What Are The ‘hard Goods’ In His Corrupted Tens Of Millions Of Watches?

As a non-famous watch media person, I have seen many famous watches. Usually, where watches are gathered, they are in watch stores or watch exhibitions. But this time the situation is a little different, it appears at home-the home of the former governor of Russia’s Sakhalin Oblast Alexander Horoslavin. Although I am not quite free now, I thought that I had collected a lot of famous watches. Horozavin is best at management (corruption). His corruption and bribery not only include houses and luxury cars in Moscow, but also many famous watches. Jewellery, with a total value of 1.1 billion rubles, is equivalent to about 120 million yuan. There are no specific mentions of Lao Huo’s lover in the news, but if you think about it, you know that there is no shortage of such three masters and four young masters. Lao Huo’s experience of corruption and bribery, I believe the police are more interested, I am more interested in his watch. In terms of collecting famous watches, Lao Huo is still very tasteful. Unlike some domestic “loose horse” officials, he collects all the famous watches like Rolex or Patek Philippe. Judging from Lao Huo’s collection of watches, people are not small watches, it is estimated that they did a lot of homework when buying watches. According to some vague pictures published by Lao Huo on the Internet, in addition to Rolex and Patek Philippe, Lao Huo also has at least Audemars Piguet, Lange, Juna, Breguet, Famulan, IWC, etc. Watch. The total value of these watches is estimated to be tens of millions. In the status of Lao Huo, buying one or two of the basic models should still be no problem, but buying so many in one brain, and there are still many complicated models, is obviously very problematic. What’s more, the watch is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ for his corruption and bribery. No wonder this time he was sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined 500 million rubles. Especially worth mentioning here are Breguet and Lange. Because of these two brands of watches, Lao Huo has several pieces, and there are both basic and complex models. What surprised me was that Lao Huo’s Breguet and Lange actually included the two ‘hard goods’ of the Breguet Tourbillon watch and the Lange owl. Breguet is the inventor of the tourbillon. Friends who know a little about clocks know that Mr. Breguet, the founder of Breguet, is ‘the father of the tourbillon’. He invented this in 1795, which can largely offset the earth Gravity has a negative effect on pocket watch movement. More than 200 years have passed. From the era of the Industrial Revolution to the present, many industries have disappeared without a trace, but the tourbillon has not died out. Instead, the tourbillon has become interesting and the tourbillon watch has become a symbol of high-end watches. . The Breguet 5367 watch now has many brands of tourbillons. However, to say that the authentic and classic tourbillon has to be Breguet. Among the brand’s upcoming models at Baselworld, there is a tourbillon. This is an ultra-thin tourbillon watch, model number 5367, available in rose gold and platinum. How thin is it? The thickness of the entire watch is 7.45 mm, and the thickness of the movement is only 3 mm, which is called ‘Okamoto’ in the tourbillon world. Maybe the data alone is not impressive, we can use ETA2892 movement for comparison. The ETA2892 movement is a well-known calibre automatic winding movement with a thickness of 3.6 mm. It has no functions other than hours, minutes, seconds and calendar. The 581 self-winding movement on the 5367 is 0.6 mm thinner than the ETA2892 movement. Despite having such complex functions as a tourbillon, the power reserve of the 581 automatic winding movement reaches 80 hours, which is about twice that of the ETA2892. In order to take into account the ultra-thin and winding efficiency, Breguet has used a platinum edge rotor. In this way, the thickness is well controlled. The inertia of platinum can fully ensure the winding efficiency of the watch. It is also worth mentioning that, as a member of the classic complex series, 5367 is the first model in the series with a large fire enamel dial. Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike watch Lange’s owl is officially called Zeitwerk. Because of its special disk layout and display method resembles an owl, it is commonly known as an owl. The Owl is a mechanical watch with a jumping character. It was first born in 2009. The word jump display is more common in quartz watches. We can see it in watches such as Casio, so it is not difficult to achieve word jump display in quartz watches. However, if you switch to a mechanical watch, the difficulty is extremely high. Therefore, there are very few brands that make mechanical word displays. Lange launched an owl made of honey gold last year called the Zeitwerk Decimal Strike. Honey gold is a precious metal patented by Lange. It adds elements such as manganese and zinc, which are scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and have high hardness. In addition to the mechanical jump word display, this watch can also tell the hour every hour and every ten minutes. On the dial of this watch, we can see the hammers and gongs on the left and right sides of the sub-dial at 6 o’clock. The hammer on the left hits the bass reed every hour to produce a bass; the hammer on the right hits the treble reed every 10 minutes or at the beginning of a period of 10 minutes to produce a high pitch. If you do not want to hear these sounds on some special occasions, you can press the 4 o’clock button to turn off the beeping device. This watch is 44 mm in diameter and has a power reserve of 36 hours. As Lange’s high-end style, this owl is naturally not cheap, close to 1 million. Lao Huo’s corrupted owl is not so expensive, but at least 500,000-600,000. Of course, he hasn’t enjoyed playing with fate for a long time, and he is probably meditating in prison. At first, the chic old Huo was estimated to be unable to laugh now. Collecting watches is a legitimate hobby. Anyone who abides by the law and consumes watches by their ability should not be blamed and criticized. However, if you are corrupt and buy watches with ill-gotten wealth, I am afraid that the end result will be the same as Lao Huo. Not only will you lose your watch, you will also lose your personal freedom.