the two families. In 1939, Wempe was taken over by the National Naval and Air Force Department and lost its right to self-decision. In 1945, Hamburg was in ruins and the Wempe branch was completely destroyed. The Lange plant in Grasutti was severely damaged during the bombing in the same year. The brand was nationalized by the East German government in 1948. Since then, the traditional German watchmaking process has disappeared in Germany along with the Lange trademark. On a produced watch. After the war, Wempe, headquartered in Hamburg, West Germany, was rebuilt, and in the 1960s it firmly seized the historic opportunity of the German economic miracle to restore its former glory. Lange was not able to rebuild the watch factory in the former East German town of Glashütte until the reunification of Germany and Germany in 1990.
In the late 1930s, Otto Lange, grandson of the founder of the Saxony watch industry, was with Herbert Wempe, founder of the WEMPE Chronometerwerke. Their goal is to establish a training, R & D and commissioning institution for young watchmakers at the Glashütte Observatory.
 In the new era, Lange and Wempe, out of the shadow of war and national division, played an important role in international watchmaking with German-style rigor and seriousness. Today, the global strategic partnership between the two sides has extended to Asia. Wempe’s new store on the second floor of Qiaofufang Lawn Shopping Center in Beijing is decorated with Wempe global unified standards. It is equipped with the most professional and high-quality staff and cutting-edge equipment. The elegant and sophisticated contemporary environment and warm atmosphere make the peers inimitable To the right is the ideal place to find a Lange watch.
 More information on Lange watches: Lange /

Gucci G-timeless New Automatic Watch

The G-Timeless collection of Gucci watch jewelry is both elegant and modern, and is one of Gucci’s flagship collections. This series is exquisite in appearance, rich in style and powerful in function. Today, three new self-winding watches are added.

The three new watches are available in stainless steel or light yellow PVD gold-plated case, with a comfortable wearing size of 38 mm. The most striking element is the time stamps in different shapes. The traditional numbers disappeared and replaced with different shapes of light gold: either for delicate bees and pentagrams, or for common time scales, and the only love at 7 o’clock. These striking hour markers are decorated on the silver or black surface, and the surface is decorated with delicate ‘rose shape’, which gives the watch a sense of rhythm and movement.

Complementing the creative design of these G-Timeless automatic models is high-end Swiss watchmaking technology: all three watches are equipped with ETA 2824 movements, and all the internal machinery and the oscillating weight are visible at a glance through the transparent case back. The dial is embossed with the word ‘Gucci Automatic’ at 12 o’clock, and the date is displayed at 6 o’clock. Black or brown alligator straps make these unique masterpieces perfect.

These new automatic models of the G-Timeless series can be called the exciting new members of the ‘rich’ series of Gucci watches, which make Gucci’s inherent elegance and natural manifestation, showing the brand’s enduring endurance Creative spirit.

Simple And Mysterious Three Black Men’s Watches Recommended

To attract the attention of buyers, a watch must first have an outstanding appearance design. The appearance of the watch is nothing more than the case, dial and strap, and the dial is the most important one. For some parts, we all know that the design of the dial requires a lot of effort from the designer. The choice of color and reasonable layout is an esoteric knowledge. Today, the watches that the House of Watches recommends for you all use black dials, with simple and practical functions, which both show the atmosphere and have a hint of mystery.
Tissot T-CLASSIC T063.610.16.052.00

Basic Information
Watch model: T063.610.16.052.00
Watch Series: T-CLASSIC
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch strap: cowhide
Reference price: ¥ 2,200
Watch details: WW1 series WW1-96 GRANDE DATE watch

