Please Return ‘double Eleven’ To The Bachelor

With the packaging and enthusiasm of online e-commerce, ‘Single Stick Festival’, a ‘festival’ that once only belonged to singles, has now erased the grieving mood and has become a shopping carnival for the majority of youth Those little couples who went out of the way were happier than the bachelors. However, it is rumored that each year’s ‘Double Eleven’ e-commerce carnival causes many couples to break up, which is also a great contribution to the majority of singles …

  This year, with the upcoming Singles Day in 2014, the rankings of ‘China’s 11 Singles’, ‘China’s 11 Singles Colleges’, ‘China’s 11 Singles Scenic Spots’, ‘China’s 11 Singles’ Cities’, etc. It has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life in society. Recently, the announcement of a ’11 bachelor occupations in China’ has once again sparked heated discussion among netizens. Writers, singers, hosts, lawyers, chefs, journalists, flight attendants, etc. look ‘very Decent ‘careers are on the list. Not much gossip, let’s get a watch for the bachelors.


  According to the 2014 China Singles Survey Report, with the advent of the electronic age, mobile phones are replacing books as a common way of people’s leisure. The era of ‘everything is good, but reading is high’ is gone, and more than ten books have been published. Zhang Yiyi, the spokesperson and writer of ‘Single Singles’ Day’ who published nearly ten million words of literary works, said: ‘At present, few people can guarantee the quality of life of themselves and their families by writing alone. Fewer and fewer writers, as a ‘closed family’ profession, it is normal to find no partner. Even the well-known writers such as Guo Jingming, Jiang Fangzhou, Kong Ergou, and Tang Family San Shao are still bachelors for home China. The top 11 bachelor occupations are normal. ‘

  The editor expressed dissatisfaction with this result! Look at Han Han, who has a wife, a gossip outside, and a group of guys rushing to be his father-in-law. It’s okay to race a car or make a movie. What a wonderful life. As for Guo Jingming, I think he just wanted to find a woman who can look up at him at a 45-degree elevation angle … The main reason why the writers are bachelors is probably ‘too house’. The watch recommended by the editors here is a watch of the Breguet heritage series, reference model 5177BA / 29 / 9V6, Breguet has always given people a refined temperament, luxury but not publicity, very in line with the literati temperament! The price of Breguet should not be an obstacle for a famous writer.

Migrant workers

  It’s not surprising that migrant workers were included in the list of 11 singles. First of all, migrant workers who migrate to cities in the process of urbanization usually do not buy houses in the cities where they work. Even if the construction period is unstable, there will not be long-term leases of relatively good living conditions, coupled with heavy work and living pressure. Naturally it is not easy to get a wife. Most migrant workers will choose to work abroad to earn money, and then return to their hometown, but even with their wives, the long-term separation between the two places can only be reunited until the Spring Festival each year. ‘Bang’ is also deserved.

  With the continuous development of the social labor force, the demand for skilled workers in the field of social infrastructure construction is increasing. A few years ago, even a shortage of migrant workers in Shanghai, the labor cost increase is naturally an irresistible trend. Some surveys show that the wages of migrant workers in Beijing have exceeded 10,000, and even some migrant workers earn more than the monthly income of some white-collar workers. So the question is, which one is better at learning excavator technology? Hey … Sorry, I knocked it out by accident. The watch recommended for the migrant workers here is the BY0010-52E watch of the Citizen Promaster series. For a long time, Citizen has adopted the corporate philosophy of ‘being loved by the citizens and contributing to the citizens’, which coincides with the mission of our city builders. Besides, Citizen is not only very close to the people in terms of price, but also very successful in brand marketing. , Has a very high profile.


