Uncovering The Mysterious Veil – Into The Pawn Shop (Four)

From the episode: Unconsciously, Xiaobao has been in the store for almost a month. Because of his talents, diligence, and hands and feet, teachers like him very much, so they are happy to teach him. Things, this caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the brothers. One day, my brother said: Xiaobao, go to the [refurbished room] and help me get a glass of the Prince of the Sea (the mirror of the Prince Tudor Ocean Prince). After Xiaobao went in, he discovered a new world: a set of tools, a grinder, gadgets, and accessories. . . Look at Xiaobao stupid. Then suddenly the master’s voice came from behind him: Xiaobao, this is not where you can come now, go out first.

Glass with open bottom cover

Various tools
 Xiaobao had to go. Back at the store, Xiaobao kept thinking about what they were used for, why could n’t he go in, and he couldn’t help it for an afternoon, so he had to ask the master.
Xiaobao: Master, what does the refurbishment room do? I want to know.
Master: Are you interested in learning? It’s very dirty.
Xiaobao: Don’t be afraid, I want to be an all-round master!
Master: OK, I can teach you, but you still can’t. Let me talk to you about the process first.
 Generally, the time limit for writing a pawnshop is three months, but it usually gives guests four months. When the pawnshop’s goods are broken, they must be processed. For example, those yellow and white K gold must be dissolved uniformly; if the diamond jewelry is new, it will be re-plated and sold again; if the style is not good or the style is not popular, it will dissolve the K gold part and change to another look. sell. Therefore, Hong Kong and Macao pawnshops generally sell goods, and gold and diamond are not second-hand, and reprocessing is new.

Editor: For watch fans, how to deal with the two most interested watches? After the watches are broken, they will be handed over to the manager to estimate the latest used prices. It is called [surround goods] in the industry and will be handed over to the master after the completion. The big brother will first check if there is a problem with the watch. Generally it is washing oil, adjusting the speed slowly, three jumps, with a belt and so on. After the initial is no problem, the big brother will be distributed to the apprentice renovation. There are four steps: disassembly, refurbishment, assembly, and timing.

 [Dismantling] Dismantling a watch is a difficult task because it is in the process of dismantling. It is easy to hurt the watch for the first time. Therefore, some high-end watches will be dismantled by the master, and then the parts will be refurbished. The first difficulty is removing the screws. Two watches have a common problem that the screws on the bottom cover are damaged to varying degrees. Experienced refurbishers will grind tools, especially screwdrivers. Different watches use different knives, so the disassembled screws are guaranteed to be invisible. But many masters ignore this. Why are 99% of screws on luxury watches a word? In fact, it is an act of the manufacturer to protect itself, especially the screws of the gold watch, which can be easily seen after opening. Experienced masters will sharpen the screwdriver before opening the bottom cover. To calculate the volume of the screwdriver, close to the recessed place of the screw, and cover the blade with a layer of glue so that no traces are left.

 Editor: The screws on the bottom of the watch are very informative. It is difficult for novices and general masters to perform seamless removal, mainly because the tools are not handy, inappropriate, and not careful enough. The bottom cover screws are often twisted. This has an impact on the second-hand value of a watch, especially the K gold screws, which are very soft. If the technique is not professional, it is difficult to achieve no traces. When removing the bottom cover screws, some masters will also wrap the screwdriver with plastic wrap, etc., so that the metal is not hard to touch, so as not to leave traces. Almost all official brands use flat-head screws on the bottom cover of the watch. This is also the most convenient way to identify fake watches. If the screws on the bottom cover are Phillips screws, it can basically be determined that they are low-fake fake watches. The bottom cover of the big watch is a Phillips screw. It is extremely difficult to see. Some Roger Dolby watches use Phillips screws. Interested watch friends can find out, and which big watch uses Phillips screws. .

Roger Dolby Automatic Chronograph

 The second difficulty is the crown. The installation of the crown is a technical task. If the technology is not in place and there is a problem, it must be handed over to the watch repair master, and in the worst case it will hurt the movement. Many people think that it is necessary to pull the stopper first and then pull it, but the opposite is actually the case. The quartz watch must be unplugged first.

 The third difficulty is the missing parts. It is very easy to lose small parts in the process of dismantling the meter, and people must be required to keep their hands in a hurry. If the apprentice is irritable, the master will not let him learn, and it depends on the apprentice’s hand sweat.

 Editor: Some tablemates said during the party chat that when they first started to dismantle the watch, they concentrated on their breaths and drew their attention, and suddenly they popped out a small part to startle themselves, and then they searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything. Whenever I think of it, I think of the pictures at that time, I feel very happy. The situation of hand sweat also needs to be considered. In watch repair or assembly, it is very common to wear finger cots to prevent hand sweat from contaminating the movement. Some masters do n’t wear finger cots with screwdrivers and tools, and some masters wear finger cots with both hands. Of course, there are also those who do not wear finger cots.