Basic Information
Watch model: WW1-96 GRANDE DATE
Watch series: VINTAGE WW1 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 45 mm
Watch strap: crocodile leather
Reference price: ¥ 33,400
Watch details: The GRANDE DATEVintage WW1 is a classic that pays homage to the pilot’s watch of the 1920s. The watch uses a black-based design style, with a silver case, dignified and generous, mysterious and hidden power. The dial display is clear and clear, without too much decoration and rendering, it will fully express the low-key and simple performance. The oversized dial with a diameter of 45 mm becomes one of the unique designs of this watch. The case is made of stainless steel, with a black alligator leather strap. The pure black dial is mysterious and atmospheric. With pure white hands, it is more stylish. The 3 o’clock position is another unique design of this watch. The rectangular date display window can accurately display the date of the day, and the 12 o’clock position is the Bell & Ross brand logo. The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. The watch with this movement is very convenient to wear. As long as it is wound for the first time, as long as you wear enough time every day in the future, It can replenish energy to the clockwork source, so that the automatic watch can run normally.
Rado Star R32109152 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: R32109152
Watch Series: Hao Xing Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch strap: ceramic / stainless steel
Reference price: ¥ 16,100
Watch details: rado / 36625 /
Watch Reviews: Radar Haoxing series high-tech ceramic watches adopt a simple and capable shape design, a delicate dial layout, and high-tech ceramic materials shining with metallic luster, presenting a new era of elegant style created by avant-garde technology. The case of this watch is made of high-tech ceramics and stainless steel with a diameter of 38 mm. The shiny metallic luster of stainless steel on the case is perfectly matched with the delicate enamel black of high-tech ceramics, showing a unique style that is both stylish and elegant. temperament. The overall design of the dial is simple and elegant. A date display window is set at 3 o’clock. Below 12 o’clock is the anchor mark of the radar mechanical watch. The watch is equipped with two exquisitely shaped bar pointers. The center of the hands is filled with black material. Refilled with fluorescent materials to maintain legible readability even in dark environments. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. Through the sapphire crystal glass embedded in the case back, the exquisite Swiss mechanical movement can be seen at a glance. It contains 25 jewel bearings, which can provide sufficient time for the watch. Power reserve.
Summary: Some people say that wearing a watch is not only for reading time, but also a manifestation of mood. These black dial watches give a calm and atmospheric feeling, and it is also a good scenery to wear on your wrist. Table plan, may wish to consider.

Bulgari’s Geometric Design Leads The Watch Kingdom With A Stronger Recognition

In addition to the previous three black lacquered dial OCTO watches, BVLGARI has now launched a new model combining stainless steel and rose gold with a white lacquered dial . The combination of different tones of metal creates a clear and interlaced visual effect, making the timeless bold design of the OCTO series watches more strongly recognizable.

 The OCTO watch series was born in 2012. It has a unique octagonal case with a round bezel. It is simple and exquisite, and it can be called one of the most representative BVLGARI watch series.

 The OCTO watch is a symbol of ‘perfect geometry’: it breaks the traditional sense of aesthetics and displays a unique and subtle personality style through a harmonious and balanced design. The OCTO series has long transcended the meaning of pure watches. It has been endowed with extraordinary temperament, eclectic personality and mature and restrained style connotation, which perfectly shows the unique charm of BVLGARI men’s watches.

 The case of the new OCTO watch continues its design features. The case is composed of 110 facets, each of which is carefully polished and polished by hand, showing the overall refined style of the watch in the details, perfectly showing the BVLGARI Beautiful original Roman architecture inspired design. The case design of the OCTO watch is extremely contemporary in aesthetics, and with a low-key and classic dial layout, it will become a new model of luxury men’s watches in the future.

 BVLGARI OCTO series stainless steel rose gold technical parameters

Case: 41.5mm stainless steel case, double-sided anti-reflective anti-wear sapphire transparent case back, 18K rose gold screw-in crown with black ceramic plate

Dial: white lacquered dial, hand-applied rose gold plated hour markers

Movement: BVL 193 one-way self-winding mechanical movement with double barrel

Functions: hour, minute and second hands display, calendar window at three o’clock

Power reserve: 50 hours

Gems: 28 gems

Water resistance: 100 meters

Strap: brown alligator leather with folding clasp

Parmigiani Launches New Toric Tecnica Ombre Blanche Watch

According to the watch house, Parmigiani, an independent watch brand from Switzerland, recently launched a new TORIC TECNICA OMBRE BLANCHE complication watch, which includes three questions, perpetual calendar, tourbillon Three of the world’s top watchmaking craftsmanship.

