Perfectly Embodying The ‘the Nature Of Time’ Brand Spirit, Grand Seiko Announces Tian Haiyouxi As The Spokesperson For Asia

Grand Seiko (9/20), a high-end watch brand under SeikoWatch Corporation, officially announced that Amami Yuki, a well-known Japanese actress, will be the spokesperson for Asia, and will be the spokesperson for reporters at the birthplace of SEIKO, Tokyo Ginza meeting. Tian Haiyouxi attended the press conference with a simple outfit and GrandSeiko model (model: SBGA211), and was praised by the Japanese for the first place in ‘Good Favor’. He was deeply loved by the audience for his straight and natural image, and the GrandSeiko brand The spirit expressed in the main axis ‘THENATUREOFTIME’ echoes perfectly.

GrandSeiko actively expands the global market and invites Japanese actress Tenkai Yuki to be the spokesperson for Asia

   Since its birth in 1960, GrandSeiko has been aiming at the most advanced watches. Through continuous innovation, pursuit and practice of the essence of watches, it strives for correctness, practicality and legibility to achieve the true essence of watchmaking. Since 2010, GrandSeiko has officially begun its global development. With the help of a small number of advanced watch factories that can be produced by the factory and the design of the washing chain, it has won high praise in the watch industry.

GrandSeiko (9/20) officially announced the appointment of Yukai Tianhai, the number one in Japan for ‘comfort’, as the brand’s spokesperson for Asia.

   GrandSeiko has been expanding overseas markets since 2010 and became an independent brand in 2017. Shinji Hattori, representative president and CEO of the SEIKO Group, said that GrandSeiko ranks third in Japan in the category of high-end watches that include Swiss brands; and in overseas markets such as the United States, the turnover in the past two years It has grown 4 times. In order to expand the overseas market again, GrandSeiko has set up specialized stores in various countries. Among them, in order to express its importance to the Asian market, in addition to the fourth GrandSeiko flagship store opened in Bangkok, Thailand in August this year, it is also expected to open China in Shanghai next year. The first GrandSeiko flagship store.

Mr. Shinji Hattori, the representative and president of the SEIKO Group, presented a special flower to Yukai Tianhai at the press conference. He said that Yukai Tianhai possesses the charisma and strong appeal, and through her ability to wear watches, and Japanese culture and spirit are conveyed to consumers in Asia.
   In order to communicate more accurately with consumers in the Asian market, this year we especially invited Yuki Tenkai, who is highly popular in the Japanese film and television industry, to become the spokesperson for GrandSeiko Asia. Hatsune Shinji believes that because Tenkai Yuki possesses the charismatic charm and strong appeal, through Tenkai Yuki, he can convey the joy of wearing a watch and the culture and spirit of Japan to Asian consumers.

Since 2016 as the spokeswoman for the Japanese GrandSeiko, she has deeply realized the charm of GrandSeiko and found that the overall life texture has become more refined since wearing GrandSeiko.

Tian Haiyouxi perfectly interprets ‘My time is free and punctual’

   Since 2016 as the spokeswoman for the Japanese GrandSeiko, she has deeply realized the charm of GrandSeiko and found that the overall life texture has become more refined since wearing GrandSeiko. This time she was invited to be the Asian spokesperson for GrandSeiko, and she shot a brand-new GrandSeiko advertising video, which perfectly interpreted the advertising spindle of ‘My time is free and punctual’ in a style full of naturalness.

Tian Hai Youxi wears a GrandSeiko quartz ladies watch-STGF27, compact and versatile.

   Since she really loves GrandSeiko, she not only wears GrandSeiko watches every day, but also gives her younger brother the ‘Snow Queen’ SBGA211 watch she wears in advertisements, and laughs, ‘My younger brother’s life has become very active now!’ I have a long life. I feel the flow of time through GrandSeiko and let myself know how to cherish time. This is also the true meaning of the main axis of advertising: ‘My time is free and punctual.’

The model shown in the advertisement is a GrandSeikoSpringDrive movement model, model SBGA211.

   In the press conference, Tian Haiyouxi also mentioned that in order to capture the natural feeling in the sun when shooting the advertisement, all staff accompanied her to work under the sun and the sun, and thanked the staff for their hard work. Tian Haiyouxi, who is well-known in Asian countries, said that because of her work, she visited Asian countries and felt the different cultural styles of each country. Now she has been given the role of GrandSeiko’s Asian spokesperson. Some worldviews have spread to the whole world, making her feel honored.

Tian Hai Youxi, standing on the top floor of the bell tower of SEIKO Ginza and Hikari Department Store, is confident and elegant.

About GrandSeiko’s Asian spokesperson-Tianhai Yuxi

   Tian Haiyouxi has a deep relationship with GrandSeiko. In 2016, she was the spokeswoman for GrandSeiko. In 2019, she became the brand spokesperson for GrandSeiko Asia. She became a queen in the film and television industry after her 2005 starring in the Japanese drama ‘Queen’s Classroom’. Since then, she has also been a member of the well-known Takarazuka Opera Troupe. Dramatic works over the years include ‘The Queen’s Classroom’, ‘The Anchor Queen’, ‘A Mature Woman Around’, ‘Divorce Lawyer’ and ‘The Queen of BOSS’, etc. Best Actress Award, one of the important actresses in Asia.