  The singer ranked third in this year’s 11 singles professional list. The writer Zhang Yiyi said: ‘The feelings of the entertainment industry are more fast-food, and there are too many stories of dog blood. But these outward emptiness cannot hide that this is a single concentrated occupation. ‘

  The editor thinks that this is not unreasonable. After all, the emotional accumulation of singers usually comes from two aspects-either a bitter love affair or constantly stimulating creative inspiration with fresh love like Taylor Swift … but I Think that most singers are of the right age and usually have a stable home. The editor recommends a Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Series Amvox3 dual time zone tourbillon watch for singers. This watch has both elegant style and dynamic personality, while at the same time showing its noble style of high-end watches without reservation, it is still very It is suitable for singers who are at the forefront of fashion and are very individual.


  With the vigorous development of e-commerce, the development of the logistics industry is also advancing by leaps and bounds, which has also made courier a hot industry. It is said that it is not unusual for a courier to earn over 10,000 yuan a month in first-tier cities, but couriers who run around from morning to night can be considered a rare thing if they have the energy to date after work … It must not be the carnival of courier. Many logistics companies said that every double eleven will leave a large number of courier. I think it is more than enough for the courier to be ranked fourth in the 11 singles professional list.

  For the courier, he has to deal with piles of boxes every day and pick up and deliver the goods. In this way, it is very important to choose a watch that can withstand bumps. The watch recommended by the courier is the Casio G-Shock GPW-1000-1B watch. When the Casio G-Shock series watch was launched in 1983, it developed a very special design concept of ‘can be dropped from the top of a high-rise building without damage’. With its superior shock-proof function and solid design, the launch of G-Shock challenges the concept that traditional watches are fragile, and has become a trendy accessory sought after by fashionable young people with its unique shape. I believe this watch will be able to share the same storm with the courier!


  The host is ranked fifth in the 11 singles professional rankings, and the editor thinks that it is possible to add another qualification to this profession-female host. Yes, in fact, relatively speaking, many well-known male presenters already have a family and a happy life. In contrast, female presenters have become the hardest hit area of ​​the ‘single stick …’ The reason for this phenomenon, I don’t think it is What’s wrong with the hostess career? On the contrary, it is precisely because this industry makes the hostess look ‘too high-end’, so that many elegant and generous hostess men can only be discouraged.

  The watch I recommend for the hostess here is a watch from Jacques Dro elegant 8 series, reference model: J014500270. The hostess always gives us an easy-going, elegant and generous impression. For the hostess’s watch, first of all, it must not be too luxurious, so as not to make people feel exaggerated, and secondly, it should not be too simple and rough. After all, for traditional TV programs, The hostess needs to show the gentle beauty of women in the show. Jakodro’s watch is just right on these two points. This watch is not only simple and elegant in shape, soft and beautiful lines, luxurious and not vulgar, it will fully express a feminine elegance.


  The first house that the editor rented in Beijing when he graduated, lived next door to an uncle for sale, in his forties and single. Although we rented the smallest room in the whole house with our young people in their twenties, they usually enjoyed life and paid much attention to their quality of life. Occasionally I see him taking a girl to dinner at home, always starting to talk about life issues during the meal, and then unknowingly talking about his products, the more excited he becomes, and then, there is no more …

  Sales can be said to be the lifeblood of many companies, and it is also a highly skilled profession. An experienced salesman can definitely be a winner in life. On the contrary, it is not surprising that an editor like the uncle next door is on the list. For an experienced salesperson, the first thing to sell is his own personality charm, and the second is the product. This requires the salesperson to be able to leave a stable and reliable impression in addition to neat and clean clothes. The watch I recommend for the salesperson here is a watch from the IWC Portugal series. The reference model is IW371401. IWC has always combined classic and elegant styles with elegant and exquisite designs to give a professional and reliable brand impression. It can be said that it is the preferred brand for men’s watches. Such a watch can definitely help salespeople quickly in front of customers. Build an honest and reliable personal image.

Summary: The last thing you don’t want to do on Singles’ Day is to receive a text message on Singles Day. The last thing you want to see when you receive a text on Singles Day is: Happy Singles Day! The meaning of Singles ‘Day is not to condolence singles, but to awaken the awareness of the free body; the value of Singles’ Day is not to set off the couples, but to let them see: it is good to be naked!