    Tecnica Ombre Blanche has shown stunning beauty. It inherits the principle of Parmigiani independent watchmaking, combining luxury materials with top-level watchmaking technology, and its value is naturally self-evident. I believe that every watch enthusiast will be impressed by its extraordinary beauty, but the superb craftsmanship also determines that it will be given a high price.

 The watch is made of high-temperature-fired white enamel and carved with 18K rose gold decals. Its special pattern is called ‘Grand feu’ enamel exterior, hand-engraved centre. The hands of the watch have a luminous layer and are triangular in shape.

 The case uses 45 mm, this size also caters to the current popularity of large diameter. The overall thickness is 13 mm, and the watch is water-resistant to 10 meters. The mirror is made of anti-glare sapphire crystal. The overall design is a three-layered round case with a backside design and an independent number engraving.

 The strap of the watch is a Hermes crocodile belt, rose gold with a black nickel strap, the overall feel is simple but elegant, it can be described as a model of noble watchmaking. Buckle with rose gold pin buckle.

 Parmigiani is passionate about creating some of the world’s unique luxury timepieces. Although this TENICCA OMBRE BLANCHE doesn’t know how many, each one is definitely valuable. It is equipped with a PF351 manual winding movement inside.

 The PF351 manual winding movement brings together the world’s top three complicated clocks and watches, including the minute repeater, tourbillon and perpetual calendar. It is composed of 482 movement parts. Not only that, the watch’s power reserve movement is completed by 2 o’clock, a quarter of an hour and the minutes are performed by two gongs.

 The power reserve of the movement is 48 hours, the diameter of the movement is 29.3 mm, and then it is only 12.3 mm in thickness. The frequency is 3 Hz-21.600 Vib / h, with a single barrel inside. Both the main splint and the bridge are exquisitely polished by hand chamfering. The official model is: PFH466-1002400-HA1241

Jacques Droe’s Masterpiece Of Enamel Craftsmanship – Hour Minute Dial Watch

From the initial sketch almost three centuries ago to the landing of the latest masterpiece today, Jaquet Droz has faithfully inherited the core idea of ​​Pierre Jaquet-Droz-simplicity Aesthetics, bold style and innovative clockwork continue the legend of watchmaking.

 The PetiteHeureMinuteSmaltaClara hour and minute dial (PetiteHeureMinuteSmaltaClara) launched on the occasion of the brand’s 280th anniversary is no exception. This watch inherits the brand’s centuries-old tradition and has its own personality. For the first time, the Jaquet Droz brand uses the empty window enamel technique in its new work. Its Latin name is ‘smaltaclara’. Jaquet Droz has always been known for its superb fire flame enamel craftsmanship, but the process of empty window enamel is more difficult. This process, which was born 1500 years ago, requires precise control of the flames to avoid cracks in the enamel. The risk of cracks in the glazed surface increases with each firing.

 The finished product is no longer a single enamel, but consists of enamel blocks of different colors and shapes. The enamel blocks are separated by gold wires. In the end, the enamel is not covered on the metal bottom, but filled with a hollow grille, like a stained glass window. It can be said that the empty window enamel (SmaltaClara) has no bottom layer. Light can penetrate the glazed surface, reflecting every delicate color.

 When the light shines, the tiger pattern specially painted by Jaquet Droz for this watch seems to inject vitality and come to life. This animal image is drawn with vivid and modern lines, adding a touch of toughness to this soft and gentle watch. Each dial uses at least 7 colors to make the tiger look real. The bezel is set with 100 brilliant diamonds, set against subtle details, highlighting its majesty. Jaquet Droz uses crystal pure enamel, which can completely penetrate the light without blocking or deforming, creating stunning visual effects. It takes four days for the enamel artisan to make a dial.

 The PetiteHeureMinuteSmaltaClara watch is also one of the very few Jakodro timepieces with an eccentric hour and minute display at 2 o’clock. The extremely streamlined dial provides tigers with a space to repel others. Following the fine watchmaking tradition, the mother-of-pearl dial is paired with two blue-steel hands. The crown is also set at 2 o’clock, hiding the chain shaft under the enamel. For this reason, Jaquet Droz chose to carry the elegant 8-Lady8Flower series movement, which is the smallest mechanical movement in the brand series.
 PetiteHeureMinuteSmaltaClara watches are available in two styles, each limited to 28 pieces. This watch is 35 mm in diameter and the ears and bezel are set with diamonds. The first model has a white gold case with a blue tiger pattern, and the second model has a red gold case with a gold and brown tiger pattern. Each watch is equipped with a hand-rolled satin strap that matches the dial hue. This new work is bound to write a new chapter in the glorious history of the Jaquet Droz art workshop.