Above is a screenshot of the watchmaker’s assembly movement of each of the top brands

 [Refurbishment] If this part is described in detail, it can be said that one night, let’s talk about it briefly. The sanding equipment produced by the original factory is very expensive, and how we can imitate their effects, this knowledge has been researched and tested by many masters for decades, and has achieved a set of superb refurbished technology. General stainless steel case, strap watch, the appearance of the refurbishment process is composed of brushed and polished. The watch has been worn for a long time and there are scars on the case. Various problems such as scratches, scars, bumps, and tape deformation. Polishing is to polish the case under a sander. Remove the scars, polishing is not abrasion, it has to be light, but also depends on the angle. A bump needs to be rounded from 4 directions. If the intensity is heavy, it will deform. The intensity is light and cannot be worn away.

 Steel has different characteristics. For example, the Rolex 904 steel watch is very polished, and the scars can be worn away. Steel watches such as Tudor Longines can easily appear [sand hole], which means that they cannot be worn back. The original effect. The secret of throwing a steel watch is that it can’t kill one direction, it needs to be polished from multiple angles. The refurbishment standard for large pawn shops is [Reflection Effect]. The watch case is required to be like a mirror under the light. If it looks like a haha ​​mirror, it is unqualified.

 The gold and steel watches are many times more technical than steel watches, because K gold is very soft, hit the left, the gold ran to the right, the hits are recessed, and the mirror effect is still unavailable in the end, and it is extremely Easy to deform and difficult to repair. Many, many second watches have sanding failures.
 If you press the watch in the future, you must pay attention to a few points: gold steel watch, whether the gold-saving part of the strap is concave, whether the bezel is blunt, whether the polishing can look in the mirror. Gold watches are polished a little faster than steel watches. Generally, the scars on the gold case are smoothed out at a glance. The place to pay attention to is to keep the angle at the corners. It cannot be rounded. If there is technology, grinding the gold watch is fast and beautiful.

Sanding cream

 Editor: Refurbishing and polishing a watch is a very advanced skill, far from being as simple as most people think. The quality of a second watch determines its value, and the quality of the refurbishment process plays a very important role. Folk master-class skills can restore the scars of steel watches (really steel watches) to their original state. The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and their skills are amazing. Generally, the refurbishment is to deepen the wound and bone marrow. It hurts the edges and corners, and the value will plummet in the future.

 The processing of the case of the gold watch is generally polished, including domestic after-sales service, but it will not only lose the gold, but also the original line edges and corners. If it is not easy to handle, you are advised to change the case. The cost is almost Most of the price of the new watch. Some foreign high-level after-sales service will use gold wire to fill the wound when repairing the gold watch, and then deal with it. Domestic masters will use classical methods to repair with agate knives (pens). This requires superb skills, and it takes a long time and patience to do it. The effect of the repair is the same as that of the new watch, without losing gold or losing the original line edges. In the folk and pawnshops, such high-level masters inherit these superb skills.
 Agate pen

 The master saw Xiaobao listen very attentively, and was very happy, so she talked a lot. Xiaobao feels that the knowledge in it is very huge, and he is determined to become an all-round second-grandfather.

Master: Don’t look at the master so old. I refurbished the watch a few years ago. I can’t even tell it myself. It’s just new. Great! I just don’t want to move now.
Xiaobao: Master, you do n’t need to do anything for your elderly, just teach it to me.
Master: It depends on your fortune, haha ​​(look up and touch your beard and laugh).
Master: Xiaobao, tomorrow night, you will go to the market to buy food and cook some fish porridge. Let me teach you what to draw tomorrow night.

 There is an unwritten tradition in the old pawnshop. The master is heaven, and the learner is not human.
Older pawnshops, not to mention porridge, help the master cook soup, supper, wash uniforms, run errands. . . Some may spend more time with the master and may help out of the shop in order to learn techniques from the master.

 Wei Liya: A lot of friends asked a while ago, can you write a second watch and diamond in this article? To be honest, writing it will offend many people. However, in the spirit of faithfulness and restoration of orthodox [pawnshop], the next three chapters are all about these topics. What is mentioned in the article is the mainstream approach. A merchant may use different methods to handle the second watch.
But there are a few tips. I will teach you the quality of the second watch in a later article.

 I hope that everyone will leave more comments after reading. Your support, understanding and concern are our creative motivation. Thanks for your support and thanks for watching. To be continued

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