Zenith Zenith And Swizz Beatz Held An Official Conference In New York-new Defy Series

Zenith CEO Julian Toner and record artist and producer Swizz Beatz join forces to celebrate celebrations at the old Angel Orensanz Center in New York The highly anticipated new Defy series. In the early autumn night, an exclusive display event was held to celebrate the debut of Defy El Primero 21 and Defy Lab-the legendary work, which will have a significant impact on the future of watchmaking.

   On an extraordinary night with the theme of innovation and performance, the watchmaker’s workshop also participated, allowing guests to assemble and disassemble Zenith Zenith movements, bringing participants a unique experience, and in-depth understanding of Zenith The craft behind the table.
   The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the launch of the new Defy El Primero 21 Swizz Beatz Edition Unique special edition watch, which was displayed over the participants through a state-of-the-art DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. In this spectacular watch, the shiny white dial with orange embellishment echoes the vibrant orange of the strap; the 44mm white gold case is set with 288 round diamonds, which is very spectacular; and the bezel corresponding to 44 long stepped Cut diamonds complement the case. The strap and bezel are engraved with the inspirational quote from the music giant: ‘Never let people tell you what you can’t do, because sky’s not the limit, it’s just the view’ Because the sky is not the limit, but the landscape).

   Defy El Primero 21 Swizz Beatz Edition Unique also features a creative design with a 1 / 100-second timing function, opening a new and fascinating chapter in time measurement, and inheriting the 150-year tradition of Zenith. This promotional item offers a refined modified version-Defy El Primero 21 Swizz Beatz Special Edition, limited edition of 5 pieces. No. 1 was proudly worn on the wrist of Swiss Beatz, and he commented: ‘Zenith is very confident and masters the art of time and quality. Zenith is a future brand, and I am very happy to join them. Biver goes with Mr. Julien. Because the sky is not the limit, it is the landscape. ‘
   In the evening, guests were invited to participate in the Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Swizz Beatz Unique Edition Special Edition Raffle Sale. The proceeds will be donated to support the Gathering for Justice organization founded by Harry Belafont in 2005. The goal of the organization is to create a campaign to end child imprisonment while eliminating racial inequities in the criminal justice system. Julian Toner and Swizz Beatz presented the lucky one with a unique watch representing the new generation Zenith Zenith chronograph, which successfully concluded the party.

   Zenith CEO Julian Toner said: ‘I am very happy to participate in the event with my old friend Swizz to contribute to Gathering for Justice. Zenith has experienced a fantastic year of success, and sharing success is part of our values . ‘