Baked Patek Philippe Rectangular Antique Watch With Diamonds

The rectangle itself gives the impression of discipline and restraint. It is not as artistic as the barrel shape. The rectangular case was very common in early women’s jewellery watches. Its slenderness fits women’s slender wrists, which is also consistent with the general settings of women’s watch jewelry bracelets. The men’s watch’s rectangular case appeared with a neutral temperament. Bvlgari antique watches made in the 1930s, you can say that it is a female watch. It is restrained and low-key, and the dial is also equipped with a Greek key pattern, which is really not like the style of an Italian man.
The rectangular antique watch around 1942 by Philippe Philippe is also very fine and rare. From the asymmetric diamond setting, it can be guessed that designers also pay more attention to the decorativeness of watches. After various attempts, rectangular men’s watches are still less mainstream today. A few popular rectangular cases are also unisex, like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series and Cartier TANK series. To make the rectangle purely male, there are only a few modern and avant-garde brands.

Longines (Longines) Zhenqing Festival Gift Hours

Winter’s footsteps are gradually gone, and the vitality of all things sprouting announces the coming of another new year. In this early spring season, the joy of the festival is also wafting in the air-traditional Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day, two festivals come together, harvest, sweetness and hope become thick and warm, and welcome the beginning of the new year. Longines specially selects exquisite timepieces that combine pure craftsmanship and elegant design, and dedicates to the holiday time. It entrusts the expectations of the New Year and the blessings of those who cherish to the eye-catching brilliance on the wrist. Yuan implies a complete wish, and the ticking movement of the movement is a blessing from the ear.
For Him Golden Feast
   The moment of reunion is just like a huge crystal intoxicating in the glass. Toasting to make a wish for the future, time is condensed into this gorgeous space and blooms. Engraving a permanent moment with a distinguished gold watch, this supreme magnificent color is the best response to the celebration, and an elegant and restrained golden light is the best endorsement of elite men. Longines integrates different design elements into a square inch space, with a superb movement as its heart, and gold watches highlight the different vitality of each watch. The Longines fashion series models use ultra-thin design combined with vertical and horizontal simple lines to interpret the ultimate elegance; Concas series 18K gold diamond watches have thick and round lines, the body exudes a sense of infinite power; single-button column wheel chronograph stopwatch 180th anniversary model Ingenious, exuding a classic retro feel in every detail. With countless expressions on his wrists, the longines have remained unchanged for 180 years.

For Her

   Qinggemanwu, dazzling Chinese clothes-the dazzling light set off the festivities of the moment of celebration, just like the vivid light of diamonds. This immortal light is based on rare materials, and considers the delicate and delicate processes. Today, Longines borrows a touch of agile diamond light and uses this set of beloved supremely gorgeous makeup to make the scenery on the wrist infinite. The Longines Jialan Series 180th Anniversary Limited Edition watch brings together 180 beautiful diamonds, embracing a smooth and elegant surface, just like the stars of the night sky scattered on the silver plate on the earth. The exquisite aspect, refraction, leaping, reaches the deepest part of the heart of beauty. And the luxury beauty of diamonds in the famous master series moon phase diamond watch is another graceful appearance. The mother-of-pearl dial exudes a delicate and soft natural color, evenly arranged on top of the top beautiful diamonds glittering and crystal clear moving brilliance, contrasting the two phases to highlight the watch’s fresh elegance, exquisite and extraordinary. With the diamond’s metaphor meaning the beauty of time, the diamond embellishment is used as the finishing touch of the watch. Such a perfect match shines the unique charm of women.

