Vacheron Constantin Launches Its Ipad App

Vacheron Constantin, the world’s top watch brand, has launched a new iPad application. Through this application, you can explore the infinite world of top watches at any time. Now you can download it for free from the App Store. Easy to use.

 The English version of the application can be downloaded from the App Store. The free application is available. The sharing option can be used offline (via email, Facebook, Twitter). The program and content are updated regularly throughout 2012. Browse boutiques, product series, collections, movements , Video, news, and point of sale

Vacheron Constantin’s apps are divided into 7 categories:
 The front page shows Vacheron Constantin ‘NOVELTIES’. The ‘COLLECTIONS’ (series) page presents all current product series with pictures, technical specifications and information on each watch. Note: Click the Hallmark of Geneva to view the certification standards. In the ‘FAVORITES’ interface, users can choose their favorite watch. The brand’s outstanding technology and true added value are perfectly displayed through the ‘MOVEMENTS’ section, providing visual effects on the front and back, with technical data. All Vacheron Constantin “VIDEOS” (video) are at your fingertips! Here you can admire the superb skills of our top craftsmen (masters of enamel design and production, engraving craftsmen, and of course watchmakers), and also discover our new models or new movements, such as 2755 and 2253 movements . The ‘NEWS’ section broadcasts in real time the news (new product launches, new store openings, exhibitions, …) published by the brand on the website, and displays the number of unread news. Finally, use the Geolocation tool with the ‘POINTS OF SALE’ feature to find the nearest specialty store, retail store, or repair center. An advanced search engine can be used to display the point of sale in that city based on the city selected by the user, making it easy to confirm its location at any time.