What Happened To The Yacht? It’s Crazy To Wear A Yacht Watch In Your Hand!

‘Build a yacht watch based on a yacht.’ Does that sound crazy? Athens Watch launched this year a yacht watch specially designed for the owners of modern luxury yachts-the Mega Yacht pilotship watch. According to the layout of the yacht on the dial, there are anchors, propellers, and bells on board, which portray vivid sea navigation charts, and the visual effect is very good.

Mega Yacht pilotship watch
   The Athenian watch, which started out as a nautical clock, has created the world’s most reliable nautical astronomical clock, creating an amazing ‘astronomy trilogy’. If the Athens watch is a brand that truly embraces the sea of ​​stars, it is definitely worthy of it.

Athens Watch Nautical Astronomical Clock

Astronomy Trilogy
From left to right: Galileo Astrolabe, Copernicus Watch, Kepler Watch

   Whether it is the maritime astronomical clock or the ‘astronomical trilogy’ to explore astrology. The Athenian watch is very good at drawing inspiration from nature and interpreting it through watches. The “A luxury yacht” inspired Mega Yacht pilotship watch launched by Athens Watch this year is actually not the brand’s first creative interpretation of the nautical world. In 2016, inspired by the shape of a sailing boat, Athens Watch launched the ‘Grand Deck Tourbillon Watch’, which is limited to 18 pieces.

Grand Deck Tourbillon
   The Grand Deck’s flagship tourbillon watch features a unique self-returning digital time-hopping design, using high-tech nanofiber threads as a rope, pulling the slider to display the minutes, and the hours on two coaxial dials. The tourbillon at 6 o’clock is very eye-catching. This complex and unique high-tech timepiece at the time attracted the attention of the entire top watch industry.
   The Mega Yacht pilotship watch launched this year is not only a continuation of the Grand Deck, but also a breakthrough in the creative design of the Athenian watch. Cross the seven seas without fear of storms. We don’t know what it is like to wear this ‘yacht watch’ on our hands, but we can first taste it.
   Tiny mechanical wonder

   The new Mega Yacht pilotship watch introduces the most distinctive features of modern luxury yachts: the bow, windlass, anchor, propeller and bell of the luxury yacht.

Miniature anchor
   The watch presents the anchor in a plow-head style with modern design elements, which are connected to the chain by anchor rings. The whole device looks a bit like the decoration on the dial. In fact, the anchor chain will follow the winding of the crown to show the current power reserve.

Miniature windlass
   In order to be as vivid as possible, this Mega Yacht pilotship watch is equipped with a miniature windlass at 12 o’clock. Manual winding will drive the relevant wheel train to make the windlass continue to rotate, imitating the slowly rising anchor. Even after turning the crown after the full chain, the windlass will still operate, showing the charming mechanical beauty.

Flying tourbillon
   The flying tourbillon device that guarantees accurate timing is designed into a propeller shape. This ingenious design is not only lively and interesting, but also shows the brand style of the Athenian watch.

   Every detail of the Mega Yacht pilotship watch is inextricably linked to the nautical world. The pointer draws inspiration from the ocean, like a beacon floating on the sea. At 8 o’clock, the watch is equipped with a tide indicator device, which can indicate the tide change of the location selected by the wearer in real time, and at the same time indicate the tide seasonal coefficient. The 3D moon at 9 o’clock is designed to show changes in the moon phases.

   The Athens watch development team used ultra-precise engraving technology to create a 3D miniature moon on this pilot ship watch that is indistinguishable from the actual surface of the moon. The moon phase display consists of two hemispheres: the blue crescent cycle is represented by a blue physical vapor deposition (PVD) surface, and the rhodium-plated surface simulates the side illuminated by the sun.

   The design of the side is also full of ingenuity. By turning the crown, the adjustment mode can be turned on. Through the transparent window on the side of the case, we can see the switching status of different modes. (S: set time / hand; TM: tide and moon phase; W: movement on the movement).
   Powerful movement performance

   Through the back view of the Mega Yacht pilotship watch, we see the whole picture of the movement. 504 parts are running in the watch, the swing frequency is 21,600 times / hour, and the tourbillon device rotates 60 times per hour. The power reserve is obtained by manual winding, up to 80 hours.
   Leading silicon applications

   Many friends who know watches most know that Athens Watch is the earliest brand that widely used ‘silicon’ as a hairspring material. Silicon material not only has the characteristics of high hardness and anti-magnetic, but also can produce various geometric structures according to different needs. Therefore, Athens Watch first developed the anchor escapement fork made of silicon and the two-way escapement system. No gems or lubrication are needed to greatly improve mechanical performance.

   The 3D large open flame enamel dial of the Mega Yacht pilotship watch is like the vast ocean. Overlooking the dial, the platinum bow looks like it is about to burst out of the mist and move forward. This new and bold design idea is not only a tribute to the magnificent maritime history of the Athenian watch, but also a kind of expectation: It is expected that the Athenian watch can break through the waves like a pilot ship and have the courage and determination to advance to a whole new world. With such a moral, it is also very good for the watch players who collect it. This Mega Yacht pilot is limited to 30 pieces.

Mega Yacht pilot ship watch (China flagship store special edition)
   Not only that, the Athenaeum produced a Mega Yacht specially for the flagship store in China. Compared with the ‘regular edition’ limited to 30 pieces, this exclusive Mega Yacht has a tourbillon central axe decoration and tide indicator. In addition, the multiples of the moving reserve are dotted with red, and this is the only one.
   In summary: the surging ocean continues to inspire the boldness and innovation of the Athenian watch. The Mega Yacht pilotship watch is proud of its unique creativity and superb craftsmanship. Are you one of the pilots who gallop across the sea?