For Lovers Moments

   The instantaneous heartbeat of the electric light flint, and the bits and pieces that depend on each other after that will have extraordinary significance. On the festival dedicated to lovers, decorate this happy hour with a pair of Longines watches, and wish eternal love through time. Ten fingers are interlocked, and the minds are connected, passing the warmth of the grip to the people around you. The natural pair of timepieces on the wrist is the best declaration of love. The new Compat series 18K gold men and women pay tribute to the long history of watchmaking, with elegant arcs depicting elegant expressions. The rose-gold hands exude a charming light, which is the perfect portrayal of the two men’s firm eyes. The men’s and women’s styles use black and white dials respectively, which symbolizes the vows of Ren Yinqing’s absence. This pair of watches selects the pure movement of Longines watch, which is designed for the lovers of the world to beat every second precisely to protect each other’s hearts.

Single product information:
For Him

Longines Guide Wheel Single Button Chronograph Stopwatch 180th Anniversary Edition Model: L2.775.8.23.3 Price: RMB79,400
   The 180th anniversary edition of Longines’ column-wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch with its special single-button design commemorates the first chronograph stopwatch produced by Longines in 1878. This watch is in rose gold style, numbered, but not limited. The white dial is decorated with 8 black Arabic numerals and a striking red number 12, recreating the unique dial originally created by Longines founder Agassi. Equipped with a single-button column wheel movement L788 developed exclusively for Longines, with a brown alligator strap.
Longines Fashion Series Rose Gold Men’s Watch Model: L4.778.8.11.0 Price: RMB25,900
   The classic Longines fashion series watches reveal the simplicity and subtle beauty, while the rose gold case highlights the noble and understated luxury personality. This watch is 34.5 mm in diameter. The 18K rose gold case houses the L619 automatic movement. The pure white surface can display the hours and minutes, the date window at 3 o’clock, and the black alligator leather strap. 30 meters.
Concas series stainless steel rose gold men’s watch L3.676.5.87.7 Price: RMB30,300
   Longines Conquest is the brand’s understanding and display of elegant movement. It is equipped with a mechanical movement of automatic movement L633, with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour and a 38-hour energy reserve. The watch is based on a white mother-of-pearl surface with 12 Diamond scale, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, elegant and smooth scratch-resistant material for curved surface, triple safety buckle, fine adjustment can be made during diving, waterproof up to 300 meters.

For Her
Longines Jialan Series 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Model L4.514.0.87.6 Price: RMB52,000
   Longines has also produced a limited edition of the 180th anniversary of the Jialan series in the ultra-thin style of the same brand. The Longines Jialan Series 180th Anniversary Limited Edition, a 29mm diameter ultra-thin stainless steel case with 180 diamonds in the outer ring. There are 12 diamonds on the white mother-of-pearl dial as the hour. With stainless steel bracelet and quartz movement. The 180th Anniversary Limited Edition of the Longines Jialan series has become a new face in this classic series. The Longines Jialan series has been loved by elegant men and women all over the world for the past 20 years. With L209 quartz movement (ETA E03.001), stainless steel round case, diameter 29mm, bezel set with 180 top Westerton VVS diamonds (0.714 carats), white mother-of-pearl dial set with 12 diamond moments, Water-resistant to 3 atmospheric pressures (ie 30 meters), sapphire crystal, stainless steel bracelet with push-to-fold safety buckle.
Longines Master Series Moon Phase Diamond Watch Model: L2.503.0.97.3 RMB not priced
   Longines famous watch series diamond watch with its perfect and simple design and manufacture, presents Longines’ philosophy and pursuit. The sophisticated mechanical movement built in the famous master series is precise and outstanding, and the design is more elegant and elegant. The diamond watch has a brilliant ornate diamond frame and chic colors, which reflects the brand’s originality and interprets the bright romantic beauty. . It is especially suitable for elegant people with a certain artistic literacy and humanistic atmosphere, who know how to taste life, and love to enjoy a refined life, pursue fashion, but not blindly follow. This Longines masterpiece stainless steel moon phase watch contains the L600 automatic winding movement. The pink mother-of-pearl surface is lined with a diamond bezel set with 100 high-quality diamonds of the top Wesselton VVS, weighing 0.9 carats. The 11 moments on the surface are inlaid with two glittering diamonds, which are elegant and noble. At 6 o’clock, there are moon phase display and date display; the day of the week and month display are set at 12 hours. The back of the watch sees through the moving movement. Pink leather strap with water resistance up to 30 meters (100 feet).
Longines Master Series Moon Phase Diamond Watch Model: L2.503.0.87.3 RMB not priced
   The Longines Master Craftsmanship Diamond Series presents Longines’ philosophy and pursuit with its perfect and simple design and manufacture. The sophisticated mechanical movement built in the famous master series is precise and outstanding, and the design is more elegant and elegant. The diamond watch has a brilliant ornate diamond frame and chic colors, which reflects the brand’s originality and interprets the bright romantic beauty. . It is especially suitable for elegant people with a certain artistic literacy and humanistic atmosphere, who know how to taste life, and love to enjoy a refined life, pursue fashion, but not blindly follow. This Longines masterpiece stainless steel moon phase watch contains the L600 automatic winding movement. The white mother-of-pearl is lined with a diamond bezel set with 100 high-quality diamonds in the top Wesselton VVS, weighing 0.9 carats. The 11 moments on the surface are inlaid with two glittering diamonds, which are elegant and noble. At 6 o’clock, there are moon phase display and date display; the day of the week and month display are set at 12 hours. The back of the watch sees through the moving movement. White leather strap with water resistance up to 30 meters (100 feet).

For Lovers

Compat Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Men’s Watch Model: L2.785.5.76.7 Price: RMB29,900
   The addition of the new Compaq series adds a beautiful sight to Longines’ classic collection, and has earned it a reputation and success worldwide. This watch is 40 mm in diameter and has a steel and rose gold case and bracelet with a built-in L619 mechanical movement. The silver dial is engraved with 3 Arabic numerals and 9 luminous small scales, displaying hours, minutes and seconds, and the date display window is located at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.
Compat series stainless steel rose gold ladies watch Model: L2.785.5.76.7 Price: RMB25,800
   The addition of the new Compaq series adds a beautiful sight to Longines’ classic collection, and has earned it a reputation and success worldwide. This watch is 40 mm in diameter and has a steel and rose gold case and bracelet with a built-in L619 mechanical movement. The black dial is engraved with 3 Arabic numerals and 9 luminous small scales, displaying hours, minutes and seconds, and the date display window is located at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

2012 Best Men’s Watches Recommended

Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101
The traditional idea is that the watch design only involves the appearance and packaging of the watch, which is inherently functional first. Who says aesthetic value and practicality cannot be both? The Millenary 4101 watch challenges this tradition. The appearance and innerness of this watch groundbreakingly realize the seamless integration of function and design.
腕表 The representative of this watch is the oval case and the small eccentric dial with Roman numerals. The frosted bezel contrasts with the polished bezel, which subtly adds the effect of this watch. Three-dimensional high-tech assistance makes this watch’s design exquisitely extraordinary.
Calibre 4101 movement is completely designed, developed and manufactured independently. Here, the parts usually hidden behind the watch can be seen from the front. To achieve this, the adjustment mechanism consisting of the balance wheel, lever and escapement was redesigned and machined. At 9 o’clock, these precision structures that are not usually seen suddenly appear naked, indeed eye-catching: eight inertial weights, unique spanning golden bridges, levers and escapement wheels are clearly visible.
In addition, more than 12 bridge plates are cleverly arranged on the surface of the movement. In addition to ensuring that various parts are in place, these bridges also play a role in beautifying the movement. Jun does not see the three beautiful parallel arcs on the left side of the dial. Horizontal Geneva Decorative patterns such as ripples, circles, and snails are distributed in different parts of the movement, creating contrast and depth. The screw arrangement on the left-hand side of the dial emphasizes the oval shape of the case, the hemispherical convex mirror and the gemstones shining at 10, 11 and 12 o’clock on the dial all shape the overall impression of both inside and outside.

Hermès Time Out
概括 To sum up the miracle of Arceau Le Temps suspendu in one sentence, let time be on the dial. This complication exclusively for fun Hermès is a world first.
After the simple and cute design, there is an extremely complicated mechanism. By adding additional modules, it automatically and automatically changes between the pause time and the standard time to achieve this ‘mirage’.
This watch is protected by two patents, namely the patent protection on the structure and the patent protection on the swaying teeth. The operating time and pause time phases are coordinated by two synchronized column wheels, one driving the hour hand and the other driving the minute hand and date. The hour and minute hands complete 360 ​​° backwards in an instant, making time seem to disappear without disturbing the normal movement of the movement.
The herringbone engraved dial is engraved with the Hermès mark, and the delicate wood graining enhances the contrast of the retrograde hands. The asymmetry created by the winding crown at 2 o’clock creates an unexpected harmony, and it also implies that harmony can sometimes originate from paradoxes … just like the time to intentionally let time disappear from your own world, in fact It was for another moment to willingly return to its embrace.
In addition to the elegant appearance and the world’s first triple-flyback function, what really fascinates me is the idea of ​​’pause time’-press the button, the calendar hand disappears, and the hour and minute hands return to the 12 o’clock rest Area, the earth continues to turn but time is paused for me. Whatever you want, instead of being driven away by time, it can only wait for the time when I’m willing to press the button again to recall. Can it direct time, isn’t it wonderful? Is it not only men who yearn for it?

DB 25 Perpetual Calendar
DB25QP, as the interpretation of the perpetual calendar by the De Bethune watch factory, not only conveys the cutting-edge of advanced watchmaking technology, but also expresses the poetic meaning of measuring time: the starry sky, the moon phase display, and the perpetual calendar all converge in small square inches.
44A circular case with a diameter of 44 mm is inspired by the drum, but the lines are slender and classic. The unique hollow lugs of the DB25 series make it recognizable without a second eye, which is unique and exquisite.
The silver dial’s center area is carved by hand, and the outer hour ring scale interval is used as the boundary. It is divided into 12 fan-shaped areas to increase time legibility. At 12 o’clock, the stars held the moon and wore a central half-titanium and half-blue steel sphere, and a full moon hung like a starry night sky. The small hole below the full moon is a leap year indicator. The date display is on the sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and the windows showing the day and month are at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively.
De Bethune specially developed Calibre DB2324 QP for this watch, which represents the most advanced technology of the watch factory, including perpetual calendar function, accurate spherical moon phase display function (‘1 day error in 122 years’), self-adjusting double-engine Bar case, triple ‘Pare-chute’ shock absorber and titanium / platinum bimetal balance.

Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-rotor
Laurent Ferrier hopes to provide true innovation for those precision machinery enthusiasts, so that he can be different from other watchmakers, so he repeatedly thought about the original watchmaking concept. The watchmaker is passionate about constructing movements and has independently developed a series of unconventional but excellent visual effects.
表 This watch is equipped with a black or brown alcantara crocodile leather strap, white gold with pin buckle, red gold with butterfly buckle, which shows the meticulous thoughts and ultimate aesthetics of this pair of father and son

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony
Self-winding movement with fine watchmaking and sanding decoration, power reserve of 40 hours. 18K 5N red gold case, white matte lacquered dial, exquisite and clear layout in the world, Mississippi alligator leather strap, with 18K 5N red gold folding buckle.

Starlight Shines And Charms Bvlgari 2018 Basel New Exhibition Summary

Every year, there will be a feast in the front hall of the Basel Show, and the Bulgari exhibition hall decorated with the special theme of the year will attract world media people, dealers and Watch lovers. This year Bvlgari has two of the most important themes, one is the Tubogas bracelet and the other is the Octo Finissimo ultra-thin watch. For the first time, Bulgari introduced the Tubogas bracelet design to the brand’s iconic women’s watch series Lvcea, presenting a series of noble and elegant goddess halo. Extraordinary charm. Octo Finissimo set the world’s thinnest record for the fourth time. The high-tech materials and innovative mechanical structure are cleverly combined to play the wonderful rhythm of the watch.
Bvlgari LVCEA TUBOGAS watch

  In 2014, Bvlgari ushered in the 130th anniversary of the founding of the brand. To celebrate this special occasion, the brand launched a number of new watches. Among them, the LVCEA series has a unique elegant design, born for women, the light shines, and has become many women. Dream Watch. This year, Bvlgari added a new option to this series, perfectly combining the well-known Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet with the Lvcea series, interpreting the charm of modern style. This is the first time that the Lvcea series introduces the Tubogas bracelet. The name of the Lvcea series is derived from the Latin ‘light’, which symbolizes life and beauty. The Lvcea series ladies watches are specially designed for the charming charm of modern women, giving women a chic and elegant personality.
Watch real shot: The new Serpenti series watches follow the iconic characteristics of the family, Serpenti series Xuan Cai time watches provide a variety of ways to wear, illusion respecting individual style. The rose gold bracelet also presents an elegant and graceful charm, bringing a colorful upgrade to the spirit snake watch series. The new watch combines white, rose gold, and gold classic colors, which is very individual and exquisite. Double-link bracelet in 18K yellow, white and rose gold linked with Tubogas craftsmanship; 18K rose gold case with brilliant-cut diamond-set bezel. The smooth winding ring strap is as agile and graceful as a serpentine shape.
Watch real shot: id = ‘my-video’ class = ‘video-js vjs-big-play-centered’ controls preload = ‘auto’ poster = ‘data-setup =’ {} ‘width =’ 700 ‘>

Bvlgari Serpenti Time Watch

  This year, Bvlgari launched the new Serpenti series watch, which represents the infinite possibilities of the renewed soul snake transformation. The Serpenti timepieces follow the iconic traits of the family and offer a variety of ways to wear, illusionizing and respecting individual styles. A series of colorful leather straps bring rich choices for daily wear, exaggerated and charming temperament, and the rose gold bracelet also presents elegant and gentle charm, bringing colorful upgrades to the spirit snake watch series.

Bvlgari OCTO FINISSIMO AUTOMATIC automatic sandblasting watch

  At the Baselworld 2018, Bvlgari’s highly regarded Octo Finissimo Automatic ultra-thin automatic winding watch ushered in two new masterpieces, interpreting charming Italian style. The new products are made of rose gold and rhodium-plated steel and sandblasted materials, leading the watch design into a new field. The exquisite matte technology interprets the watch’s color and vitality, shines, and continues the metallic luster unique to the series. Following the launch of titanium watches in 2017, this year’s new products all use sandblasted surface technology, exuding a strong modern style and stunning beauty.
Watch real shot: Finissimo skeleton watch

  The new Octo Finissimo series of skeleton watches, ultra-thin, hollow, two difficult skills in the watch industry meet here, what kind of fun will be born? The new Bulgari Octo Finissimo skeleton watch is made of titanium, the surface is sandblasted, and the matte dark color refines the watch’s extreme masculinity. With a diameter of 40 mm and a total thickness of 5.37 mm, it visually enhances its ultra-thin texture again. And in such an impactful case design, it is equipped with a more powerful hollowed-out movement. Through transparent gemstone glass, you can clearly appreciate every detail of the movement.
Watch real shot: ROMA watch

  Based on the most representative octagonal shell of the OCTO series, Bulgari will be rooted in the artistic atmosphere of Roman style, and this masculine watch will be brought into the OCTO ROMA series. Since its launch, this series has formed an independent style that is significantly different from OCTO. It has more mellow elements than OCTO. In addition to retaining the iconic octagonal design, it has a layer of Italian elegance. This year, in this series, Bulgari launched a blue dial style with a strong modern aesthetic temperament. What kind of spark will be caused by the collision between modern and classic? The new watch uses a stainless steel case. The case is modified and still retains the octagonal case shape, weakening the original strong angular sense, achieving a balance between elegant and rigid, showing a unique personality. With its simple design and superb watchmaking skills, the Octo Roma watches are fascinating at first sight.
Watch real shot: This year’s Bulgari LVCEA series watch has a lot more features than in previous years. In addition to introducing the Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet into the series for the first time, it also for the first time symbolizes the top watchmaking. The hollow-out technique of craftsmanship was introduced into the LVCEA watch, so that women also enjoyed the same right as men to appreciate the ultimate mechanical charm. Moreover, compared to the men’s skeleton, the Bulgari LVCEA series skeleton watch is sexy and can’t be seen at a glance.
Watch real shot: DREAM series watch
Bvlgari OCTO watch
Bvlgari 2018 LVCEA watch
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: